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Msuva warns against hastened VAR installation in Africa

7:12 AM GMT 11/02/2020
Simon Msuva of Tanzania
The Taifa Star states the officials should take time before effecting the use of the new technology to ensure it works efficiently

Simon Msuva has warned against rushing the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Africa.

Egypt and Morocco, where the player turns out for Difaa El Jadida, are among the top nations pushing for the use of VAR and referees are trained on how to use it. However, the striker has warned of getting it all wrong if the new technology is not installed in the right way with all factors considered.

"We understand the condition of our stadiums, an incident might happen and when following up, you realize the machines are off, it can be embarrassing," Msuva is quoted by Mwanaspoti.

"I would rather we take time in installing and using the VAR than doing the wrong thing. We might be thinking we are finding a solution but in the process, we create another problem.

"Even officials in Europe are struggling with it, but let us wait and see what happens," Msuva added.

In Morocco, VAR might be used starting the 2020/21 season, but as for Egypt, training is ongoing.

Currently, no country in Africa is using VAR.