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Chelsea v Burnley

'Handbags, bumbags, manbags' - Dyche plays down post-game incident with Chelsea

23:31 IST 22/04/2019
Chelsea brawl with Burnley
The Burnley boss says there was little to a clash between players and coaches following his side's draw with the Blues

Sean Dyche played down an incident at the end of Burnley's 2-2 draw with Chelsea as both teams saw coaches collide in a post-match confrontation.

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri was sent off in stoppage time, prompting what ended up being a hot-blooded ending to the match with a melee on the pitch between both sets of players.

The incident boiled over  after the match, as players and coaching staff from both clubs came close to trading blows after the final whistle.

But Dyche played down the incident after the match, saying there was little to it.

“I was over clapping our fans...There was something going off on the edge of the pitch when I turned round, but then it went off in the tunnel," Dyche said.

"But handbags, bumbags, manbags... I don't know what you're allowed to say in this day and age. But bags of some kind, that's all."

Dyche and Burnley were criticized after the match, with David Luiz labeling their style as "anti-football" following the frustrating draw.

Chelsea enjoyed 77 per cent possession on the day, firing 22 shots to Burnley's six while also completing three times as many passes.

And Dyche wasn't worried about Luiz's assesment, instead pointing to the fact that Burnley scored the two goals needed to seal a point.

“They can have whatever opinion they want. Everyone is allowed an opinion. If we could afford the players they have, I'd love – all managers – to play 600 pass football and win all the time," he said.

"But it's simply not that easy. You have to do what you do to win and be successful. Look at the amount of players we've developed, the diligence of the group, where the players have come from to play in the Premier League... You have to enjoy the moment, and we certainly enjoyed the moment.

He added: Well, for a £58m wage bill, making the most of the players to find a way to get 40 points in the Premier League, I'm pretty pleased to be fair. 28 points from 16 games: you can't do that with anti-football.

"You have to play some football to get that many points. We're in a super strong position, but you work on facts. We know it's a big marker, 40 points, but we have to see it through.”

Meanwhile, Dyche also took aim at Sarri, saying the Italian boss repeatedly encroached on his technical area.

Sarri's assistant, Gianfranco Zola, played mediator, having developed a relationship with Dyche after replacing him at Watford in 2012.

“I know Zola a bit, a fantastic fella, and I've always got on with him," Dyche said.

"He said at half-time [Sarri is] not quite getting it. I said he was going over into my box. He just said he didn't quite get the reality of it – they're bigger in Italy. Okay. He's been here a while, mind. I said fine and accepted it.

“I don't think the coaches' language skills are that good. It wouldn't have been a deep conversation. Woany's [assistant-coach Ian Woan] from the Wirral.”