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90' + 4'
N. Tagliafico
Yellow Card
J. Montecinos
Yellow Card
Lautaro Martínez
1 - 2
B. Brereton
M. Nuñez
1 - 1
Á. Di María
R. De Paul
0 - 1

Match Stats

59% 40%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 5
Total Passes 534 375
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Brazil BRA Brazil 17 14 3 0 40 5 +35 45 W W W D D
2 Argentina ARG Argentina 17 11 6 0 27 8 +19 39 D W W W D
3 Uruguay URU Uruguay 18 8 4 6 22 22 0 28 W W W W L
4 Ecuador ECU Ecuador 18 7 5 6 27 19 +8 26 D L D D W
5 Peru PER Peru 18 7 3 8 19 22 -3 24 W L D W W
6 Colombia COL Colombia 18 5 8 5 20 19 +1 23 W W L L D
7 Chile CHI Chile 18 5 4 9 19 26 -7 19 L L W L L
8 Paraguay PAR Paraguay 18 3 7 8 12 26 -14 16 L W L L D
9 Bolivia BOL Bolivia 18 4 3 11 23 42 -19 15 L L L L W
10 Venezuela VEN Venezuela 18 3 1 14 14 34 -20 10 L L L W L


Final Tournament
Intercontinental Play-off


That concludes our coverage of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying fixture between Chile and Argentina! We hope you’ve enjoyed it!
Chile will look for a win again on Tuesday, when they travel to face Bolivia. Argentina return home to host Colombia on the same day.
Chile fail to find a response in the second half as an aggressive match at the Estadio Zorros del Desierto ends 2-1 in favour of Argentina. Goals in the first 35 minutes from captain on the night Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez either side of a Brereton equaliser were enough to extend the Albiceleste’s undefeated streak to an impressive 28 games. A stop-start affair after the restart, the hosts were not able to do enough to trouble Emiliano Martinez, who was equal to the challenge every time he was faced with a save to make - including on Vargas’ close-range header in the final stages of proceedings. The loss leaves Chile three points back of an automatic qualification place while
N. Tagliafico
Yellow Card
90' + 4' Tagliafico is booked for his handling of Brereton during a Chile set-piece.
90' + 3' Should Chile lose today - it will be the first time since 2001 in which they have lost back-to-back home games in World Cup qualifying.
90' + 1' The fourth official indicates five minutes will be added at the end of the match for stoppages.
J. Montecinos
Yellow Card
89' Montecinos brings down Paredes right in front of the referee and earns himself a yellow card.
87' CLOSE! A cross from the right falls to the foot of Brereton at the far post, but the forward is unable to use his first touch meaningfully as the Blackburn forward puts it out of play disappointingly.
Á. Correa
Á. Di María
85' Atletico Madrid's Correa replaces Di Maria with five minutes remaining.
V. Dávila
E. Vargas
85' Vargas will not get another chance to level the score as Davila is brought on in his place.
83' CLOSE! Montecinos is once again involved, putting a dangerous cross in the penalty area for Vargas to attack. The forward gets good contact on his header and forces Emiliano Martinez into a diving close-range save.
81' Chile have not managed a goal after the 75th minute in CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying. Argentina have scored 9% of their goals in that time span (two).
A. Sánchez
Yellow Card
79' Sanchez takes Paredes' feet out from underneath him - resulting in a booking for the veteran Inter forward.
J. Álvarez
Lautaro Martínez
78' Lautaro Martinez is off as Alvarez is given 12 minutes to contribute.
E. Pulgar
Yellow Card
76' Pulgar’s mistimed challenge on Gomez catches the Sevilla midfielder on the top of the foot with studs showing; a painful one no doubt. It’s a yellow card for the Fiorentina player as the challenges start piling up.
74' Sanchez lifts a dangerous cross into the penalty area where it’s claimed by Emiliano Martinez, who clatters into Vargas and stays down momentarily to gather his bearings.
L. Paredes
Yellow Card
72' Paredes goes lunging into a challenge in which he has no chance at the ball and takes down Sanchez. It’s a yellow for the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.
G. Lo Celso
R. De Paul
71' De Paul makes way for Lo Celso with just under 20 minutes remaining as Argentina make two changes at once.
M. Acuña
N. González
70' A defensive substitution for Argentina sees Acuna replace Gonzalez on the left wing.
G. Maripán
Yellow Card
69' After taking a moment to defuse the situation and deliberate, the referee shows Maripan a yellow card for his part in starting the fracas.
68' A melee in the penalty area during a Chile corner-kick has left Paredes on the ground. There appears to be some pushing and shoving - with Maripan the culprit.
66' Argentina have scored two goals in a World Cup qualifying match for the first time in three matches - since a 3-0 win over Uruguay in October. They’ve managed this despite being without their leader in both goals (Messi) and assists (Lo Celso) on the pitch.
64' A chance goes to waste for Chile as Montecinos gets into a good position on the right wing before centring a pass for Isla. The substitute’s first touch is a poor one though, allowing Otamendi to hammer it away from inside his own penalty area.
62' Montecinos looks to make an immediate impression with a cross into the penalty area but it’s put far too close to the goalkeeper, who plucks it out of the air easily.
M. Isla
P. Díaz
60' The veteran Isla is on as Diaz makes way.
J. Montecinos
M. Nuñez
60' Montecinos is on for his fifth international appearance, replacing Nunez.
58' A double-swap appears on the horizon for Chile, who need to show a bit more guile going forward in the final 30 minutes. It’s been a fairly comfortable second half for Emiliano Martinez, who has only been forced into one save all match.
57' Di Maria’s corner from the left is an outswinger that’s hit towards Gonzalez but it fails to find the forward - allowing Chile to whack it away.
55' A win for Uruguay in their match against Paraguay earlier as well as Chile’s current situation means the hosts sit three points back of an automatic qualification position as well as one back of Colombia in a play-off place - with the Cafeteros playing tomorrow.
R. De Paul
Yellow Card
53' De Paul crashes through the back of Aranguiz right in front of the referee and promptly receives a yellow card for the infringement.
52' Sanchez’s corner is beaten away at the near post by De Paul but it’s only put as far as Nunez 20 yards from goal. The midfielder who already has an assist today fires a shot looking to test the goalkeeper but he’s unable to keep it down as it’s sent sailing above the crossbar.
50' Sanchez lifts a free-kick from deep on the right wing into the penalty area looking for Pulgar, but the Fiorentina midfielder is unable to trouble Emiliano Martinez as the tame header goes wide of the goal.
48' Lautaro Martinez rolls a pass into the penalty area looking for the incisive run of Di Maria but Cortes is quick off his line to claim the ball first.
46' Argentina get the match restarted from the kick-off!
G. Suazo
S. Vegas
46' A substitution at half-time for Chile sees the booked Vegas replaced by Suazo.
Chile’s depth of attacking options should be somewhat of a concern for Lasarte, with only three attackers listed; all of them based at domestic clubs. Sanchez has to get more involved if the hosts are to assert themselves and get back into the game, with the talisman the most likely to get a goal. A win for Argentina would take them four back of Brazil at the top of CONMEBOL, so the coach will no doubt look to bolster the defence after the Albiceleste conceded for the first time in over six matches.
An entertaining half comes to a close with Argentina ahead by a score of 2-1, thanks to goals from Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez. The PSG winger opened the scoring with a vintage effort, cutting inside and curling his shot past Bravo after just nine minutes. The hosts got themselves back into the match though and equalised 11 minutes later - through Brereton’s lobbed header which caught Emiliano Martinez flat-footed. The goal really buoyed Chile but the positivity would last less than a quarter-hour after De Paul’s drive forced an injured Bravo into an unconvincing save that allowed Lautaro Martinez to capitalise on the rebound. It’s been a fiery and aggressive encounter which the hosts will only look to intensify with a place in Qatar on the line.
45' + 1' The fourth official indicates two minutes will be added to the end of the half for stoppages.
45' WHAT A HIT! Diaz hits a dangerous swerving effort towards the far post from a deep position on the right flank, which forces a backpedaling Emiliano Martinez into a diving parry over the crossbar!
44' Gomez shifts onto his right and then his left on the edge of the penalty area before working enough space for a shot - but the effort is saved easily by the goalkeeper.
42' De Paul looks to play Di Maria down the flank ahead of Vegas, but the winger is unable to hold his line as the Chile defence escape unscathed thanks to an offside call.
40' With five minutes left in the period, it looks unlikely that the hosts will find a way to equalise before halt-time, though Lasarte should have seen enough to be happy with in the first 45. The forwards are combining well in attack and the midfield is providing some resistance - though the full-backs have been a real area of concern.
N. Otamendi
Yellow Card
38' Otamendi is booked for a challenge on Sanchez, using his body to block the progress of the forward.
38' Brereton’s slaloming run takes him inside the penalty area but his low drive from the byline fails to trouble Emiliano Martinez - who watches it go wide.
37' A swap at goalkeeper looked evident before the goal, as Cortes was getting stripped and ready for action on the touchline when Chile still had possession of the ball. Perhaps De Paul’s shot from distance was done to test the extent of Bravo’s injury - as his managing of the effort was less than convincing.
B. Cortés
C. Bravo
35' There appears to be an issue for Bravo, as Cortes is sent on in his place. It's an early switch at goalkeeper for Chile, who have just gone behind.
Lautaro Martínez
34' LAUTARO MARTINEZ MAKES IT 2-1! De Paul charges into space in midfield and hammers a shot from 30 yards out, which Bravo can only palm away. The goalkeeper puts it directly into the patch of Lautaro Martinez, who tucks the rebound away neatly.
33' Brereton peels off the shoulder of Molina and gets inside the penalty area with possession of the ball but his centring pass for Vargas is cut out by Lisandro Martinez, who gets it back to his goalkeeper.
31' De Paul is sent to the ground after a dangerous-looking tackle from Nunez catches the Atletico Madrid midfielder. De Paul pleads with the referee for a booking but the match official keeps his cards in his pocket but awards Argentina the free-kick.
29' Chile are holding possession in their own half, forcing Argentina to chase as they look to hit in the space left behind. It works to a degree but De Paul’s challenge on Aranguiz inside the centre-circle brings the move to an end and gives the hosts a set-piece.
S. Vegas
Yellow Card
26' Vegas lunges into a mistimed sliding tackle which catches Di Maria and brings him to the ground in a heap. It’s a yellow for the Chile centre-back.
26' The last three meetings between Chile and Argentina in all competitions have ended in draws - with the last two clashes ending 1-1.
24' Di Maria looks to emulate his earlier goal by hitting a curling shot 20 yards from goal towards Bravo in the face of three oncoming defenders but this time his technique is imperfect as the low shot dribbles comfortably for the goalkeeper to collect.
22' Brereton falls over just outside the penalty area looking for a free-kick but he fails to convince the referee as the Chile attack breaks down and Argentina are allowed to reclaim possession deep in their own half.
M. Nuñez
20' Nunez's inch-perfect cross is the assist as Chile get themselves back into the match!
B. Brereton
20' BRERETON LEVELS THE SCORE! 1-1! It’s a fantastic goal from the Blackburn forward, who gets on the end of a Nunez cross at the far post and rises above Molina before lobbing a header over the goalkeeper - who had remained on his line!
19' Play is stopped temporarily for Di Maria, who remains down on the pitch holding his ankle after a challenge from Aranguiz. The Argentina captain looks to be able to continue but he’ll need some treatment before the match can resume.
17' Gonzalez’s cross from the left in search of Lautaro Martinez evades three Chile defenders on its way out of the penalty area on the other side as the visitors are once again unable to capitalise on the acres of space left by the opposing full-backs.
15' Gonzalez takes on and beats Diaz before entering the penalty area but Maripan comes across and clears the danger - putting it out for a throw.
13' It’s Nunez who strikes the set-piece but it’s a poor effort that’s driven into the wall. The rebound comes back to the midfielder but he’s unable to link up with a team-mate as Argentina scramble it away.
11' Vargas is sent tumbling to the ground after a sliding challenge from Tagliafico catches the striker on the ankle. Chile are given another free-kick just outside the 18-yard box - with Sanchez and Nunez standing over it.
R. De Paul
9' De Paul's pass in space for Di Maria is credited as the assist!
Á. Di María
9' ARGENTINA TAKE THE LEAD! 1-0! It’s an early goal for captain Di Maria, who drives down the right wing drawing three defenders towards him in the process before cutting inside and curling a trademark effort into the top corner!
7' Argentina have looked the more composed side in possession in the early stages, with the hosts generally unable to move the ball quickly in order to shift the opposition from their block. Pulgar and Nunez will be essential in playing the dangerous Sanchez into space.
5' A dangerous Argentina attack breaks down as Tagliafico’s low cross from the byline into the penalty area is blocked intently by Maripan, who manages to retain possession and force the opposition to drop back to regain their shape.
3' Sanchez takes the free-kick and it’s a dangerous attempt as the Inter forward sends the ball to the edge of the six-yard box, where it nearly slips into the far corner without a touch. It ultimately rolls just wide of the post but it’s an early warning for the goalkeeper.
2' Brereton is fouled on the edge of the penalty area by Lisandro Martinez - as Chile are given an early chance to trouble Emiliano Martinez from a set-piece.
1' Chile get the match underway from the kick-off at the Estadio Zorros del Desierto!
Argentina make four changes from the XI that took to the pitch last time out - in a 0-0 draw with Brazil on November 16. Tagliafico starts at left-back dropping Acuna to the bench, while Lisandro Martinez fills the void left by the injured Cristian Romero. Sevilla’s Gomez slots into midfield ahead of Lo Celso and the absence of Lionel Messi means a start for Gonzalez.
Chile make six changes to the side that lost 2-0 to Ecuador in World Cup qualifying in November. Vegas replaces Francisco Sierralta in defence while Diaz replaces Eugenio Mena at full-back while a complete swap in midfield sees Nunez, Aranguiz and Pulgar replace the suspended Arturo Vidal as well as Baeza and Diego Valdes. The final swap is in attack as Chile sacrifice a defender for an extra striker, with Isla making way for Blackburn’s Brereton.
ARGENTINA SUBS: Franco Armani, Juan Musso, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Gonzalo Montiel, Marcos Acuna, Julian Alvarez, Angel Correa, Nehuen Perez, Giovani Lo Celso, Paulo Dybala.
ARGENTINA XI (4-3-3): Emiliano Martinez; Nicolas Tagliafico, Nicolas Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez, Nahuel Molina; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Alejandro Gomez; Nicolas Gonzalez, Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria.
CHILE SUBS: Sebastian Perez, Brayan Cortes, Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, Mauricio Isla, Gabriel Suazo, Joaquin Montecinos, Ivan Morales, Pablo Parra, Benjamin Kuscevic, Claudio Baeza, Victor Davila, Tomas Alarcon.
CHILE XI (4-3-3): Claudio Bravo; Guillermo Maripan, Gary Medel, Sebastian Vegas, Paulo Diaz; Marcelino Nunez, Charles Aranguiz, Erick Pulgar; Ben Brereton Diaz, Eduardo Vargas, Alexis Sanchez.
With 15 minutes to go before kick-off, let’s take a look at the team news - starting with our hosts!
Argentina guaranteed their progress to Qatar 2022 during the last international fixture and with Brazil a comfortable seven points ahead it looks as though the Albiceleste are a nailed-on second place. Coach Lionel Scaloni intends to rotate his side somewhat which is partially due to the absence of Lionel Messi, who has been left in Paris due to the inessential nature of the upcoming fixtures.
Chile ended 2021 on a sour note, losing 2-0 to Ecuador in Santiago after a run of three-consecutive victories in the CONMEBOL group stage - registering three clean sheets in the process. Martin Lasarte’s side sit one point back of both Colombia in fourth - who occupy the final automatic qualifying position and Peru in fifth, who are currently slated for a place in inter-continental play-off. With four matches remaining there is plenty of time to bridge the gap, however with Argentina and Brazil still left on the slate it certainly won't be easy.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE commentary of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier between Chile and Argentina!