Neymar won't report Barcelona to FIFA over frozen €26m loyalty bonus

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The Brazilian's lawyer says that their relationship with the Spanish side will keep them from reporting the club over a bonus payment

New Paris Saint-Germain signing Neymar will not report former club Barcelona to FIFA over a frozen payment of €26 million.

The payment, which has been frozen and placed in a notary, is reportedly owed to Neymar's family as part of his final contract renewal with the Spanish side. 

Neymar Sr, the Brazilian forward's father and agent, had previously accused the Catalan club of engaging in "blackmail" over the loyalty bonus,

It was reported Neymar Sr held up the deal in order to trigger a loyalty payment that would be owed after July 31, as part of the new contract the player signed with the Catalans last October.

However, Barca spokesperson Josep Vives claimed Neymar's talks with PSG prior to that date and the 25-year-old's failure to publicly express his commitment to the Catalans meant he was in breach of the terms of that agreement.

Neymar's lawyer now says that they will not report Barcelona to FIFA and says that lines of communication are still open between the two sides. 

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"This bonus really exists and its payment is a contract fulfillment, let's hope that what was agreed, and we are talking about it with Barcelona," Marcos Motta, an international sports law specialist who represents Neymar, told Sport.  

"We are not considering the possibility of action by FIFA for the good relationship that exists with Barcelona."

Neymar's PSG registration has cleared and the Brazil international should be free to make his debut on Sunday against Guingamp