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EXTRA TIME: Marks Maponyane amazed by Ronaldo, while Daine Klate's impressed by Mauricio Pochettino

16:25 IST 18/06/2019
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2019
The domestic football season is over so it's time to reflect, read football books and wait for the Africa Cup of Nations

One of the best strikers in South Africa during the 1990's, Marks Maponyane can't believe how relentless Cristiano Ronaldo is.

Maponyane posted a photo of Ronaldo in the gym, and the former Kaizer Chiefs star noted that at this age the Portuguese international should be enjoying his holidays, but he's still working harder to make a difference for next season.

Then there's the Premier Soccer League's most successful player ever, Daine Klate, who's reading the biography of Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino. The book is written by Spanish journalist Guillem Balagué and includes the words of Pochettino too.

Klate took a screenshot of a page he wanted us to read and posted it on his official Twitter for us all. You can read the extract below.

Pochettino makes the point about how football players eventually benefit from their difficult upbringing, and then we always strive to make life relatively easier for our youth.

Does that mean such youngsters won't make it in football? That's a question we are left to ponder and Pochettino provides an example from his own family.