Ittihad's Jamal Bajandouh: 'Lucas Vasquez is the best European player in this game. I want to play against him'

Ittihad's 26-year-old defensive midfielder, also a big fan of Call of Duty! Jamal Bajandouh answers Goal's questions

Goal had a brief chat with 26-year-old defensive midfielder of Al Ittihad Jamal Bajandouh during the launch of Call of Duty: Black OPS 4 in Dubai yesterday.

An important member of the Jeddah based side, Jamal Bajandouh has always been passionate about electronic games. His talent is not only limited to creativity on the pitch but is also existent in front of the small screen.

Jamal bajendouh

On how he began his football career:

"I started my career with Al Ittihad, I was just 13 years old when I joined the team. My first professional contract was with AFC Bournemouth where I spent two years before returning back home to (Al Ittihad). I feel very comfortable here especially with the public support that I have received.

"My family is obsessed with football, we were always playing with each other and my father is really a big fan. I had never thought that I'll be involved in a first team at a professional level. It’s a dream come true. 


On his favorite Saudi legends:

“Sami Al Jaber, Majed Abdallah and Hamza Idriss were all great players and have honored the Saudi game. I hope to see some players like them in the future. 

On current SPL season:

“It’s a very bad start and something which is inappropriate to our history, but I think that we are improving and we will get better.”

On experiences playing Call of Duty:

“I started playing the game with my brother when I was young. I'm passionate about the game and I think there isn’t a lot of changes in the new version except the quickness which became very high.”

His favorite character in the game:

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"Rowan is the character I would associate myself with as he has earned my attention in the game, he is aggressive which I enjoy in the game."

Who he ideally would want to compete against:

“For me, Lucas Vasquez is the best European player in this game. I want to play against him. I saw his publication (on Instagram) and I think that he is very talented.”