FIFA 20 Ultimate Team trading tips: How to win by getting the best FUT cards

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FIFA Analyst Mike LaBelle and FUT trading expert RunTheFutMarket give their top tips for investing in the game so you make the most of your coins

Whether you want Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane or Cristiano Ronaldo in you FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you're either going to have to be very lucky with your packs or know how to play the Ultimate Team market.

For some FIFA fans, playing the market is their focus, even more so than playing the actual game.

These professional traders tend to avoid spending huge sums of real money to buy FIFA points, instead preferring to treat Ultimate Team like a football stock market - buying and selling players as their prices fluctuate, based on real-world events and in-game promotions.

One of the most experienced is Twitch streamer, RunTheFutMarket. Recently RunTheFutMarket joined FIFA analyst and pro-player for the New York Red Bulls Mike LaBelle on the latter's YouTube channel to discuss the best tips for investing in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team trading tips - 8 ways to get ahead

1) Holding on to META players (the most effective, not highest rated) players in the game as their values tend to increase a lot in the months after release. LaBelle highlights the huge increase in value seen by players such as Marcus Rashford and Davidson Sanchez in FIFA 19.

2) Sell Squad Building Challenge (SBC) fodder - these are players which have high ratings but don't tend to perform well in-game, such as Toni Kroos.

3) If you're spending real money in FIFA 20, try to buy your Ultimate Team as soon as possible to make the most from low prices early on, this is especially true of god-tier players like Ronaldo and Messi.

4) Grind the objectives. LaBelle highlights the emphasis EA Sports is putting on the new objectives in FIFA 20 as an indication that there could be some more value in completing objectives in FIFA 20, compared to FIFA 19.

5) Follow the rule of buying cards on Sunday and Monday (when players tend sell their players following the Weekend League) and sell when Weekend League rewards are issued as people have more FIFA coins to spend.

6) Both LaBelle and RunTheFutMarket emphasised the importance of avoiding SBCs for limited edition players as better value ones will become available.

7) In a similar vein, LaBelle suggests avoiding trying to keep up with streamers who try to complete all SBCs as they invest tens of thousands of pounds in the game and do so for views, rather than in-game profit.

8) Lastly, both experts suggest holding onto bronze and silver cards. While they appear to have little value at the start, as the year goes on, as evidenced in FIFA 19, such cards are hard to find and can come in very useful in either completing SBCs or selling to players who need those cards.

The full discussion can be viewed in the video above, featuring these tips and more, or follow this link to watch on YouTube.