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When is the next FPL deadline? Dates & times for picking Premier League fantasy football team

Premier League action will be back in a few weeks and that means so too does the excitement around Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne and Manchester City are out to defend their trophy, but Mohamed Salah's Liverpool and Bruno Fernandes' Manchester United will be keen to have a say in matters, not to mention Arsenal.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, GOAL has all the details about FPL deadlines for 2023-24, so you can plan your team updates accordingly.

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Fantasy Premier League deadlines for 2023-24

The deadline is usually set 90 minutes before the kick-off time in the first match of the Gameweek.

Here are all the 2023-24 FPL deadlines, from Gameweek 1 through to Gameweek 38, but do note that the deadlines are subject to change depending on fixture changes.

Last updated: July 6, 2023

GameweekDeadline (UK time)
Gameweek 1August 11 (6:30pm)
Gameweek 2August 19 (1:30pm
Gameweek 3August 26 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 4September 2 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 5September 16 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 6September 23 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 7September 30 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 8October 7 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 9October 21 (1:30pm
Gameweek 10October 28 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 11November 4 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 12November 11 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 13November 25 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 14December 2 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 15December 5 (6:15pm)
Gameweek 16December 9 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 17December 16 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 18December 23 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 19December 26 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 20December 30 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 21January 13 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 22January 30 (6:15pm)
Gameweek 23February 3 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 24February 10 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 25February 17 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 26February 24 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 27March 2 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 28March 9 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 29March 16 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 30March 30 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 31April 2 (6:15pm)
Gameweek 32April 6 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 33April 13 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 34April 20 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 35April 27 (1:30pm
Gameweek 36May 4 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 37May 11 (1:30pm)
Gameweek 38May 19 (2:30pm)

As noted, deadlines for FPL changes generally cut off one hour and 30 minutes before the first match of a particular gameweek. Sometimes there will be 12 noon or 12:30pm kick-offs and on such occasions, the deadlines are 10:30am or 11am.

We generally advise FPL players to get their team organised a few days beforehand - when team news from the press conferences is confirmed. Of course, life has a habit of getting in the way of even the most dedicated fan.

Can you make changes when the deadline passes?

You will still be able to make changes to your team after the deadline, but they will only come into effect for the next gameweek. So, be sure to set your reminders!

The secret to success in fantasy football is staying on top of the deadlines so that you can maximise your points each week. Make it part of your routine and double check times here.