Mina unconcerned by 'racist' Everton song, says Silva

Yerry Mina
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The Everton boss says a controversial song about the Colombian international centre-back has not affected him

Yerry Mina will not be affected by a controversial song created by Everton supporters, says Marco Silva.

Everton are working with anti-discrimination organisation Kick It Out to investigate a social media video.

In the clip, Everton supporters are depicted singing a song that refers to Colombia international Mina being a drug user.

The song also refers to the player's genitals in a similar way to a chant Manchester United fans sang about Romelu Lukaku last year, which led to the club issuing supporters with a warning over the song.

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Silva, though, says Mina is unconcerned about the song as Everton prepare to host Tottenham in the Premier League on Sunday.

"We as a club, and in sport and life as well, it’s something we have to put out of our lives," Silva told a news conference.

"Football is a party for everyone to enjoy and be part of.

"Our fans love our players, they love Mina as well.

"I didn't speak with him about the situation. It doesn't change anything in Yerry, he is a happy boy.

"He loves to be in our club. He loves to help us every day."



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Kick It Out released a statement condemning the Mina chant.

"Racist stereotypes are never acceptable, irrespective of any intention to show support for a player," the body said.

"We have contacted Everton regarding the issue and will be working closely with them to ensure a clear message is sent that the chant is not acceptable."