Danny Murphy - When Pogba plays well, he's nearly unstoppable

The former English international feels that Pogba should be utilised in a free attacking role....

Paul Pogba, when on song, is unstoppable, according to former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy. 

Pogba, who joined in 2016, has often attracted criticism for not helping out defensively. But he was exemplary in carrying out his defensive and attacking duties in the World Cup where he powered France to the title. 

The 41-year-old midfielder feels that while Paul Pogba can do a defensive role, his mentality and talent while going forward means that he should be better utilised as a free, attacking midfielder.

Danny Murphy with Singtel TV

"Pogba had a brilliant World Cup. A look at the number and the stats when he plays for United also is good," Murphy told Goal on the sidelines of a curtain-raiser event for Singtel Media in Suntec City, Singapore. 

"Is he a defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, these are the question marks lot of people have. I think he has the capability to beat any of the players."

Murphy specifically pointed out Pogba's performance in France's 1-0 win in the semifinals over Belgium where Pogba was exceptionally disciplined. 

"In the second half against Belgium, he more or less played Centre back.

"Can he do the defending? Yes. Mentality wise, he doesn't want to.

"I would play Pogba in a free attacking role. Give him a free-er role that he goes and expresses himself and influence the game."

Paul Pogba France World Cup

He went on state that Pogba has what it takes to become indispensable for Man United like Kenvin de Bruyne is to Man City. 

"When he is playing well, he is nearly unstoppable. But he doesn't play well to his metric often enough. Can we become better? Yes.

"Can he become super important like De Bruyne to City? Yes he can and he has shown that."