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90' + 2'
B. Davies
D. Rose
H. Kane
B. Sako
J. Ward
Son Heung-Min
J. Schlupp
Yellow Card
Yellow Card


% %
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 3
Total Passes 583 268


Just where do Palace go from here? They at least have a great chance in a fortnight when they face a rudderless Everton, currently second-bottom, to claw some points back - but Roy Hodgson needs to convert the chances into points, unlike today. As for Spurs, they've got two weeks too to recharge over the international break - but then they return for the hotbed of the North London derby when they tangle with Arsenal. Until then though, thank you very much for joining us - and have a great Sunday!
No points for Palace in the end - but a tenacious, grippy showing they will be frustrated at to have not come away with at least something. Spurs were wll off the mark compared to midweek - but in the end, a neat strike from Son Heung-Min did the damage for the hosts and gave them their first London Derby win of the season. Full-time at Wembley, it finishes Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Crystal Palace.
90' + 4' Palace try to find a way around on the left wing but Aurier forces them to play back to Speroni and the referee blows for full time!
90' + 3' Townsend sees his neat run inside from the right turned away by Dier - and then Zaha is called for a foul. Free-kick to Spurs.
B. Davies
D. Rose
Tottenham Hotspur
90' + 2' A late change now as Rose departs for Davies with only ninety seconds or so left.
90' Glorious chance for Palace as Townsend nips round two defenders and sees his cross only find a loose boot from Dier. Three added minutes incoming.
89' Sako called offside as he goes hunting a Zaha through-ball, to the latter's outrage, who remonstrates with the referee for half a minute.
88' Close for Dembele! The Spurs man reads Eriksen's corner great - but his header is a touch too angled to the left and the ball blows wide.
87' Sanchez fancies his luck from the right wing, on the edge of the box for Spurs - but Sako gets a glance in and it goes out for a corner.
85' Loftus-Cheek goes close into the box after Cabaye taps a nice chip in - but Gazzaniga is alert to the danger and reads it well.
83' And he blows another chance too - reading a wonderful lob from the back left corner from Eriksen, Son outpaces all - but then slows down as he enters the box and allows Sakho the chance to pinch his pocket.
82' A sitter of a chance for Son - after he beats the defenders and chases a through ball from Llorente, he then comes up short on the shot, burying it into the side netting.
80' Schlupp is the man who gets nearest for the Eagles - but he can't make it tell. Gazzaniga plays it out low - and Rose sees Sako pick his pocket, only for the Palace man to be called offside seconds later off a Townsend pass.
79' Corner to Palace now as Llroente makes his mark with some good, doubled-back defence.
H. Kane
Tottenham Hotspur
77' ...and Kane is replaced by Llorente for Spurs.
B. Sako
J. Ward
Crystal Palace
76' Changes for both sides now as Joel Ward is replaced by Sako...
75' Back-to-back corners now for Palace after Aurier steers the first one out. Gazzaniga punches the second way but Sanchez's attempted clearance falls to Fosu-Mensah - whose half-baked attempt flies over the net.
73' Cabaye chances his arm after the corner falls back to him - via an attempted Son breakaway - but his effort skims wide to the left and was covered by Gazzaniga regardless.
72' Palace earn a corner now as Aurier gets in the way of a Schlupp cross aiming for Townsend in the box.
70' A golden chance for Zaha, as he takes a long ball down the left flank and manages to cut back inside Vertonghen and Dier - but his finish is poor and it sails well wide on the right.
69' Eriksen tries the short tap and cross from Dier - but Milivojevic is there to deal with any potential danger.
67' Spurs have had only two shots on target to Palace's three - but they've had the one that counts. Loftus-Cheek bundles an Sissoko cross out for a corner and then Rose earns a second after foxing Fosu-Mensah.
66' Just the goal Mauricio Pochettino was looking for - and he nearly gets a second as Eriksen breaks down the left unopposed, only foiled when Dann roars across for a great cover tackle on the edge of the box.
Son Heung-Min
Tottenham Hotspur
64' Tottenham break the deadlock! After a cluttered cross by Sanche into the box teed up a beauty of a chance for Rose, Cabaye's clearance falls straight to Son on the fringe of the box, centre-field - and the Korean lofts it into the top left corner. Spurs hit the front at Wembley.
62' A beauty of a chance for Spurs! Son puts a great through ball to Rose on the left side of the Palace box, who then sweeps in looking for Aurier - but he arrives half a second behind the ball and misses it by a razor-thin margin.
60' What a save from Gazzaniga! The Spurs keeper somehow manages to get his hands in front of a Milivojevic header by the far left post and clears it away in a cluttered box. Play is briefly stopped too - Sakho and Son clashed heads in the box, and the latter looks woozy.
59' Zaha goes close again, just being unable to get himself to Loftus-Cheek's left-footed cross from the wing. Palace then earn a corner though as Sanchez deflects a Townsend chance.
57' Eriksen swings it in, but it comes out loose to Zaha - who races downfield after a kick-and-chase, manages to step round Gazzaniga on the extreme right of the box and then pushe his shot wide to the left. An absolute sitter wasted by Palace!
J. Schlupp
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
56' Schlupp gets a yellow for pulling down Aurier on the Spurs right wing, only twenty yards out and Tottenham have a great set-piece spot.
55' Palace's effort heads straight to Gazzaniga and the Spurs keeper cleaves it downfield.
55' Close for Sakho! He reads Milivojevic's cross well but Rose gets there first to tip it out for a corner.
54' A relieving free-kick for Palace on their left edge just inside the Spurs half now as Zaha is brought down by Sanchez.
53' This time, Loftus-Cheek manages to clear with better direction and Palace manage to get up to halfway before Spurs stseal the ball through Sissoko and bring it back in.
52' Eriksen's effort finds only Loftus-Cheek but his header away falls to Rose who forces Speroni to take it out for yet another corner..
51' Eriksen's effort swings in to a Palace head - Ward - and the Eagles try to clean up. Dembele breaks loose and plays it wide and left again but Sakho gets himself in the way. Corner again.
50' Ward concede s a free-kick on halfway but a lack of available players forward forces Aurier to play it back across to Rose in his own half. The Spurs man creates a wonderful one-two to race down the left edge - and then sees his cross put out for a corner by Milivojevic.
48' What a chance for Palace! Townsend picks up a loose ball on halfway and canters downfield to the left edge of the box - and his left-footer requires a fingertip save from Gazzaniga. Sterling work from the forward.
46' And we're back underway at Wembley. Spurs get themselves a corner straight out of the gate as Fosu-Mensah deflects an attempted Rose cross - but Speroni reads it well enough to clear.
Teams are back out and Spurs have made a change - Dembele arrives to take the place of Winks.
It's been far from the the all-conquering show Spurs turned out in midweek - but much of that can be attributed to a clever Palace approach, who have used their minimal ball time to their advantage with a stocky showing in defence. The cracks are starting to show for the Eagles though - but they very much remain in this game against a superior side. Half-time at Wembley, it's Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Crystal Palace.
Yellow Card
45' + 2' Dann crosses sweetly into the bo but Gazzaniga reads it well. Tottenham break from his throw - and earn a free-kick of their own for a foul on Sanchez,by Townsend thirty yards out on their left. Fosu-Mensah manages to deflect the effort from Dier - and the referee blows for half-time!
45' Two minutes of added time coming as Aurier concedes a free-kick thirty yards out from his box on the left after fouling Ward.
44' Son curls a cross in for Kane that sprays across the face of goal, finding no-one - and seconds later, Winks tries from twenty yards out, only for it to skew wide to the right.
43' Zaha is now pinged for offside again on the left but Tottenham's long free-kick only finds Schlupp who ferries it back into a midfield battle.
42' Vertonghen tries his luck from the left side of the box but it takes a deflection off Dann that is enough to direct it into the hands of Speroni, who worryingly stumbled on the edge of the goal-line there.
42' Eriksen and Winks play it around in midfield, then back to Vertonghen and Sanchez, before shifting it wide to the left and back in - but Ward gets in the way and breaks up the attack briefly.
40' And now Zaha is caught down the other end as he steps a shade in front of Dier chasing a long ball from Loftus-Cheek.
38' Kane nabbed for offside as he races down the left wing chasing a Rose ball. Spurs have had five chances to Palace's two so far - with one on target apiece.
36' Confusion at the back down the other end now - Palace earn a corner from Townsend and when swung in, Dann gets a great low header on it that forces Gazzaniga to make a diving stop that throws the ball back into the huddled crowd of defenders. Dier eventually cracks it away and Spurs survive that assault.
35' Close for Kane! Confusion between Sakho and Speroni opens up a chance for the England man - but his header sails over the top of the Palace net.
34' It's very impressive when the stats are added up - Palace have only made 73 passes, to 260 from Spurs so far. Ward makes a great sliding tackle on the wing and Spurs get a throw as their attack breaks up.
33' The lion's share of chances lie with Spurs at Wembley today but Palace have not buckled in the way some might have expected. They're holding pretty firm at the back so far - and matching the hosts in midfield.
32' Eriksen plays a through ball for Aurier on the right wing but he is called offside by the linesman.
31' What a chance for Rose! Dier puts a sterling cross in from the right wing, for the midfielder to head home on the left - but his control leaves much to be desired and it goes wide to the left.
30' Milivojevic fouls Sanchez and Spurs play quick out to the left - where they earn another corner via Rose. Eriksen gets first touch - but Fosu-Mensah sweeps in and leathers it away from danger.
29' A first Spurs corner now as Rose sees Fosu-Mensah take out the ball. The hosts float it in but Cabaye is there to shore up control and clear it to midway where Dier picks up in return.
28' Wonderful break by Schlupp down the left flank for Palace as he creates something out of nothing - but his ball control as he approaches the box and cuts back in is weak, allowing Dier to slide in and pinch his pocket.
27' Sanchez tries a long ball to the left wing where Son is lurking - but there's a touch too much power behind it for the Korean to get there before it runs dead for a gpal kick.
26' Sanchez tries a little through-ball from the right wing again into the Palace box but Sakho gets his body to it and diverts it to Cabaye in midfield.
24' Aurier clips a nice side ball to Winks from the right side of the Palace box, but his effort skews wide and goes out for a goal kick. Palace fail to recollect the high ball on halfway though and Kane feeds Son Heung-Min - who then tries a soft tap himself, straight to Speroni.
23' Kane is back on his feet and heading to the touchline for additional treatment on his knee - but he does appear to have a bit of a limp as he rejoins the fray.
22' A knock for Kane now, who tumbles to the ground after a heavy-handed but legal tackle from Fosu-Mensah. The Spurs man looked to twist awkwardly on the way down.
21' Townsend earns a throw in Tottenham's back-left corner and Palace push themselves wide around the edge of the area, before a Son interception breaks up play.
20' A knock for Winks in midfield as he tussle for the ball sees him require medical attention. With no foul, Spurs play a long ball back to the Palace keeper Speroni and the game gets back underway.
18' It's a well cleared corner by Spurs, with Sanchez managing to get his body in the way to rebound Milivojevic's second attempt from just outside the left edge of the box.
16' Corner to Palace now, as Dier manages to wrap his foot around a perfect through ball for Townsend and send it spiralling into the crowd as the forward came up on goal. From the touchline, Hodgson applauds.
15' A sparky moment from Zaha who belts towards Spurs' back right corner after a well-worked through ball - but Aurier manages to deny him and get the ball away.
14' Tottenham blow another chance after Eriksen makes a beauty of a tackle, with the midfielder opting to shoot himself from the righ flank twenty yards out, only seeing his effort trickle tamely out wide on the left.
13' Spurs are quick to press back downfield though as Rose makes a sharp, tidy run down the left wing - but three separate attempts to cross into the box are seen off by Fosu-Mensah and Sakho. Palace survive that early barrage.
12' Sissoko floats a wide ball out into space for Son but the Tottenham forward tips it well wide to the left with his glancing blow.
11' Down the other end, Townsend comes hunting the mistake by Aurier but the the Spurs man manages to trick him into taking the ball out for a goal-kick to the hosts.
10' Shot by Spurs! Kane takes an Eriksen pass on the left, catches it on the volley and turns to blast it towards the close top corner - but Speroni reads it well and gets both hands to it.
9' Spurs are forced back into their own half, with Vertonghen slipping it wide to Winks on the right tp avoid a marauding Zaha.
8' Eriksen makes a lithe break down the left wing for Spurs and earns a throw close to the Palace box. He plays it back to Dier but his cross is knocked out for another throw by Dann.
6' Sanchez plays a nice through ball for Eriksen but the Spurs man sees it wafted away by Dann who plays back to his keeper.
4' Vertonghen looks to take it down the right flank for Spurs but he is displaced by Milvojevic - and then the Palace man's cross to the left flank is picked up instead by Kane, only for the Spurs captain to be stopped in his tracks by a great Fosu-Mensah tackle.
3' Schlupp's effort comes to nothing as Rose sees it away but Palace bring it back in from the left with a lofted cross for Sakho. He doesn't make the connection and goes down awkwardly too - appeals for a penalty are waved away. Early pressure from the hosts.
1' And we're underway at Wembley as Kane taps off for Spurs. Palace intercepts and head straight down the right channel, where Dier is able to clear a Sakho cross - and then the visitors get a free kick thirty yards out on the left.
Subs: Souare, McArthur, Tomkins, Sako, Puncheon, Hennessey, Riedewald
CRYSTAL PALACE (4-4-2): Speroni, Sakho, Dann, Ward, Fosu-Mensah, Loftus-Cheek, Schlupp, Milivojevic, Cabaye, Zaha, Townsend
Subs: Davies, Nkoudou, Llorente, Whiteman, Foyth, Dembele, Trippier
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (4-5-1): Gazzaniga, Sánchez, Rose, Vertonghen, Aurier, Winks, Sissoko, Eriksen, Son Heung-Min, Dier, Kane
Team news in now...
Spurs are yet to win a London derby across all competitions this season having lost both at Wembley – but they will surely feel confident against a Palace defence who have conceded a goal with the first shot of the game no less than four times already this season, versus Burnley, Manchester United, Chelsea and West Ham.
The Eagles are on the verge of some unwanted history too; having failed to score in any of the five away Premier League games this season, a lack of goals today would make them only the second side to not net in their first six in a season, following in the footsteps of Derby County, who failed to score in their first eight in the 2007/08 season. Palace have gone 646 minutes now without a goal on the road in the league – since Christian Benteke scored at Liverpool in April
Spurs are undefeated in four against Palace, having won all games between the two sides since a 2-1 loss at Selhurst Park in January 2015. Their home form is outstanding in London derbies too; since Pochettino joined Spurs in 2014, the Lilywhites have won more home points in such Premier League games than any other side, with 31 and a single loss. In Pochettino’s four home games as manager against Palace, including one with Southampton, he has presided over a watertight ship as well, conceding no goals at all.
With only a handful of points from his opening games in charge so far, Hodgson knows that the clock is ticking to haul Palace off the foot of the table. The former England manager’s personal record at the national stadium is exemplary – but the same cannot be said for his side’s away form against Spurs, having not scored since a 1-1 draw in December 2004. The only time the Eagles have beaten Tottenham away was at White Hart Lane twenty years ago – a 1-0 win courtesy of a Neil Shipperley goal in November 1997.
It’s been a wonderful start to the season for Spurs, who in addition to sailing through their Champions League group against Real, have only lost twice in the league this year, against Chelsea and Manchester United, the latter coming last weekend. They sit third, behind United and leaders Manchester City as we roll into November – and three points will help Mauricio Pochettino keep up the pressure for top spot during the Christmas run-in.
Hello, and welcome, as the weekend winds down, to another Sunday of 2017/18 Premier League action as Tottenham look to follow up their stunning victory against Real Madrid in midweek with a win at Wembley against rock-bottom Crystal Palace. The Eagles are yet to score on the road this season – but having claimed the scalp of Chelsea last month, can Roy Hodgson mastermind another upset? Kick-off is just over half-an-hour away.
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