Protester Louis McKechnie explains tying himself to goalpost during Everton v Newcastle clash in Premier League

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Play was brought to a halt during Everton and Newcastle's Premier League match on Thursday after a protester named Louis McKechnie tied themselves to a goalpost.

The 21-year-old entered the field shortly after the half-time interval at Goodison Park and fastened himself to the woodwork, forcing an intervention from staff in order to remove him.

He was sporting a shirt in association with the protest group Just Stop Oil, for whom he had a pre-prepared statement posted to social media.

What did the protester say?

In a thread posted to Just Stop Oil's social media, Mr McKechnie laid out his reason for the protest, stating: "It's 2022 and it's time to look up, time to step up and not stand by. It's time to act like it's an emergency.

"Report after report is telling me that my future is going to be dire, and my government is telling me not to worry and pay into a pension.

"But we have a choice. We can choose to highlight that our climate is breaking down, we can choose to resist this government that is betraying us, we can choose to step up and not stand by."

McKechnie also identified himself in a TikTok post, during which he went into further detail regarding his motivation to halt proceedings at Goodison Park.

“Hi, my name is Louis McKechnie, I’m 21 years old and I’m a mechanical engineering student,” he said in the video filmed while he was outside the ground.

"I’m about to disrupt a football match and I’m terrified, but I believe that as many people as possible need to know what a possible future holds.

“Billions of people not knowing if they should stay in their homes or if they leave where they can go as countries become too hot to live in.

“Mass starvation due to crop failure, it’s fighting for bread in the bakery aisle of Morrisons. The cost of living crisis, Covid and the war in Ukraine are showcasing this future.

“I want my government to do all that they can to stop this coming true but they are expanding oil and gas, making things worse, increasing the risk. We know this because the International Energy Agency told us no new oil and gas from 2021 if governments are serious about this action on climate.

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“We are calling on ordinary people to join thousands in mass civil resistance this spring, hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages have signed up to support the demand of no new oil and gas

“Just stop oil. It's a no brainer first step to stop the harm. It starts in the following weeks, sign up below and find out more on what we’re doing, why it might just work and how ordinary people like us can step up and not stand by. The choice is yours, we can’t carry on as normal and have the same future.”

Is this an isolated incident?

This is the second time this week that a protester has been involved in a match on behalf of Just Stop Oil. An individual attempted to glue themselves to the posts during Liverpool's win over Arsenal on Wednesday.

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