The 10 cheapest Icons on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

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With the release of Rising Star and Headliner cards, market prices have dropped - allowing you to pick up a few legends on the cheap

One of the best parts of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is being able to create incredible combinations of players who you never would have seen in real life, especially with the Icon cards.

Icons are legendary players who have been added to the game and fit into every squad due to their chemistry bonus, which means they link with every player.

And now is your best chance to get your hands on these cards thanks to the release of the incredible Headliners and Rising Stars cards. Everybody's focus is on the new special cards so Icons have dropped nicely in price. Whether you want to use them in your team, or craft another player with a Squad Building Challenge, now is the time to buy these players

Goal has looked through and found the 10 cheapest Icons in the game currently on the market. 

  1. Claude Makelele - 85
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    Claude Makelele - 85

    First up is Real Madrid and Chelsea legend Claude Makelele, who retired with two Premier League titles, two La Liga trophies and a Champions League to his name.

    The Frenchman may have redefined the defensive midfielder role, but this version of Makelele is deployed as a right midfielder, making him much less effective, hence his lower price.

    For around 505k coins, you can add an injection of pace and strength into your midfield, allowing the rest of your squad to shine.

  2. Filippo Inzaghi - 87
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    Filippo Inzaghi - 87

    A member of Italy's World Cup winning side from 2006, Filippo Inzaghi is a striker who also won the Champions League twice in his prestigious career.

    Inzaghi is incredibly clinical with 88 shooting and he is extra dangerous with his 81 pace and 82 dribbling. However, his link-up play is rather lacklustre with just 67 passing and 67 physicality, meaning you will need midfielders who can play a killer pass to get the best out of him. The Italian will set you back 510k.

  3. Jens Lehmann - 88

    Jens Lehmann - 88

    The only goalkeeper on this list, Jens Lehmann will be remembered for his fantastic saves as much as his hot temper during his time at Arsenal.

    The German keeper's middle card is the same price as his lower card at 510k coins. With 88 diving, 87 reflexes, 87 handling and 86 positioning, you're getting a fantastic goalkeeper for the price. There really isn't much downside to this card other than his 83 kicking but that is still a respectable rating.

  4. Javier Zanetti - 87
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    Javier Zanetti - 87

    Having spent 19 amazing years at Inter, Javier Zanetti is so respected at the club that his number four jersey has been permanently retired.

    The versatile defender could play on either flank but in game his 87-rated card is a left-back. With 88 pace, 83 defending and 82 passing he excels both going forward and at the back and his 95 stamina means you will get the best out of him for the full 90 minutes. The only problem is he may become predictable on the attack with just two-star skills.

    At 510k for one of the greatest left-backs in the game, you can always rely on Zanetti.

  5. Marc Overmars - 86
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    Marc Overmars - 86

    Time for an Arsenal legend in Marc Overmars, the winger who scored the goal which earned the club the Premier League title in 1998. He eventually moved on to Barcelona for £25 million, making him the most expensive Dutch player ever at the time.

    You can pick up his lowest Icon, at 86-rated, for around 510k coins at the moment. With 88 pace, 87 dribbling and a five-star weak-foot, the left winger is incredibly unpredictable to defend against in-game. However, this is yet another card let down by its shooting with only a score of 78.

  6. Ryan Giggs - 89
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    Ryan Giggs - 89

    Next is current Wales manager Ryan Giggs, one of Manchester United's all-time greats. The winger won an astonishing 13 Premier League titles during his illustrious career.

    The highest-rated played on our list with an overall rating of 89, it's incredible that Giggs' middle Icon is available for just 512k coins. With his 88 dribbling and 90 passing, Giggs is guaranteed to create chances for your team. 

  7. Carles Puyol - 86
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    Carles Puyol - 86

    Next, we have former Barcelona defender Carles Puyol who captained them to six Primera Liga and three Champions League titles, and never played for another club.

    You can get your hands on the legendary defender for just 515k coins on the market and, with 88 defending and 89 physicality, he would be incredible at the back.

    The downside is that this version of Puyol is a right-back and, with most FUT players opting for speedy wingers, his 76 pace may not be enough against players such as Kylian Mbappe.

  8. Hidetoshi Nakata - 86
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    Hidetoshi Nakata - 86

    One of the greatest players to ever come out of Asia, Hidetoshi Nakata was a globally appreciated player who even made Pele's list of top 100 players to have ever lived.

    The skilful midfielder has the pace (82), dribbling (85) and passing (85) to make him an extremely effective playmaker on Ultimate Team. His low physicality means he can be easily pushed off the ball, however, so you need to play with speed to make the most of him.

    Considering this is his second best Icon card, 86 Nakata is an absolute bargain at 517k coins.

  9. Alessandro Nesta - 88
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    Alessandro Nesta - 88

    Next is legendary defender Alessandro Nesta who spent over a decade representing Italy at international level and was part of the 2006 side that won the World Cup.

    It speaks volumes of the defender's calibre that his lowest-rated Icon card is still an 88 overall. His 90 defending and 85 physicality make him an exceptional presence in game and even his 70 pace is stellar. The only thing letting him down is his 63 passing if you like to play out from the back.

    Price? 485k.

  10. Robert Pires - 88
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    Robert Pires - 88

    Another French midfielder, Arsenal legend Robert Pires was a key part in the Gunners’ ‘Invincibles’ squad and is available for around 475k.

    You can't go wrong with Pires's second card. The 88-rated left midfielder will add a touch of class to your squad with 88 pace, 86 dribbling and 86 passing. However, his 80 shooting may let him down - especially from outside the box.