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Explained: Why Football Manager 2023 will not have a Super League scenario

When Brexit became a reality in 2016, Football Manager titles subsequently presented a number of potential scenarios to gamers, with soft and hard Brexits possible. Using artificial intelligence and chance percentages, each Football Manager game simulated a future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union that would have an effect on transfers, work permits and so on.

The prospect of a schism in European football has reared its head in recent years thanks to the concept of a breakaway Super League featuring an elite of the continent's legendary clubs.

Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez has warned that "football is sick" and a Super League is required to save it, while Barcelona president Joan Laporta declared that the elite competition would combat 'financial doping' of state-run clubs.

Will Football Manager 2023 have a Super League?

However, while Super League evangelists persist in the real world, there will be no chance of a theoretical breakaway scenario happening in Football Manager 2023.

Miles Jacobson, the studio director of the team which produces Football Manager, thinks that a Super League will happen "at some point", but licensing agreements preclude them from inserting such an outcome into their game.

"There are things that we think are going to happen in football that we would like to add in but our licences will say, 'absolutely not'," Jacobson tells GOAL.

"When it comes to Brexit and putting all the different scenarios in for that, there is no football authority saying, 'don't do that'. In fact, the results that we had were shared with people that were making the decisions on what was going to happen in real life and we've worked closely with them since on adjusting some of the rules that are in place.

"I was actually talking to someone about it just yesterday who wants to come in the office and run through a few things. That's very different to turning around and going, 'oh, all these clubs are going to leave this licensed league and then join another league'. That's not something that's going to go down well with our licensed leagues."

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Social issues in Football Manager 2023

While there will be no major ructions in European football in Football Manager 2023, the game's developers have endeavoured to address other pressing matters around football, particularly social issues.

A recent example of this is how some players will come out as gay in the game, while anti-discriminatory messages have long been prominent features.

"I think we are in a very fortunate position that we have a big voice and as long as we're able to do things respectfully, then we will continue to do those things," says Jacobson.

"Having players coming out in the game was based on conversations that I had with people who work in football who are gay, who aren't necessarily out, about how they would like it to be reflected. It was talking to people in other sports who've come out and what was seen when they did and we're able to do that in a way of: this should be normal.

"Being able to do things like that are really, really important with the game. We've had the 'Kick It Out' message since I've been at the studio, 28 years or something like that, in the game, because there's no place for racism in society, let alone in football.

"If we're able to promote things like that, then that's a very good thing, while still being respectful of countries' laws. There are some countries that, if you're playing the leagues, players won't come out because if they did, they'd be going to prison. I don't agree with those laws personally, but you have to respect other laws and cultures, whether you like them or not."

When is Football Manager 2023 released?

Football Manager 2023 is released worldwide on November 8, 2022.

It is available to play on PC/Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, tablet devices and mobile.

Early access is available two weeks before the launch for those who pre-purchase the game. Players will also receive a 20 per cent discount as a reward for buying in advance of the launch date.

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