VIDEO: Argentine fan destroys drone with incredible shot!

A throw worthy of a professional baseball star brought down the device during a third-tier play-off, in perhaps the best video you'll see all summer!

Technology and football have long held an uneasy relationship within the game, but in Argentina the presence of drones has apparently spawned a new pastime: knocking them out of the air! 

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Gimnasia de Mendoza's Torneo Federal clash against Mitre on Sunday featured one of the best shots you'll ever see at a football ground, and it had nothing to do with the game. 

As a drone hovered low across the Gimnasia stand, it was bombarded with a paper roll designed for use in a cash register. 

And as the following video shows, the anonymous thrower had a simply incredible aim to knock it out of the air with a crisp blow. 

Sadly Gimnasia's players did not show quite the same accuracy in the subsequent penalty shoot-out as Mitre triumphed 4-3 to clinch a place in the second-tier Nacional B for next season.

And the home side's grief may be compounded once the repair bill for the drone comes back!