FIFA 18 ratings: Which Premier League stars are overrated and underrated?

With gamers now getting their hands on EA Sports' latest title, Goal takes a look at the stats handed out to some of England's top players

FIFA 18 is alive and kicking as gamers get their hands on the early editions of EA Sports' new title ahead of the worldwide release on September 29.

And as career mode and Ultimate Team campaigns get underway, there is inevitably plenty of attention paid to the ratings assigned to each team and player.

There is little controversy around Eden Hazard being named the Premier League's best-rated player, and the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Kevin De Bruyne are deservedly close behind.

But which players in England have been underrated and overrated in FIFA 18? Goal takes a look at a few players who may consider themselves hard done by or a little lucky this year.


Harry Kane Tottenham

Harry Kane

Current Rating: 86

Can't we all agree nowadays that Kane is at least in the running for the title of 'best striker in the Premier League'?

The Tottenham star remains three points behind Sergio Aguero and two behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic on FIFA 18 despite now having three 20-goal seasons in the English top flight under his belt.

Kane netted 29 goals in 30 league games last season compared to 17 in 28 for Ibrahimovic and 20 in 31 for Aguero. He deserves to have been boosted to 87 or 88.

You can make a case for Romelu Lukaku (also 86) along the same lines, too, though the Belgian is yet to play a leading role on a title contender like Kane.

Sadio Mane

Current Rating: 84

Mane, still only 25, is a special player only just hitting his prime years.

He was just shy of a one-in-two goal record last season and will surely better that this year, making his 84 rating look a touch on the low side.

The likes of Pedro and Juan Mata, both rated 84 too, are fine players, but do they have Mane's ability to break open a game in an instant with breathtaking speed and skill?

If the Senegal international's current vein of form continues, he may be in line for a boost in the mid-season ratings refresh.

Dele Alli

Current Rating: 84

Dele is not happy with his 84 rating, even if it is a two-point upgrade on his 82 in FIFA 17.

He is not the first player to protest his stats and will not be the last, but he may have a point.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Ilkay Gundogan both bagged 85 ratings and while they are incredibly accomplished players, Dele's 18 league goals in a season in which he did not turn 21 until April may not have been rewarded highly enough.

The good news for the attacking midfielder is he has the potential to rise as high as 90 in-game, so he can take matters into his own hands on career mode.

Alvaro Morata

Current Rating: 84

In EA's defence, you can understand why Morata was given an 84 rating based on his body of work prior to this season.

The Spaniard had established himself as one of the most exciting young strikers in the world but he had not quite nailed down a place in the starting lineup at Juventus or Real Madrid.

He is now showing at Chelsea, however, that he is undoubtedly ready for such a role having netted seven goals in his first seven games in the Premier League and Champions League for the Blues.

Like Mane, watch out for a mid-season upgrade.

Nemanja Matic

Current Rating: 83

Matic might not have got the credit he deserved for his role in a second title win in three seasons with Chelsea last term.

He was outshone to a certain extent by N'Golo Kante and had endured a horrible dip in form during the 2015-16 season as the Blues plummeted down the table and Jose Mourinho lost his job.

But the Serbian is undoubtedly now back to his best and looking a bargain for Manchester United.

He certainly deserves a higher rating than the 83 he shares with the likes of Yaya Toure, Morgan Schneiderlin and Idrissa Gueye.


Mesut Ozil Arsenal

Mesut Ozil

Current Rating: 88

Ozil is a class act at his best, there's no doubt about that.

But four years of the playmaker only inconsistently showing his best for Arsenal have to count for something, even for a five-time Germany player of the year.

It's absolutely true that Ozil probably could have had an easier career with much less criticism aimed in his direction had he stayed in La Liga or returned to the Bundesliga and played in a more technically proficient environment than English football.

But the fact that Arsenal do not appear to know what to do with Ozil anymore makes it hard to justify his position above David Silva and Christian Eriksen.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Current Rating: 88

Ibrahimovic will well and truly prove himself a human miracle if he returns after his 36th birthday as fighting fit as ever after a serious knee injury.

But let's not pretend there has not been a degree of decline in the Swede's game over the past year: he was excellent for Manchester United last season, but not as dominant as he had been at Paris Saint-Germain.

It does not seem to be a coincidence that United's attack has suddenly lit up, either, with a more youthful and explosive player in Lukaku leading the line.

Ibrahimovic deserves to rank well into the 80s, but two or three points higher than Kane, Lukaku and Alexandre Lacazette? That might be a little much now.

Gary Cahill

Current Rating: 84

Cahill probably gets more criticism than is deserved: you don't stick in the starting lineup for a full season under Antonio Conte without having something about you.

But at age 31, should he rank ahead of defenders such as Virgil van Dijk and Kyle Walker? Extending the comparison to other positions, is he really on the same level as Mane and Bernardo Silva?

The most surprising thing is that Cahill has actually been upgraded from where he was on FIFA 17, when he was rated 83.

Most people would have predicted it was more likely that the England international would be downgraded or, at best, stay the same rather than get a point added to his score.

Yaya Toure

Current Rating: 83

There is no doubting Toure's greatness in his prime but he is past his best at this point.

His renaissance under Pep Guardiola last season was enjoyable to watch but the Ivorian is no longer the player who strode through opposition midfields, scoring and creating goals as he pleased.

He has taken a one-point hit from FIFA 17 but with Riyad Mahrez and Roberto Firmino also hanging around at that 83 rating, Toure still seems a little high.

That he appears to have fallen out of favour once again at City does not help his case.

Nicolas Otamendi

Current Rating: 83

Sorry to pile it on, City fans.

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Otamendi has been on a steady decline on FIFA of late, starting FIFA 17 at 85 overall and now coming down to 83.

It still feels high like Toure's given that the Argentine may not be a starter when Guardiola has everyone — namely Vincent Kompany — fit and available for selection.

Down to 82, alongside other players with quality but also consistency issues such as Aaron Ramsey and Marcos Rojo, seems more appropriate.