187 goals in two games in Sierra Leone? - ‘That wasn’t a football game’ - Fans react to reports

Kahunla Rangers of Sierra Leone.Kahunla Rangers.

Fans online were left wondering if 187 goals were actually scored in two Sierra Leone league matches to reportedly secure qualification in the national playoffs on Sunday.

According to reports, 91-1 and 95-0 victories were recorded by Gulf FC against Ququima Lebanon and Kahunla Rangers FC over Lumbebu United respectively in the Super 10 Eastern Region.

Both teams (Kahunla Rangers from Kenema and Gulf FC from Kono) went into the matches on 32 points each, with Gulf FC, who had a superior goal difference, seeking to finish second to qualify for the Premier League playoff for the East to Join Freetown FC.

Fans online reacted to these reports with shock and disappointment but they were not sure if the results were real.

“That wasn't a football game. Netball or basketball I would have understood,” said @frank_lataman.

“This goal margin is a new global record as it is faster than a minute per goal - 186 goals were scored in 180 minutes in two matches played Eastern Region of Sierra Leone on Sunday, July 3rd 2022,” replied @bittar32.

“What? Over 90 goals in a football game?” posed @harryelormgh as @Numiz8 wondered, “World records! My goodness!”

The incident comes just a month after South African fourth-tier sides Matiyasi FC, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers, Kotoko Happy Boys and Nsami Mighty Birds were found guilty of fixing matches after 94 goals were scored in just two matches.

In a match where Tigers and Matiyasi were fighting for the top position to gain promotion, the former won 33-1 over Happy Boys as the latter defeated Mighty Birds 59-1 and after investigations, they were found guilty of match manipulation, leading to bans.