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A. Dragović
Yellow Card
G. Hanley
Yellow Card
L. Dykes
Penalty Goal
0 - 1
M. Hinteregger
Yellow Card
C. Adams
Yellow Card

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 3
Total Passes 552 306
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Denmark DEN Denmark 10 9 0 1 30 3 +27 27 L W W W W
2 Scotland SCO Scotland 10 7 2 1 17 7 +10 23 W W W W W
3 Israel ISR Israel 10 5 1 4 23 21 +2 16 W L W L L
4 Austria AUT Austria 10 5 1 4 19 17 +2 16 W W L W L
5 Faroe Islands FRO Faroe Islands 10 1 1 8 7 23 -16 4 L L L L W
6 Moldova MDA Moldova 10 0 1 9 5 30 -25 1 L L L L L


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Elsewhere in Group F, Israel were beaten 5-0 by Denmark, which means that this win lifts Scotland up to second in the table. That's two wins on the bounce and they'll be hoping they can beat Israel next time out in October. It's a big loss for Austria, as they lose ground on the teams above them and they face the Faroe Islands next.
Scotland get a vital win in World Cup qualifying as they beat Austria 1-0. VAR awarded a penalty to the visitors after Adams was brought down by Hinteregger and Dykes slotted it in, with Bachmann unable to stop it despite getting a hand to it. Austria pushed for an equaliser, with Gordon denying Baumgartner and Gregoritsch. Baumgartner thought he'd scored in stoppage time when he fired in, but he was denied by the offside flag.
90' + 3' CLOSE! The ball struck Ferguson on the arm right just outside the box and Austria have a free-kick in a very dangerous position. Alaba goes for goal, lifting his shot over the wall, but there's not enough dip on it and it sails over the crossbar.
90' + 1' OFFSIDE! Arnautovic chips the ball up for Alaba, and he heads it through for Baumgartner. The Scottish players all put their hands up for offside as Baumgartner nestles his shot in the back of the net and the flag eventually goes up.
A. Dragović
Yellow Card
90' Dragovic is booked for dissent.
E. Kara
K. Laimer
88' And for Austria's final change, Kara is coming on to replace Laimer.
L. Ferguson
B. Gilmour
88' Gilmour is also being taken off, with Ferguson on in his place.
K. Nisbet
C. Adams
88' Double change for Scotland now and Adams is the first to make way, with Nisbet on for him.
86' McGregor is in quickly to nick the ball off Laimer and he touches it into Christie before continuing his run. The substitute tries to return it to him but gifts it straight back to Austria.
84' Trimmel pulls away from Tierney on the right and he curls a cross onto the penalty spot for Gregoritsch. He gets his head on it and flicks it towards goal, but it's a comfortable save for Gordon.
82' Austria are just stepping up the pressure again here, but they're struggling to find a way in behind Scotland. The visitors are keeping their shape well and making it difficult for Austria to find a way into the box.
80' CHANCE! Straight down the other end, Scotland have a chance to double their lead as Adams closes in on goal. He's on his own, so he has to have a shot despite the tight angle. He drills it towards the far post but sends it just wide.
79' GOOD SAVE! It's another great corner from Alaba and he picks out Baumgartner, who made a late run into the box. He leans forward to head it on goal, and Gordon is in the right place to push it away on the line.
P. McGinn
S. O'Donnell
77' While the Austria substitutions were happening, O'Donnell was down receiving treatment. The medical team signalled that he wouldn't be able to carry on, so Paul McGinn is on for him.
A. Ulmer
F. Grillitsch
76' And Grillitsch is also being taken off, with Ulmer on in his place.
Y. Demir
L. Schaub
76' There's a double change for Austria here and Schaub is the first to make way, with Demir on to replace him.
75' Austria are back in possession and pushing Scotland deep into their own half again. Laimer gets forward down the right and swings a cross into Arnautovic, but he fouls Gordon trying to bring it down and the visitors have a free-kick.
73' Scotland are enjoying a good spell here after Austria's dominance throughout the game. Gilmour swings a corner in, which is cleared to Christie, and he wins another one when his cross is blocked by Grillitsch.
R. Christie
L. Dykes
71' Dykes makes his way straight to the bench with the medical team and Christie is on to replace him.
70' Dykes has gone down off the ball here, so Gordon throws the ball out of play so he can get some treatment. It looks like a problem with his ankle and it looks like his game might be over as he limps to the side of the pitch.
68' GOOD SAVE! Scotland break quickly on the counter again, this time with Adams sliding the ball through to O'Donnell. He's away from Alaba and hits his shot across goal, but Bachmann gets a strong hand to it.
67' Robertson does brilliantly down the left to get his team upfield and away from the hosts' pressure, but Trimmel is tracking back with him. As the left-back sets himself for a cross, Trimmel nicks it off him and manages to win a goal-kick.
65' Scotland's high press is keeping Austria penned back in their own half, but Trimmel eventually finds space to drive into down the right. He's allowed to carry it a long way before curling a cross in, but it's over Gregoritsch at the far post.
63' The hosts break quickly on the counter and it's switched out to Alaba on the left again and he whips a dangerous cross into the box. Hanley sticks out a leg but misses it and it's just behind Arnautovic, who only needed a touch to send it past Gordon.
61' Scotland are going for a more direct route to goal when they win the ball back and Gordon goes long looking for McGregor. He knocks it down for Dykes before being caught by Grillitsch, and the visitors have a free-kick, but it comes to nothing.
59' Alaba gets the better of O'Donnell down the left again and clips the ball up into the middle for Gregoritsch. It's headed away by Hendry, and Scotland are quickly back into their shape to close off the next attack.
57' There was a lot of pushing and shoving as Austria got ready to take the corner and Hanley and Hinteregger tangle before going to ground. The hosts are asking for a penalty, but after a quick VAR check, nothing is given.
M. Gregoritsch
S. Ilsanker
56' Austria are making the first change of the game, with Ilsanker making way for Gregoritsch.
G. Hanley
Yellow Card
56' Hanley is booked for his pushing on Hinteregger and that yellow card means he'll miss the next game through suspension.
54' Laimer does well to keep hold of the ball in a crowded Scotland penalty area, but when he can't get a sight of goal, he tees up Dragovic instead. He takes it first time on the edge of the box, but his shot is blocked by Gilmour.
52' It's good play from Austria as they cut through the middle of their opponents. Trimmel wins it back and picks out Laimer, who picks out a lovely throughball to Arnautovic. Schaub is up with him, but he chooses to go for goal himself, and it's blocked by Hanley.
50' Alaba is still finding a lot of space down the left for Austria and he cuts inside before curling another cross into the box. It's just too high for Schaub, and Gordon comes off his line to collect it.
48' Schaub swings a corner into the box, and Scotland initially clear their lines, but it comes back out to Grillitsch. He picks out Ilsanker's run, but he sends his cross over everybody's head and Hendry hooks it clear.
46' Austria get us back underway for the second half!
If Scotland can hold on to win this match, it would be a huge three points for them. Denmark are currently beating Israel 3-0 in the other group game, so if things stay as they are, Scotland would go second. Austria need the points as well to stay in with a chance of qualifying though, and they're going to ramp up the pressure after the break.
Dykes' penalty separates the side's at the break, with Scotland leading Austria 1-0. The hosts have created a lot more chances, but Baumgartner, Arnautovic and Grillitsch have all failed to test Gordon. At the other end, Dykes saw a header saved before Adams was brought down by Hinteregger and VAR awarded a spot-kick. Dykes stepped up to take it and slotted home, with Bachmann helping it over the line with his hand.
45' + 2' There are big shouts for a penalty from Austria after Baumgartner went down claiming he's been caught in the face by O'Donnell. Play carried on with Laimer sending a shot wide before VAR had a look at the incident, but they see nothing wrong with it and no penalty is given.
45' + 1' Scotland just can't get out of their own box as Austria recycle the corner that was initially cleared by Hendry. It comes out to Baumgartner on the left and he whips in a cross with the outside of his boot, but it's straight into Gordon's gloves.
44' Austria are still pushing for an equaliser here and they're getting a lot of joy down the left side. Alaba whips another cross in from the left wing, but Hanley gets in front of Arnautovic again to clear the danger.
42' Baumgartner gets away from O'Donnell down the left and chips a good cross into the six-yard box for Arnautovic. He rises above Hanley and glances a header on, but he can't get it on target and McGinn clears his lines.
40' Dykes has now scored five goals in his last six games for club and country: two in three for Scotland and three in three for QPR.
38' It's a lovely cross in from Schaub on the right as he lifts it over the top for Arnautovic at the near post. He's unmarked and goes for the spectacular with a bicycle kick but sends it wide. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as he sets off too early.
36' Austria are keeping Scotland penned back in their own half here and Schaub tries to pick out Arnautovic again, with a throughball this time. He overhits it though and it's straight through to Gordon.
34' CHANCE! Schaub just manages to keep the ball in play at the byline and pulls it back for Arnautovic. He's surrounded in the middle of the box but manages to tee up Grillitsch, but he drags his shot wide.
32' Austria are looking to have an instant response to going behind with Laimer driving forward through the middle. He spots Alaba running into space down the left, but O'Donnell is quickly across to intercept it.
L. Dykes
Penalty Goal
30' DYKES SCORES! It's a powerful strike from Dykes from the spot and he hits his penalty straight down the middle. Bachmann is diving to his right and just manages to get a hand to the ball, but he can only help it into the back of the net. 1-0 Scotland!
29' PENALTY TO SCOTLAND! The referee has gone over to the monitor and had a look at all the replays of the foul. Hinteregger was making no attempt to play the ball, but had his hands all over Adams and tugging his shirt, so the referee points to the spot.
28' VAR is having a look at a possible penalty to Scotland after that incident involving Adams and Hinteregger and the referee has been asked to go over and view the monitor...
27' McGinn does well to hold off Trimmel long enough to pull the ball back to Adams from the byline. Hinteregger is all over him as the forward tries to open up space for a shot before going down. He's asking for a penalty, but nothing's given.
M. Hinteregger
Yellow Card
25' Hinteregger slides in late on McGregor and has his name taken by the referee.
24' The corner is swung into the area for Austria and there's a big crowd of players waiting in the six-yard box. Between three Scotland defenders, they manage to get it clear and Robertson stops Laimer from getting onto the second ball.
C. Adams
Yellow Card
22' It's a clumsy one from Adams as he pushes Grillitsch out of the way to try and get on the return ball. It's a soft one, but he picks up the first yellow card of the game for the challenge.
20' Robertson picks out McGregor and he isn't closed down by any Austrian defenders which gives him chance to find Dykes' run into the box. His first touch is poor though and Hinteregger intercepts it.
18' Alaba spots Arnautovic's run off the back of Tierney and curls a great early cross into the far post for him. Instead of going for goal, he heads it back across the box and can only pick out Hanley, who clears his lines.
16' CHANCE! Laimer has Gilmour tight to his back, but he manages to flick the ball out to Baumgartner on the left. He cuts inside, wrongfooting Hendry to open up the space and whips a shot towards goal, but it flies wide of the far post.
15' Austria suffered defeat in their last home World Cup qualifier against Denmark, losing 4-0, their heaviest defeat on home soil since losing 5-1 to Spain in 2009. The Austrians have never lost consecutive home World Cup qualifiers.
13' Arnautovic doesn't gamble on Laimer glancing a header to him in the box and Robertson comes away with it. He slips on the halfway line but still manages to switch play out to O'Donnell on the right. It's a poor cross from him though as he gifts it straight to Ilsanker.
11' Now it's Austria that can't get out of their own half due to Scotland's high press as McGregor cuts out Dragovic's clearance. He touches it onto Adams, who tries to slide in Dykes, but he puts it straight out of play.
9' GOOD SAVE! Up the other end, McGinn pulls away from Trimmel on the left and swings a good cross into the box. He picks out Dykes in the middle, who rises above his defender, but Bachmann pushes his headed effort away with a strong hand.
8' McGregor is caught on the ball just outside his own penalty area by Laimer and the Scottish backline scramble back into their shape. The midfielder takes a heavy touch though which allows Gordon to come off his line and collect it.
6' CLOSE! Scotland just can't get out of their own box at the moment as every clearance falls to an Austria player. Alaba brings it down on the left this time, pulling a cross back to Arnautovic. He drills a low effort towards the near corner but sends it wide of the post.
4' Austria have committed a lot of bodies forward when Adams nicks the ball off Laimer on the halfway line, and he sets off on the counter. He tries to square it to McGinn on the edge of the box, but he trips at the crucial moment and can't get on the end of it.
2' Trimmel makes a good, driving run down the right away from Robertson, before squaring it to Schaub. He tries to thread it through for Arnautovic through the middle, but there's too much on it, and it rolls harmlessly to Gordon.
1' Gilmour gets the game underway for Scotland!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Scotland are unbeaten in their last four away games against Austria in all competitions (W2 D2), though this is their first visit to Austria since a 1-0 friendly win against them in Vienna in 2007.
Steve Clarke also makes three changes to his team after their win over Moldova. O'Donnell, McGregor and Adams all come into the side, with Christie and Nisbet dropping to the bench.
Franco Foda makes three changes to the side beaten by Israel on Saturday as he brings Trimmel, Ilsanker and Schaub into the starting line-up. Posch, Mwene and Schopf all start on the bench.
SCOTLAND SUBS: Liam Kelly, Ryan Christie, Zander Clark, Paul McGinn, Liam Cooper, Kevin Nisbet, Scott McKenna, Lewis Ferguson, David Turnbull, Declan Gallagher.
SCOTLAND STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Craig Gordon; Jack Hendry, Grant Hanley, Kieran Tierney; Stephen O'Donnell, Billy Gilmour, Callum McGregor, Andy Robertson; John McGinn; Che Adams, Lyndon Dykes.
AUSTRIA SUBS: Philipp Mwene, Michael Gregoritsch, Dejan Ljubicic, Alessadro Schopf, Heinz Lindner, Florian Kainz, Philipp Lienhart, Andreas Ulmer, Ercan Kara, Alexander Schlager, Yusuf Demir, Stefan Posch.
AUSTRIA STARTING XI (4-3-2-1): Daniel Bachmann; Christopher Trimmel, Aleksandar Dragovic, Martin Hinteregger, David Alaba; Konrad Laimer, Florian Grillitsch, Stefan Ilsanker; Louis Schaub, Christoph Baumgartner; Marko Arnautovic.
Just one point separates Austria and Scotland and both need a vital win today if they want to keep themselves in contention for World Cup qualification. Austria got an important 2-0 victory against Moldova last Wednesday but suffered a setback at the weekend in a 5-2 defeat to Israel. As for Scotland, their first defeat of the campaign came against Denmark last week in a 2-0 loss, but they edged past Moldova on Saturday to go third. These two met in the opening qualifier back in March, with nothing separating the sides in a 2-2 draw at Hampden Park.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the World Cup qualifier in Group F between Austria and Scotland at the Ernst Happel Stadion!