Ghana's Derek Mensah sever ties with Club Africain

The former Black Satellites star has terminated his contract with the Tunisian outfit over alleged forged reports that he was having problems with his heart
Ghana midfielder Derek Mensah has terminated his contract with Tunisian outfit Club Africain.

The former Ghana Under-20 star has since returned home after he was reported to have suffered cardiac arrest during a training session with the club two weeks ago.

The ex-Tema Youth midfielder has no plans of returning to the north African country after revealing officials of the club lied about his health condition.

“It is not true I have a heart problem. I did not collapse as people were made to believe. It was a complete lie,” Mensah said to Accra-based Happy FM.

“I was having little dizziness because I did not eat the previous day. I informed the coach about it and he directed me to see the team’s doctor. Then suddenly they made a huge issue out of it by sending an ambulance to take me to the clinic.”

Mensah added: “I underwent as many as three tests and the doctor told me I had no heart problem. It was a well orchestrated plan. I did an MRI scan and the doctor did not see anything wrong with me.

“So I told them I wanted to return to Ghana to be further assessed by Ghanaian doctors. I am not going back to that country.

“As far as I’m concerned am done with the club. When the process of terminating my contract is finalised I will decide the club I will play for.”