Van Basten plans ‘immeasurable bulls**t’

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Marco van Basten
The Dutch legend has come up with some controversial plans for the future of football which have come in for some heavy criticism

Rennes head coach Christian Gourcuff has slammed the proposals of Marco van Basten to abolish the offside rule.

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The Netherlands legend, who is FIFA’s chief officer for technical development, made a series of 10 proposals to SportBild on Wednesday, some of which proved controversial, though none as provocative as the contentious idea to scrap offside.

Gourcuff, who counts Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger among his footballing allies, was particularly hard hitting on the suggestion.

“This is the worst crap I have read a long time and yet I did not read it wrong ... It's immeasurable bullsh*t,” he told the press.

“We would return to the time of village vs. village, and at the time it ended with players being killed.

“The offside is a manifestation of collective intelligence. There would be no more collective spirit if the offside rule was removed. The offside rule is fundamental - if you do not understand that, you do not understand football.”