Meet Krishav Ram, winner of the “Goal of the Month” competition organised by JSSL and

Here is an in-depth look at JSSL's “Goal of the Month” competition winner

He scored a cracking goal to be crowned winner of the “Goal of the Month” competition organised by JSSL and Goal which ended on the 17th of October.

However for those who know eight year old Krishav Ram, they have come to expect such feats as a norm due to his extraordinary footballing ability.

Krishav told Goal Singapore he was inspired by a friend who scored a similar goal to his last year, albeit in less glamorous circumstances. While his friend may be the inspiration behind his goal it is ultimately his parents who have been the driving force in his footballing journey.

Mr and Mrs Selvan have been wholly supportive of Krishav as they look to hone his footballing skills. An example was when Mr Selvan enrolled his prodigious son into Dutch giants Ajax’s renowned summer camp. Although exposed to a completely alien environment it was here where Krishav shone the brightest and allowed his parents to discover another side of him.

Krishav displayed an inordinate amount of resilience during his time there with Ajax. For example in the one-on-one competition where he came up against much bigger opponents, the boy from Singapore did not give up and kept pressing on. Such keenness impressed the staff at Ajax so much so that he was made captain of his team on the second day. By the end of his time with Ajax, Krishav had picked up valuable skills which have made him improve. He even won an award there.


Subsequently while his parents have been his biggest supporters, his father in particular has been his harshest critic. For Mr Selvan keeping his son grounded is paramount because he believes in Singapore it is easy to be sucked in by the fleeting world of fame. His fierce attitude towards his son’s footballing education has at times caused a strain in the father-son relationship but Krishav has gotten used to it and understands his father’s approach.

After all Mr Selvan once played the game and would have pursued a career in football if not for a heart condition. Today the eight year-old sees his father as the biggest inspiration although Cristiano Ronaldo is not too far away.

Besides his parents, the coaches at LFA football academy where Krishav trains too have played a huge part in his development by allowing him room to grow and learn as a player. The future for this boy is bright especially after how his parents are willing to move overseas to ensure their son receive the best opportunities. The sky is the limit for Krishav as he bags this month’s “Goal of the Month” prize. And to think this award could have proven elusive if his mother had not realise she mistook the closing dates of this competition in time.