Sydney FC secure SCG home games for next season

The Sky Blues have found three new homes with the Sydney Cricket Ground their main preference

With Allianz Stadium set to undergo complete reconstruction, Sydney FC are without a home for next season and have settled on three separate venues including the historic Sydney Cricket Ground.

The Sky Blues will play the majority of their games at SCG with Jubilee Oval and Leichardt Oval also to be used.

A members' survey from the club helped settle on the stadiums with Jubilee and Leichardt holding 20,000 and the SCG 46,000.

Sydney FC CEO Danny Townsend revealed the plans in a letter to members. 

“Today, I’m delighted to announce we will be playing six of our 13 home matches at the SCG next season," Townsend wrote.

“After considering the results of our members survey conducted in December, we found that the majority of members said their first preference was to stay in Moore Park.

Bobo Sydney FC

“I am happy to be able to say we can facilitate this for six games which are likely to take place at the beginning and end of the season.

“We have been working very hard with the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, the FFA and Fox Sports to maximise the fan experience and have listened to member feedback regarding the experiences of rectangular stadiums compared to an oval ground.

“We have agreed with all parties that the pitch for all our matches at the SCG will run east to west instead of the usual north to south at the venue, which is a huge benefit for a number of reasons.

“It means we can push the pitch as close to the world-class Noble-Bradman Stand as possible, for non-derby games, which will house the majority of our members and fans.

“This will make it a more tight-knit atmosphere for all involved, which will enhance the experience.

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“For derby games, the pitch will be centred, in order to accommodate the higher anticipated crowd.”

Reaction to the decision has been inevitably mixed with Sydney FC set to be without an official home for the next three seasons. 

Local rivals Western Sydney Wanderers have struggled without a singular home over the past two years so it'll be interesting to see how the Sky Blues cope after a fantastic few seasons.