VIDEO: The hipster's favourites - Cascadia set up for World Cup debut

Paddy Power visited Cascadia, a bio-region in America, to get the lowdown on their preparation for the tournament in London this summer

The start of the 2018 CONIFA World Cup is now just days away.

16 national teams representing unrecognised states and regions will do battle around London, but none have quite as strange a selection process as Cascadia.

A region in the north west of America and Canada, Cascadia consists of Canadian province British Columbia and Vancouver, and American states of Oregon and Washington.

Hipsters set for a World Cup debut

The hipster's favourites - Portland are going to a World Cup!

Posted by on Friday, May 25, 2018

It may have a population larger than that of Ecuador or Zambia, but Cascadia's football team for the impending CONIFA World Cup will mostly consist of players from England, according to President of the Cascadia Football Federation Aaron Johnsen, who recently managed to convince former LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids defender James Riley to captain the side.

“We’ve got our coach in Carlisle, a scout in London and the majority of players we’re talking to are already in the UK." Johnsen said.

Watch the video above to learn all about Cascadia.

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