Wazito FC’s Badoer should be deported for ‘f*cking hyena players’ comments - Shimanyula

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Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula and Ricardo Badoer of Wazito FC.
Goal Kenya.
The Kakamega Homeboyz boss feels the KPL club financier disrespected Kenyans and thus should be booted out of the country

Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula has called for Ricardo Badoer’s deportation for his "f*cking hyena players" comments on Tuesday.

After Goal had revealed the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side Wazito FC was about to release 11 players, Badoer, via a tweet, confirmed some had already been released following what he called a "lack of love for the game".

Shimanyula said the Wazito boss should be deported for his lack of respect for Kenya and its players.

“Where is he from in the first place?” Shimanyula asked in an interview with Goal on Wednesday.

 “He should desist from belittling the Kenyan players. He should be deported as soon as possible.

“These are the kind of people who hate a country they are residing in and end up abusing Kenyans.

“How can he openly hate Kenya and the players? Even if he has got money that is his own money. Men have got money but they never brag about the same and abuse Kenyans.

“Let him be deported quickly. Let him take his money, the little money he brags of with, to his home country.

“He has done a grave mistake of calling Kenyans hyenas.”

In his rant, Badoer had claimed some of the players who have been shown the door at Wazito were signed without his express approval.

“Today the Wazito FC cleaning continues. Kicking out no good f*cking hyena players that were recruited without my approval,” the businessman had stated on his Tweeter handle.

“All they did was to eat my money and lose games. I wish them the best on the f*cking streets where they belong.

“They lacked self-respect and love for the game.”

As Shimanyula calls for Badoer’s deportation, the Kenyan immigration laws are clear on when one should be deported.

“A person who, in consequence of information received from any government or from any other source considered by the Minister to be reliable, is considered by the Minister to be an undesirable immigrant,” Kenya’s Immigration Act states as it outlines grounds where a foreigner can be deported.

“A person, or a member of a class of persons, whose presence in Kenya is declared by the Minister to be contrary to the national interests;

“A person who, upon entering or seeking to enter Kenya, fails to produce a valid passport to an immigration officer on demand or within such time as that officer may allow;

“A person who was, immediately before the commencement of this Act, a prohibited immigrant within the meaning of the former Immigration Act, now repealed, by reason of paragraph (f) or paragraph (g) of section 7 (2) of that Act;

“A person whose presence in or entry into Kenya is unlawful under any written law other than this Act; (k) a person in respect of whom there is in force an order made or deemed to be made under section 8 directing that such person shall be removed from and remain out of Kenya.”

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The release of the players came a day after head coach Stewart Hall and Wazito parted ways in what they called a mutual agreement to do so.