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'Our players show respect' - Cagliari president responds to racist Kean chants

18:25 IST 03/04/2019
Moise Kean Juventus 2018-19
The club's chairman, Tommaso Giulini, has issued a statement regarding the racial chanting at his side's ground during their recent defeat to Juventus

Cagliari chairman Tommaso Giulini has responded to the racist chanting towards Juventus forward Moise Kean by insisting his club's players are taught respect while urging to help "defeat" racism.

Kean suffered racist abuse from Cagliari's supporters  in the Juventus' victory at the Sardegna Arena on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old scored the Turin club's second goal in their 2-0 win, and he celebrated by holding his arms aloft in response to the earlier racial chanting, which provoked even more abuse from the fans.

A host of high-profile names have voiced their opinion since the game, including Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci  who said the blame is "50-50" between Kean and Cagliari's fans.

Now, Cagliari chairman Tommaso Giulini has issued a statement on the  club's website , which reads: "This issue merits a profound amount of analysis that I realise is complicated to express in a television studio in a few chaotic minutes. Having said that, there are two aspects to take into consideration:

"First, even just one racist ‘boo’ must be condemned, always. But a condemnation is not enough, because to beat racism you need effort, culture and initiatives.

"All of this is done by Cagliari, from the School of Tifo to the Future Curva for children, from the Fourth Category of the Football Academy to other numerous initiatives, all of them aimed at creating a different cultural context.

"The realisation of our new stadium is also part of this vision. Racism is to be condemned, but above all to be defeated. And to do that, we must add actions to words."

He went on: "Secondly, there is one other aspect that is not remotely tied to the first and which regards a very sensitive issue called respect.

"We teach the lads of our youth academy that football is joyful and fun. At the end of it all, the goal is a wonderful moment to be shared.

"We do it every day and are trying to learn from clubs like Barcelona or Manchester City, who for some time have worked with youth on these aspects.

"Last Friday [against Chievo[, after his goal, Fabio Pisacane did not to go ‘challenge’ a group of fans who were already tense because of their situation in the table, but he mimed the gesture of a pregnant belly to share the joy with his team-mates.

"Despite all of this, we must all work hard to ensure that, starting from the youngest fan, we understand that to respect others, their state of mind and their frustration. Always.

"I repeat, this is not a cause and effect issue, as nothing in any way can justify a racist ‘boo’. Racism is to be condemned always, in every form.

"But the antibodies are created above all by teaching the new generations that football is joy and respect for others, which in turn makes us better people."

Cagliari's next fixture is against SPAL on April 7, while Juventus take on AC Milan on April 6.