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EA Sports reveals eSports expansion plans for FIFA 18

16:03 IST 12/06/2017
The world's biggest football game is about to have the world's biggest eSports football competition when FIFA 18 is released globally in September

What's better than beating your mates at FIFA? Beating everyone else in the world at FIFA? There can only be one winner, and next season, there's an even better chance that might be you!

EA Sports has announced major plans to launch the largest FIFA eSports competition to date, coinciding with the launch of FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 release date & full details

As part of the new eSports expansion, players from all over the globe will battle to become FIFA world champion. There will be four different means to participate, making the competition accessible for all FIFA players on both Playstation 4 and XBox One.

One of the neatest ways to compete is through official football league competitions, which allow players to play as their favourite real-life team and play against fans of other teams. The hugely popular Ultimate Team game mode is another avenue of qualification, with FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Cups running in winter and spring.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup will also be upgraded and improved as part of the expansion plans, while top tier competitive gaming organisations will also be among the entrants who compete and qualify for a global, multi-week playoff and grand final.

More details will be announced nearer to the game's release on Friday, September 29, but until then, you can hone your skills on FIFA 17 as you prepare to dominate the eSports world next season!