Mohun Bagan secretary Debasish Dutta brands Indian Super League as a circus

The Mariners' official has branded the ISL as a circus while justifying the club's decision to reduce ticket prices for the upcoming AFC Cup game...

Mohun Bagan financial secretary Debasish Dutta was highly critical of the Indian Super League (ISL) even as he announced the club's decision to reduce the ticket prices for the second leg of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup qualifier against Colombo FC on 7th February, Tuesday. 

Mohun Bagan have seen very low turnouts at the Rabindra Sarovar stadium in the recent games and Dutta confirmed that was one of the reasons the club has decided to cut down on the entry fee. "It is true that we haven't been able to fill up the stands in the recent games. So, we have taken a decision for the AFC Cup game (against Colombo FC on Tuesday) the ticket prices for Mohun Bagan AC members will be reduced to ₹ 50 and ₹ 100 for the general public. Most of our fans come from the lower-middle class communities so it's an effort to bring people to the game," he announced. 

However, the reduced rate of tickets is only applicable for the AFC Cup game on Tuesday. 

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Earlier, Dutta had mentioned that the instalment of floodlights and bucket seats at the venue might increase the ticket costs. When reminded about the club's change of stance, Dutta reasoned, "Nothing is static. The world is about constant change. Look, most of our members want to come to the game but they might not be able to. They might find the prices higher than they would like to shell out for their own club. As I said, it is their own club and I am sure they will be able to purchase tickets of these amounts for helping the club." 

"Afterall, it is a club they support and they will be here to watch quality football, not a circus like the ISL (Indian Super League). Let's see how this decision of ours pans out," he added further while taking a pot shot at the IMG-Reliance owned ISL.