Indecisive Zafuan takes another detour in his young career

After initially signing for Perlis, now Zafuan Azeman will be turning up for a different team when the 2019 Malaysia Premier League season kicks off.

It's another twist in the tale of where Zafuan will be playing his football in the 2019 season. Previously out for a trial with Italian Serie B side Venezia back in December of 2018, then presented by Perlis FA in a signing ceremony to now appearing to have secured a move to Pulau Pinang; Zafuan's capture is made to look more difficult than it is.

The move to Italy did not quite materialised even though he impressed the watching coaches and officials at Venezia in the first three days of his training there. But an injury picked up before three friendly matches that were specially arranged to give test him out meant that the former Serie A side could not take the risk of signing Zafuan on.

However, the Italian side had been suitably impressed and were open to the idea of Zafuan returning to the club for a second trial period in April of 2019. It is to that effect that Perlis came into the picture to secure Zafuan's signing with a mind to still letting the young striker go out to Italy when Venezia comes calling again.

While signed for Perlis, the Premier League club have not yet submitted Zafuan's name for registration with Malaysian Football League (MFL) for the new season but the 19-year-old grew impatient and in his short time training with Manzoor Azwira's team, began to worry about his playing chances with the likes of Safee Sali and an incoming import striker standing in his way.

His desire to seek more playing time is admirable and as Goal understands, the move to Pulau Pinang will also mean that he will be taking in considerably less money than what he would have gotten as Perlis. That in itself was commendable and the kind of attitude that every young player should aspire to have.

Yet the manner in which the move came about was less desirable for all parties concerned. Perlis' approval was not sought beforehand but the new management under Datuk Amizal Shaifit saw little benefit in keeping a player who's heart is elsewhere and incredbily allowed Zafuan to leave for his new team with no strings attached.

It remains to be seen if Pulau Pinang would replicate what Perlis previously agreed to, which was to allow Zafuan to go for a second trial with Venezia come April. But where things stand at the moment, it does look increasingly likely that the player himself has managed to open one door while seemingly closing several others at the same time.


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