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C. Tolisso
C. Jallet
4 - 1
L. Kurzawa
J. Pastore
4 - 0
H. Ben Arfa
Á. Di María
3 - 0
Lucas Moura
J. Pastore
2 - 0
J. Pastore
L. Kurzawa
1 - 0

Match Stats

41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 6
Total Passes 407 567
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As has been the case so often recently, that was an incredibly easy game for PSG, who were comfortably able to run rings around a struggling Lyon side from start to finish. Emery's men looked superior in every department, with their impressive front line constantly causing problems for Les Gones' poor back four, who too often left acres of space able for the likes of Lucas, Pastore and, in particular, Di Maria to run into. In the end, it was a routine win for the Parisians, who are now the most decorated French club with 31 titles to their name.
PSG patiently pass the ball around near the halfway line before the referee brings the game to an end as soon as the 90th minute is reached, confirming that, for the fourth season in a row, the Parisians are the winners of the French Super Cup!
Emery doesn't look happy with his side after seeing them lose what would have been an impressive clean sheet late on, but they are still guaranteed to win and are currently strolling over the finish line. Lyon are trying to put more pressure on them as they search for a second goal but it looks as if it's going to be too little, too late for Les Gones.
C. Jallet
Jallet has performed well since replacing Rafael and has enjoyed himself when attacking down the right wing, but that goal was largely down to poor defending from PSG, who thought that the job was done and switched off at the vital moment.
C. Tolisso
GOAL! Lyon have pulled one back! The PSG defence, who had performed so well for so long, completely fall asleep and allow Tolisso to jog into the middle of the penalty area before latching on to a volleyed cross from Jallet. Completely unmarked, the midfielder comfortably beats Trapp from close range and gives his side something to smile about on what has been a thoroughly miserable evening.
A half-hearted Lyon attacking move results in a corner over on the left wing, but Valbuena's cross from the set-piece is overhit and fails to trouble the PSG back line. Lucas then picks up the ball on the opposite flank before trying to kick-start a quick counter-attack with a marauding run forward, but he quickly runs out of space and is closed down by three white shirts on the halfway line.
Great defending by Kimpembe! A lovely pass from Tolisso flies through the middle of the PSG defence and into the path of Cornet, who then tries to sprint into the penalty area. It looks as if he's going to be able to get into a good position in front of goal after initially doing well to beat Kimpembe, but the young defender flies back and dispossesses the forward with a well-timed sliding tackle at the vital moment.
Lyon push forward once again and find themselves in a good position on the edge of the penalty area. This time it's Tolisso who is able to get into a few yards of space on the edge of the PSG penalty area, but he snatches at his shot and ends up sending it comfortably wide of the goal. That was a good opportunity for Les Gones to pull back a late goal.
Lyon move the ball around smartly deep inside the PSG half of the pitch as they try to find a way through the sea of dark blue shirts camped diligently in front of them. Cornet is eventually set up on the edge of the penalty area and immediately tries to beat Trapp with a 20-yard chip, but his effort is far too tame and ends up sailing straight into the hands of the German goalkeeper.
J. Ferri
Meanwhile, Lyon have replaced Darder with Ferri in the middle of the pitch.
David Luiz
And the second is Maxwell, who replaces fellow Brazilian Luiz.
T. Meunier
L. Kurzawa
PSG have decided to make a double substitution. The first player to come on is Meunier, who takes the place of Kurzawa.
With just 15 minutes left to play, both sides seem to know exactly who is going to win and are no longer pushing hard. Despite seeing more of the ball in advanced positions, Lyon are still struggling to find much joy against PSG's back line, which is now sitting deep inside the reigning champions' half of the pitch as they look to hold on to what would be a well-deserved clean sheet.
Not far away by Tolisso! Lyon move the ball around nicely inside the PSG penalty area before Tolisso is picked out in the middle of the pitch. He takes a few touches before lifting his head and trying to beat Trapp, but his long-range effort ends up deflecting off the foot of Kimpembe before bouncing just a yard or so wide of the far post.
There's a slight concern over Kurzawa, who has gone down on the edge of the PSG penalty area after running into the back of Cornet. He looks slightly shaken after the clash but should be okay to continue after a few moments on the touchline.
Lyon are trying their best to put PSG under pressure near to the halfway line, but the reigning champions look comfortable on the ball as they patiently pass it around inside their own half of the pitch. They don't look in any particular rush to push forward and seem content to hold on their comfortable and impressive lead.
M. Verratti
Á. Di María
With four goals under their belts, PSG can now afford to rest players, so Emery has decided to replace Di Maria with Verratti for the final 23 minutes of the game.
C. Jallet
Lyon have decided to make their second change of the game, with Jallet coming on to replace Rafael over on the right.
Chance for Darder! Rafael gets himself into a good position down the right wing before firing a dangerous low cross towards the near post. Darder does well to skip past his marker before meeting the ball just a few yards in front of goal, but his effort ends up missing its intended target by a safe distance.
PSG are put under plenty of pressure by the Lyon front line and end up losing the ball deep down the left flank. White shirts continue to fly forward as the Genesio's side try to take advantage of a mistake from their opponents, but Cornet ends up losing possession on the edge of the penalty area before they're able to do so.
Di Maria almost makes it 5-0! A great lofted pass flies over the top of the Lyon defence and into the path of the Argentine, who picks up the ball just outside of the penalty area before breaking towards goal. He takes one touch too many, however, before unleashing a shot from close range, but the angle is a difficult one and his effort ends up bouncing a yard or so wide of the far post.
PSG have taken their foot off the pedal slightly and it's gifted Lyon with a few opportunities to push forward in numbers. The introduction of Valbuena has proven to be a good one, as has the decision to move Cornet into a more central position, but they're still struggling to find a way through a determined and well-organised back line.
Great save by Trapp! The German goalkeeper has largely been a spectator thus far, but he's finally been called into action by good play from Cornet. The youngster flies down the left wing and skips past Stambouli with ease before trying to curl a shot over to the top right-hand corner of the net, but he's denied by an excellent diving stop from the PSG goalkeeper.
Lyon quickly push forward from the restart and work the ball out to Valbuena, who, with one of his first touches of the game, fires a low cross off Aurier and out for a corner. The substitute sends a dangerous cross towards the near post from the set-piece and it initially causes PSG problems, but the Parisians are just about able to clear the danger before Lyon can make them pay.
J. Pastore
Once again, Pastore was unable to carve in two a poor Lyon defence, who have completely given up and look at sixes and sevens at the back. They switched off once more and, as has been the case all evening, were made to pay by a smart run forward from Kurzawa.
L. Kurzawa
GOAL! PSG pile more misery on Lyon! Les Gones fall asleep after giving away a free-kick on the halfway line, allowing Pastore to calmly thump the ball up the pitch and into the path of Kurzawa. The full-back is completely unmarked deep down the left wing and is unable to pick up possession unopposed before breaking into the penalty area and calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net.
Lyon's high line is once again starting to cause them problems down the wings, where PSG are finding far too much space. This time it's Di Maria who sprints down the left flank before trying to pick out a teammate with a deep cross. It's slightly overhit by the Argentine, however, and fails to find a dark blue shirt before bouncing out for a throw-in on the right wing.
What a chance for Pastore to double his tally! Rafael completely falls asleep and lets three PSG players stray into onside positions deep inside the Lyon half of the pitch. Pastore picks up the ball just outside of the penalty area and jogs into the box before chipping Lopes, but his strike is far too heavy and ends up clearing the top of the crossbar before landing on the top of the net. He really should have done better with that effort!
Lyon embark on a positive start to the game, but they quickly lose the ball on the edge of the penalty area and allow PSG to break away on a quick counter-attack through the middle of the pitch. Lucas gets himself into a good position and breaks towards the box before trying to lob Lopes, but there isn't enough height on the effort and it's easily stopped by the Portuguese goalkeeper.
M. Valbuena
A. Lacazette
Lyon have decided to make one substitution during the break, with Valbuena coming on to replace Lacazette.
And we're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out onto the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
It's safe to say it's been a perfect first half for PSG, who have run riot against a Lyon defence that struggled from the first minute to the last. Lucas, Ben Arfa, Pastore and Di Maria have thoroughly enjoyed themselves inside the final third of the pitch, with the Argentine duo putting in particularly impressive performances in front of goal. In an attempt to find a way back into the game, Lyon have tried to pull off a high line that just hasn't worked, as time and time again they're being torn apart by their opponents on the counter. It's difficult to see any way back for Genesio's struggling side.
Aurier initially looks to be in quite a lot of pain after clashing with Morel as the two battled for the ball in the air, but after spending a few moments recovering he's able to continue once again before the referee brings an end to what has been an excellent first half for PSG.
After initially doing well to clear the danger, Lyon lose the ball in the middle of the pitch and allow PSG to come back at them once again. The reigning champions move the ball around quickly and run rings around their opponents ont he edge of the box, but Pastore's pass-cum-shot from close range is unable to beat Lopes, who dives on the effort at the vital moment.
Di Maria almost makes it 4-0! Lyon's defence are all over the place and clumsily allow the Argentine to jog into the penalty are completely unopposed after a poor attempted clearance from Lopes finds the winger. Di Maria takes on the goalkeeper and rounds him before trying to slot the ball into the back of the net from a tight angle, but Nkoulou is there to dive in front of the effort and stop it from increasing PSG's impressive lead.
Lyon continue to enjoy the vast majority of possession as they push as many bodies as possible deep into the PSG half of the pitch. After moving the ball from one flank to the other, Rafael is finally able to curl a dangerous cross into the middle of the penalty area, but his attempted pass fails to find a teammate after Lacazette is beaten to the ball by Luiz.
Lyon look completely rattled, despite PSG now allowing them to see most of the ball. The Parisians have taken their foot off the pedal slightly and are now sitting back and soaking up pressure, but, despite being able to boss possession, their opponents are failing to do much with it whenever they get into advantageous positions.
A. Lacazette
Yellow Card
Lacazette becomes the latest player to enter the referee's book for a foul deep inside the PSG half of the pitch.
Á. Di María
Di Maria has been in excellent form thus far and once again played an important role in one of his side's goals, but Lyon's defence are really struggling. They were nowhere near compact enough and let their opponents slide in far too easily.
H. Ben Arfa
GOAL! It's 3-0 to PSG, who are on fire! Far too much space is left available to the PSG front line, allowing them to ping the ball around comfortably. The ball is worked into the penalty area from the left wing before Di Maria moves it on to Ben Arfa, and the striker, who has been relatively quiet thus far, is then able to join in the fun with a goal of his own thanks to a smart finish from 10 yards out.
Lyon push forward down the right wing and win themselves a free-kick in an advantageous position. A dangerous cross is whipped into the middle of the penalty area and finds Nkoulou in a good position in front of goal, but, off balance, the centre-back ends up sending his headed effort sailing comfortably over the top of the crossbar.
After spending plenty of time eyeing up his target, Luiz eventually steps up and sends an awkward, dipping shot towards the middle of the Lyon goal. It's just about dealt with by Lopes, but the Portuguese goalkeeper's save isn't convincing and he ends up spilling the ball into a dangerous position before it's finally thumped away.
M. Yanga-Mbiwa
Yellow Card
Yanga-Mbiwa becomes the first player to receive a yellow card after shoving Lucas to the ground. The Brazilian was in the process of charging into the Lyon penalty area and was just a few yards away from penetrating the box.
PSG almost make it 3-0! Once again, Lyon's ridiculously high line causes them problems, allowing Aurier to fly down the right wing completely unopposed. The full-back sprints forward and cuts inside before sending a dangerous low pass across the face of goal, but it ends up missing the outstretched foot of Ben Arfa by a few yards.
After spending 10 minutes firmly on the back foot, Lyon are once again able to hold on to the ball for an extended period of time as they try to cause PSG problems deep inside the reigning champions' half of the pitch. They initially do well to get into an advantageous position over on the right, but Rafael is unable to swing a cross into the penalty area and is eventually dispossessed near to the corner flag.
Di Maria and Pastore link up well deep down the left wing before the latter tries to break into the box, but Gonalons is there to dispossess the Argentine before poking the ball out for a corner. It's taken by Di Maria and swung into the heart of the penalty area, but Lyon are just about able to deal with the danger at the near post.
Di Maria hits the crossbar! The Argentine is on fire at the moment and running riot inside the final third of the pitch. He links up brilliant with Kurzawa down the left flank before cutting inside and attempting to chip Lopes from the edge of the penalty area, but his cheeky effort ends up bouncing off the top of the crossbar after beating the Portuguese goalkeeper.
Lyon are pushing high up the pitch as they attempt to find a way back into the game, but it's leaving them dangerously exposed at the back as a result. This time it's Kurzawa who's able to take advantage of the space available down the wing before trying to pick out one of three teammates available inside the box, but the full-back completely scuffs his attempted pass and ends up sending it flying out of play for a goal-kick.
J. Pastore
It's been an excellent start to the game for Pastore, who now has an assist to add to his goal. He did well to lose his marker before picking out Lucas, but, once again, questions must be asked of Lyon's defending, which was poor.
Lucas Moura
GOAL! PSG have doubled their lead! Di Maria picks up the ball on the left wing and immediately slots a beautiful pass through a sea of white shirts and into the feet of Pastore. The number 10 then penetrates the penalty area before cutting the ball back to Lucas, who charges past three Lyon defenders before slotting the ball into the back of the net from close range.
Aurier flies into Tolisso and brings the midfielder crashing to the ground, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Lyon a free-kick just 20 yards away from the PSG goal. Fekir steps up and tries to beat Trapp with a curling shot towards the top left-hand corner of the net, but it's completely mishit and ends up sailing well wide of its intended target.
Lyon move the ball around smartly on the edge of the PSG penalty area and keep the reigning champions pegged back as a result. Lovely one-touch passing eventually ends with Cornet just outside of the box, but he's unable to spin and shoot quickly enough and PSG are just about able to clear the danger after a few nervy bounces.
Lacazette hits the post! The Lyon forward looks incredibly hungry and determined, and he's certainly been his side's most dangerous attacking threat thus far. Cornet peels out wide on the left wing and picks up the ball near to the corner flag before curling a lovely cross right on to the foot of Lacazette, but the number 10's first-time volley ends up ricocheting off the outside of the woodwork after beating Trapp at the near post.
What an effort by Di Maria! A determined Lyon attack breaks down on the edge of the PSG box thanks to good defending by Kimpembe, who immediately picks out Di Maria with a smart pass forward. The Argentine receives the ball on the halfway line and quickly tries to beat Lopes with an audacious effort, but the goalkeeper is just about able to get back in time to tip the ball away from the goal with an acrobatic diving save.
Lyon immediately try to take PSG by surprise with a surging attack straight from the restart. Lacazette showcases his excellent pace with a wonderful, weaving run through a sea of dark blue shirts, but he's eventually stopped by Stambouli before he can penetrate the penalty area. The PSG midfielder initially looks to be injured, but he's able to continue after a few moments recovering on the ground.
L. Kurzawa
That was an excellent cross by Kurzawa, who did well to charge into the space available in front of him before picking out Pastore with an inch-perfect cross that also narrowly missed the head of Di Maria in the middle of the box.
J. Pastore
GOAL! PSG have taken an early lead! After failing to cause the Lyon defence too many problems, the reigning champions break away quickly and take advantage of their first real chance of the game. Kurzawa sprints down the left flank on a great run before swinging an even better cross over to the far post, where Pastore easily beats Morel before side-footing the ball past Lopes and into the back of the net.
Lyon come back once again, this time through Rafael, who has looked bright thus far, down the right flank. The full-back breaks into space and tries to beat Kurzawa before swinging a cross into the penalty area, but he's muscled off the ball by the left-back before he's able to do so. The Brazilian turns to the referee and appeals for a free-kick, but the man in charge isn't interested and waves play on.
It hasn't been the best of starts by PSG, who have spent the majority of the opening minutes on the back foot as they try to deal with a hungry Lyon side. Once again they lose possession inside their own half of the pitch and allow their opponents to get too far forward, but this time Darder decides to shoot from distance and can only send his effort flying a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
Lyon score, but it's ruled out for offside! White shirts surge into the PSG half of the pitch as they attempt to put plenty of early pressure on their opponents, who clumsily allow too much space to appear on the edge of their penalty area. Morel picks up possession on the left wing before cutting inside and forcing Trapp into making a diving save, but the goalkeeper can only push the ball into the path of Fekir, who then calmly taps it into the back of an empty net. He's at least three yards offside, however, and the linesman's flag is quickly raised as a result.
After an even start to the game from both sides, a Lyon attack breaks down just outside of the PSG penalty area and the reigning champions immediately burst forward on a swift counter-attack. Lucas flies through the middle of the pitch on a great run before trying to play a quick one-two with Di Maria, but the Argentine's pass is smartly cut out by Nkoulou before it can find the Brazilian inside the box.
And we're off! Lyon get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Lyon boss Bruno Genesio has named an unchanged side to the one that won 3-2 at home to Benfica, with sought-after striker Alexandre Lacazette leading the line.
Unai Emery has decided to make five changes to the PSG side that started the 4-0 thrashing of Leicester in their final International Champions Cup game, with Kevin Trapp, Serge Aurier, Layvin Kurzawa, Lucas Moura and Hatem Ben Arfa coming into the starting line-up to replace Alphonse Areola, Thomas Meunier, Maxwell, Nanitamo Ikone and Edinson Cavani, the latter of whom is injured and hasn’t travelled with the squad.
Lyon substitutes: Gorgelin, Jallet, Diakhaby, Ferri, Grenier, Aouar, Valbuena.
Lyon XI (4-3-3): Lopes; Rafael, Yanga-Mbiwa, Nkoulou, Morel; Darder, Gonalons, Tolisso; Fekir, Lacazette, Cornet.
Paris Saint-Germain substitutes: Areola, Meunier, Maxwell, Matuidi, Verratti, Ikone, Augustin.
Paris Saint-Germain XI (4-2-3-1): Trapp; Aurier, Luiz, Kimpembe, Kurzawa; Stambouli, Motta; Di Maria, Pastore, Lucas; Ben Arfa.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Lyon shouldn’t be written off entirely, however, as they also impressed during pre-season and towards the end of the last Ligue 1 campaign, when a defeat on the final day was the only loss suffered in their last 11 games. A 2-2 draw away to Bourg-en-Bresse at the start of July was followed by wins against Zenit, Sporting Lisbon and Benfica, whilst they were one of only two sides to beat PSG in the league last season. Les Gones have certainly looked impressive since Bruno Genesio took charge in December, winning 17 of the 23 competitive games that the former assistant manager has overseen.
PSG enjoyed an impressive pre-season campaign in the build-up to tonight’s game, and they certainly head into the clash in typically fine form. All three of their International Champions Cup contests ended in impressive victories, with Inter, Real Madrid and Leicester City all failing to come close to Emery’s men, resulting in the reigning Ligue 1 champions winning the tournament. The former Sevilla boss and three-time Europa League winner certainly has a strong squad at his disposal, making them the clear favourites to pick up another victory this evening.
Another year, another Super Cup appearance for PSG, whose dominance of French football seems to know no bounds. For the fourth season in a row, the Parisians will fight for a trophy that they have already won five times, and they will be confident about their chances of lifting it once again. Laurent Blanc led them to glory in each of the last three seasons, but it’s now the turn of new boss Unai Emery to try and guide his side to yet more silverware in his first competitive game since taking over.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s French Super Cup clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon at the Worthersee Stadium.