West Ham's eSports star at centre of FIFA 16 "scam" storm

Sean 'Dragonn' Allen, who signed for the Hammers in May, is accused of refusing to pay an opponent the wager after losing last week


West Ham United's eSports player Sean 'Dragonn' Allen is facing accusations of "scamming" a player who beat him in a play-for-cash competitive FIFA 16 match.

Allen finished runner up in the 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup in March and was rewarded for his video game talents in May with a contract at West Ham, who sponsor him and gave him the No.50 shirt.

He's ranked second in the world at FIFA 16 but allegedly refused to pay the £100 he owed Dutch opponent Dani Hagebeuk last Wednesday for losing two games 2-1.

Allen is claimed to have blocked his fellow FIFA player on Facebook when he pursued his payment and his aggrieved opponent took to social media to share evidence of the "big scam" and vent his anger at the situation.

"I'm really disappointed and I think it is really stupid that he did this because getting the opportunity to play for FIFA for a big club like West Ham is really small," Dani wrote on Facebook.

"I hope everybody will share this because I don't want to let him get away with this big scam."

Allen, who was the first player to be signed by a Premier League club in the UK, appeared to address the accusations indirectly on Twitter, writing: "There's two sides of every story [sic]."

The reigning FIFA Interactive World Cup winner, Mohamad Al-Bacha, who beat Allen in the final in New York five months ago, waded in by demanding that his eSports rival "pay out" and warned "don't let me put pictures of the conversation out".

However, a few hours after the initial publication of this article, Al-Bacha followed up his tweet with confirmation that Allen was seeking to end the eSports drama.

West Ham responded to comment on Tuesday insisting that the eSports row involving their player has since been resolved, but did not reveal whether any action had been taken against Allen for his eSports misconduct.