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Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings finds seven-a-side match on Twitter

23:23 IST 23/05/2017
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The 24-year-old defender was looking to play some football on Tuesday, and took part in a kickaround with some local Cherries fans

Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings was up for a little footy on Tuesday. The problem? His team's season is over.

But Mings found a simple solution thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter. 

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It all started with a lament from Mings followed by a local man, likely just as a lark, replying with a time and place for a local kickaround. 

But then something fantastic happened. Mings, who joined Bournemouth in 2015 for a reported £8m, actually said he was going to turn up. And there was visual evidence later that he did in fact drop by. 

The 24-year-old seemed to genuinely enjoy his kickabout, posting a picture afterward of the group.

We can only hope this will lead to a string of Premier League footballers finding some local seven-a-side matches to occupy them during the off-season!