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As knock out stages kick in, TrueWin offers the UAE fans double dose of excitement

3:30 AM GMT 09/12/2022
To mark the second stage of the football event, the online gaming platform is running one-off promotions.

The 2022 tournament is the 22nd edition of the biggest sporting event on the planet. The tournament is already at a fever pitch, with thrilling and surprising results from the previous matches.

One of the biggest draws of the world’s greatest show is its unpredictability, with an enigmatic blend of skill, tactics and luck determining the ultimate winner. Predicting the winning team is a tough call, but it’s one you could be rewarded for making. Signing up for TrueWin, a rapidly growing online gaming platform, offers players a shot at guessing the right result to win real, instantly redeemable cash prizes.

There’s more than one way to win: Try your hand at TrueWin

Since its founding, the UAE-based online gaming business TrueWin has benefited from great support of people from all walks of life. Driven by its popularity, the platform is providing football fans with a fantastic opportunity to rapidly win big by playing football online during the Football tournament. In the Sports section, fans can win cash based on the odds they’re playing against. Perhaps even more exciting is TrueWin’s In-Play Sports section. Here, you can engage with dynamic odds and place wagers on the outcome according to the shifting tides of probability.

With a host of top teams set to delight fans in the knockouts, TrueWin is offering to double the excitement by having a reward-winning experience in a safe and secure environment in addition to participating in a spectacular choice of chance games, sports, and prediction events.

Playing games on this socially rewarding online platform is, as the brand name says, a win-win situation for its users. It is one of the most dependable and socially gratifying gaming websites in the UAE since it opens a world of opportunity with one-of-a-kind theme-based games. Both current and newly joined users can take advantage of TrueWin's thrilling limited-time promotions during the knockout stage and predict the winning of their preferred teams live on the website or app to increase their chances of winning some instant cash prizes.

What makes TrueWin special?

TrueWin’s staff includes researchers and data analysts whose job it is to carefully calculate the fairest odds on every game this tournament to ensure a fair and balanced experience for players. What’s interesting about the platform is its teams of developers and product specialists who use the data on player habits or patterns to continually evolve the offering, rolling out games that are always improving.

The platform is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the UAE’s burgeoning games industry and its simplicity of use is one of the key factors behind its early success. It’s only available for players over 18 and registration takes just a few steps. Once a player is in, they can place a single, multiple or system (combined) wager.

TrueWin’s stated mission is a simple one: to give customers the best gaming and money-winning experience in a safe and secure environment, thereby creating one of the most trustworthy and socially rewarding gaming portal in the UAE.

Click here to learn more about the platform and how you can make this World a truly memorable experience using your footballing knowhow – and a bit of luck.