FAM and MFL used RM2.46 million to pay teams' bad debts

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Luka Milunovic, Kuala Lumpur v Melaka, Malaysia Super League, 19 Jun 2019
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A total of 6 teams, 3 from Super League and 3 from Premier League saw a large portion of their debts being cleared through FAM and MFL.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Malaysian Football League (MFL) have made payments amounting to RM2,458,970.20 using money from the MFL broadcasting rights as well as the balance deposit in FAM to pay off debts accrued by six teams to settle salary arrears owed to players and officials of those teams.

Those six teams are Melaka, Felda United and Kuala Lumpur from the Super League while the three Premier League teams are PDRM, Pulau Pinang and Sarawak. Payments are done to individuals who have already had their respective cases decided by FAM Status Committee and FIFA (for those involving import players).

This is the second time which FAM and MFL have done so this year, having already used the same funds to help clear salary arrears back in March of 2019 to the total of RM2,517,959.40.

On the one hand, these payments will help the affected individuals to finally receive what is within their current or former employment contracts but it does not mean that the problem is completely solved.

The hope is that these affected teams will learn their lessons from this episode so that there'll be no similar cases in the future but that remains to be seen.


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