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Southern Expansion delete social media accounts, hits out at FFA after failed expansion bid

09:21 GMT 14/12/2018
Southern Expansion
"It will now take at least a decade of projected growth elsewhere in Sydney to even come close to what Southern had put on the table..."

After leading the A-League expansion race early on, Southern Expansion hasn't taken to missing out on an A-League spot lightly.

Both Western Melbourne and Macarthur South-West Sydney were given the nod ahead of Southern Expansion by the FFA on Thursday to join the A-League over the next two seasons.

The decision clearly hasn't gone down well with Southern Expansion, who have deleted both their Twitter and Facebook accounts in the aftermath. 

That social media withdrawal has also come with a strongly-worded media release from the club.

“Sadly, we believe this an opportunity lost not only for the Southern region, but the whole of the A-League and W-League,” CEO Chris Gardiner wrote.

"As we know, Southern Expansion ticked all the boxes. 

"From day 1, we had guaranteed financial backing, with $20 million cash up-front, deposited in an Australian bank account for the licence fee and Club establishment. Our backers were wholly committed to Southern’s financial sustainability, to investment in world-best training facilities and infrastructure and also to constructing a purpose-built stadium in the long-term. 

"That’s why it’s so surprising that the FFA has voted against its own assessment data, which emphatically showed that our bid was the strongest on participation, projected TV audience, attendance and membership, and for overall revenue potential, all of which confirmed its own work previously pointing to St George, Sutherland and the Illawarra as the perfect location for a new A-League club."

Southern Expansion were strongly opposed to by Sydney FC with the Sky Blues claiming they would 'cannabilise' their existing fan base. 

The FFA meanwhile stressed upon unveiling the two new A-League teams that they were in growth corridors - a fact Southern seems to disagree with.

“Unfortunately, it will now take at least a decade of projected growth elsewhere in Sydney to even come close to what Southern had put on the table," Gardiner wrote.

"If FFA wanted immediate success for A-League expansion, it’s surprising that they’ve voted against Southern Expansion.

"It’s disappointing that this region has lost out on getting their own A/W-League club and that our financial backers’ potential investment in the A-League is now lost to the game."