Caf dismiss Amr Fahmy after accusing Ahmad of corruption

Egypt's Amr Fahmy dismissed after accusing Caf boss Ahmad Ahmad of bribery, sexual harassment and misuse of finances

African football authority Confederation of African Football (Caf) has fired a senior official after he allegedly made corruption accusations against its president Ahmad Ahmad.

General Secretary Amr Fahmy is reported to have accused Ahmad of bribery, sexual harassment and misuse of the organisation's finances. 

According to Reuters, Fahmy sent a document to FIFA investigations committee and accused Ahmad of ordering his secretary-general to pay bribes amounting to $20,000 (£15,256)  into the accounts of African football association presidents, which included Cape Verde and Tanzania.

The document also accused the former Madagascar Minister of Fisheries of costing Caf an extra $830,000 (£634,041) by ordering equipment through a French intermediary company - Tactical Steel.

He is alleged to have also unnecessarily spent more than $400,000 (£305,640) of the organisation's money on cars in Egypt and Madagascar.

Caf has since confirmed his dismissal but declined to give more details about the reason behind it. 

"The Confederation of African Football executive committee took the decision on 11 April to revoke (the position) of Amr Fahmy, the secretary general," Nathalie Rabe, Caf's head of communications," told Reuters.

"This was a decision taken by the executive committee and I don't know about the allegations.

“There’s no explanation. It’s the Executive Committee decision."

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However, anonymous sources within Caf have claimed to Reuters that the dismissal was made in light of the document, compiled by Fahmy to Fifa, presenting evidence of Ahmad's actio

Ahmad, who also doubles up as Fifa vice-president, has already had to contend with corruption scandals during his administration, with former Ghana FA chief Kwesi Nyantakyi caught in a corruption sting and Zambia's Kalusha Bwalya banned by Fifa after accepting cash gifts.

Ahmad and Fifa are yet to comment on the recent developments.