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KSI and Logan Paul to League Two? Crawley Town to scout YouTube stars at The Sidemen Charity Football Match

  • Crawley aspire to be "The Internet’s Team"
  • Willing to sign online influencers
  • Want to make additions before FA Cup clash

WHAT HAPPENED? Crawley Town are sending a scout to The Sidemen Charity Football Match this weekend, which will feature influencers (and in KSI and Paul's case, boxers) who are part of a massive digital media collective.

The Sidemen have 130 million followers on YouTube combined. Head coach Kevin Betsy, perhaps dubious of the owners' plot, emphasised that any new recruits would only play if the first-round FA Cup match was "already well in hand".

WHAT THEY SAID: "We know this is an unconventional idea, to say the least," said co-chairman Preston Johnson. "But we’ve never been shy about doing things differently, and we’re excited about partnering with The Sidemen and the opportunity to scout their charity match to potentially identify a couple of quality footballers who can join the club ahead of our first FA Cup match."

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Crawley's FA Cup first round opponents have not been drawn yet, but the tie is scheduled for the weekend of Saturday November 5. The desire to tap into social media and pop culture to promote a club is not new, with Wrexham perhaps the best example.


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WHAT NEXT FOR CRAWLEY TOWN? Betsy's men are in 20th place in League Two, so perhaps desperate measures are required. They face Doncaster on Saturday.