Lanus winger Krilanovich sent off for breaking opponent's leg - after being struck in the face by Cardozo's clearance

Juan Pablo Krilanovich Lanus Lautaro Cardozo Banfield composite

A reserve-team fixture in Argentina saw Lanus' Juan Pablo Krilanovich sent off for breaking an opponent's leg - after he fell on to Lautaro Cardozo after being struck in the face by the Banfield defender's attempted clearance.

Teenage winger Krilanovich was closing in on Cardozo as the Banfield centre-back attempted to launch the ball clear. 

His attempt caught Krilanovich in the face with so much power that it caused the winger to collapse straight onto the leg of Cardozo, and the weight and momentum of the fall was too much to bear as the defender's leg snapped in gruesome fashion.

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Cardozo stretchered off in agony

The following video contains images that may be distressing.

Why was Juan Pablo Krilanovich sent off?

Despite the lack of intention behind the incident, the referee reacted to the seriousness of the injury which led to Krilanovich being sent off.

It was an unlucky decision for the winger who was not at fault, having only fallen due to the impact of being struck in the face.

What happened to Lautaro Cardozo?

Banfield later confirmed that Cardozo suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula in his right leg. 

He has since had a successful operation for his injury, and is now on the road to recovery.

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