‘I am concerned for my country’ - Lucas Moura defends Bolsonaro support

The Tottenham midfielder courted controversy by endorsing the far-right president prior to his election in 2018 and defended his decision

Tottenham midfielder Lucas Moura says concern for his country led him to support Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 Brazilian presidential election.

Lucas Moura courted controversy when he supported the far-right candidate last year’s election, which Bolsonaro won.

Many of the player’s supporters were upset over his decision, citing Bolsonaro’s negative views toward the LGBT community as well as divisive comments on race, women and violence.

However, Moura believes Brazil needed a change, claiming it was “infected by bad people” and saying the citizens of the country reached a limit.

“First, I don’t have any problem talking about any subject, since, of course, I have a minimal comprehension about that subject,” Moura told DAZN. “I am very open. Beyond being a footballer, I am a citizen.

“I made a point now because we have reached a limit, a limit for our country. Our nation doesn’t deserve everything that’s happened in these last years.

“Brazil was infected by bad people, bad things, chaos in several areas, such as education, security and health.

“The people have reached a limit, and that’s why I made my point.”