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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How FUT chemistry works in new game

EA Sports is leaving no stone unturned to make FIFA 23 the most exciting edition ever and it will be the final collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA after almost three decades of association.

Ultimate Team continues to be one of the major attractions in FIFA as it delivers tons of exciting content from FIFA Icons to Heroes. To make FUT 23 it more exciting EA has brought in a number of changes that will provide a more refined experience to gamers.

EA Sports revealed the FIFA Ultimate Team deep dive trailer and chemistry has been completely revamped. Previously, simply selecting players from the same league or nationality would have boosted chemistry but now you can do much more than that. GOAL takes a look at how you can make the most of the new 'chemistry' changes in FIFA 23.

What are the key chemistry changes that impact the system?

Previously in FIFA 22, each player was given a rating out of 10 on chemistry and the team's chemistry would have been calculated out of 100.

However, the overall chemistry, which is basically the combination of the individual and team chemistry, would have remained hidden. Now, this evaluation is a relic of the past as EA has reworked the chemistry calculation in FIFA 23. Let us take a look at the key changes before expanding.

  • The negative impact to attributes caused by low chemistry has been removed, which will ensure that players play with their item’s base attributes at the very least, with the addition of better chemistry. 
  • There is no such thing as squad chemistry, so the entire focus now will be on maximising the individual chemistry for each player.
  • Links within the squad are simplified, so chemistry is not dependent on the positions players play on the pitch.
  • The loyalty system does not feature any more in FIFA 23.

Building Player Chemistry

Since the overall squad chemistry has been removed, the complete focus shifts to increasing the chemistry of individual players. The players can earn up to three chemistry points per match, and they will have a score from zero to three.

Playing in a preferred position will not only help in increasing individual chemistry but also the chemistry thresholds of the club, country/region and league. Up to three additional chemistry points can be earned if you field maximum players from the same Club, Country/Region or League.


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What happens when you field a player out of position?

EA Sports suggests that you deploy the players in their preferred position as it will only gain and contribute to chemistry when they are in their preferred position. Playing them out of position will have zero value addition to chemistry and will play only at their base FUT Item Attributes. 

It can also negatively impact the chemistry of other players who share the same parameters. For example, if we deploy Kylian Mbappe in an unnatural position he will no longer contribute to an increment to the chemistry thresholds for France, PSG, and Ligue 1, and might even impact adversely by moving everyone down by one chemistry point.

Will alternative position come to the rescue?

However, to help gamers out EA Sports have included up to three alternative positions for all base players, such as bronze, silver, and gold, along with their preferred position.

Mbappe has been attributed with two other position such as LW and CF, along with his preferred position which is ST. You can now change Mbappe's preferred position using a position modifier item to one of the listed alternative positions. Once he starts playing in those alternative positions he will earn the same chemistry as his preferred position.

So alternative positions can help you out in FIFA 23!

How to change the position of a player

You will need a position modifier to change the preferred position of a player. It is a single consumable Item which helps a player change to an alternative position.

If you change a position, their previous position will still be available in the list of alternative positions, which will help you to revert in the future.

What is a Manager Bonus?

The manager is an important factor in building chemistry as he will help increase by one point, the chemistry of players in the starting XI, if they belong to the same club, country/region or league of the manager.