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Á. Di María
5 - 0
K. Mbappé
4 - 0
3 - 0
K. Mbappé
L. Messi
2 - 0
K. Mbappé
Á. Di María
1 - 0

Match Stats

75% 24%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 12 1
Total Passes 761 240
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 PSG PSG PSG 38 26 8 4 90 36 +54 86 W W D D D
2 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 38 21 8 9 63 38 +25 71 W L W L W
3 Monaco ASM Monaco 38 20 9 9 65 40 +25 69 D W W W W
4 Rennes REN Rennes 38 20 6 12 82 40 +42 66 D W L W W
5 Nice NIC Nice 38 20 7 11 52 36 +16 66 W L W W W
6 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 38 17 12 9 60 43 +17 63 L W W D L
7 Lens RCL Lens 38 17 11 10 62 48 +14 62 D W W D D
8 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 38 17 11 10 66 51 +15 61 W W L W W
9 Nantes NAN Nantes 38 15 10 13 55 48 +7 55 D L W D W
10 Lille LIL Lille 38 14 13 11 48 48 0 55 D W L L W
11 Brest BRE Brest 38 13 9 16 49 57 -8 48 L L L W W
12 Reims SR Reims 38 11 13 14 43 44 -1 46 L W L W L
13 Montpellier MON Montpellier 38 12 7 19 49 61 -12 43 L L L D L
14 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 38 10 11 17 44 55 -11 41 W L W L D
15 Troyes TRO Troyes 38 9 11 18 37 53 -16 38 D L D W L
16 Lorient FCL Lorient 38 8 12 18 35 63 -28 36 D D L L L
17 Clermont CLE Clermont 38 9 9 20 38 69 -31 36 L L W L D
18 Saint-Étienne ASS Saint-Étienne 38 7 11 20 42 77 -35 32 D L L L L
19 Metz MET Metz 38 6 13 19 35 69 -34 31 L W W D L
20 Bordeaux GIR Bordeaux 38 6 13 19 52 91 -39 31 W D L L L


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UEFA Europa League
UEFA Conference League Qualifiers
Relegation Play-off


That's all for today, goodbye!
PSG have gone unbeaten at the Parc des Princes this season and finish the campaign with 86 points as they now lift the trophy. Due to St-Etienne's draw with Nantes, Metz dropped into the automatic relegation places and will be playing in the second division next season.
PSG cruise to a 5-0 victory over 10-man Metz, who are relegated to Ligue 2. After it was announced that Mbappe will still be a PSG player next season, he scored a hat-trick, opening the scoring with a quickfire double in the first half before getting his third after the break. Neymar chipped a lovely finish over Caillard between the Frenchman's last two goals. Di Maria also scored on his final appearance for the club just after Traore was sent off for his second booking.
90' + 3' SAVE! PSG are still pushing for more here as Mbappe squares it into Wijnaldum in the middle of the box. He hits a low shot towards the far post, but Caillard gets down to keep him out.
90' + 2' There's bad news for Metz, as St-Etienne have equalised against Nantes. Unless there's late drama in that game, the visitors are being relegated.
90' + 1' Into the first of five added minutes here, and Metz have a free-kick. Boulaya swings in a deep cross again, and Ramos helps it out for a corner just ahead of Mafouta.
89' Pereira takes a free-kick quickly to Messi, who tries to play a one-two with Herrera on the edge of the box. The return pass comes at him too quickly though, and he can't help it onto Kehrer down the right.
87' PSG are patiently working it out from the back again until Kehrer is picked out down the right. He tries to surge past Cande, with Messi and Mbappe waiting in the middle, but a heavy touch takes it away from him.
85' Mbappe is in behind Metz again and he has another go from a tight angle. This one is blocked by Joseph, who has stayed down for treatment in the aftermath after taking the hit to his face.
T. Kehrer
A. Hakimi
84' Hakimi is also going off, with Kehrer replacing him.
A. Letellier
K. Navas
83' Final changes for PSG now, and one of them is going to be in goal. Navas makes his way off the pitch, with Letellier, who is also leaving the club, coming on for his first appearance this season.
81' Pereira is still being given a lot of space in midfield, and he picks out Messi on the edge of the box this time. Three Metz defenders swarm towards him though, and he's quickly dispossessed.
G. Wijnaldum
79' And Wijnaldum is also brought on in place of Neymar.
I. Gueye
M. Verratti
79' Double change for PSG now. Verratti is the first to make way, with Gueye coming on for him.
77' Di Maria has played in his 295th and last game for PSG in all competitions. The Argentinian has scored 92 goals and delivered 112 assists in that time.
Ander Herrera
Á. Di María
75' Di Maria's number goes up, and he takes his time acknowledging the home fans before going off to a guard of honour from his team-mates. He's emotional as he comes off, with Herrera replacing him.
73' After receiving his booking, Neymar gets involved in another argument with Mbengue. The substitute goes down after Neymar accidentally stands on his foot, but the second booking that Metz are asking for doesn't come.
Yellow Card
72' Neymar wasn't happy with the challenge on him by Mbengue. He reacts angrily and is booked for dissent.
L. Mafouta
D. Lamkel Zé
71' And Lamkel Ze also makes way, with Mafouta replacing him.
L. Joseph
F. Boulaya
71' Substitution Farid Boulaya Lenny Joseph
69' Metz are dropping deeper into their own half now and they're happy to let PSG keep it in front of them. The hosts are knocking it around comfortably, and they're in no hurry to push upfield again just yet.
Á. Di María
67' DI MARIA SCORES! Messi chests down Mbappe's pass before volleying a shot on goal, and he's unlucky to see it bounce back off the post. Di Maria is alive in the box though and he takes it around Niakate before squeezing it past Caillard and into the bottom right corner. It's an emotional one for the Argentinian on his last PSG appearance. 5-0 PSG!
65' Messi and Neymar work it out of a tight spot on the edge of the D before it's laid off to Di Maria. None of the Metz defenders close him down so he curls a shot towards goal, but it's straight at Caillard.
63' Metz have a free-kick in midfield and Boulaya swings a good delivery towards the far post. Lamkel Ze is the closest to it, but Marquinhos just gets there ahead of him to clear the danger.
61' OFF THE POST! Neymar squeezes it between the Metz defenders to pick out Mbappe on the left of the box. He dummies a shot, sending Caillard the wrong way, but then hits his strike against the near post.
60' Hakimi just caught Cande in the back of the head during an aerial challenge, and he's stayed down. The referee stops the game, but he can carry on without needing treatment.
58' METZ ARE DOWN TO 10! Things are going from bad to worse for the visitors here! It's a late challenge from Traore on Neymar, with the midfielder catching him on the shin with his studs. He was booked in the first half, so he's shown a second yellow before being sent down the tunnel.
A. Mbengue
W. Mikelbrencis
56' And Mikelbrencis is also making way, with Mbengue replacing him.
S. Niakaté
J. Kana-Biyik
56' While Kimpembe is still receiving treatment, Metz are making a double change. Kana-Biyik is the first to go off, with Niakate coming on for him.
54' There was a coming together between Kimpembe and Mikelbrencia, with the PSG defender taking a heavy hit to the face. He's down receiving treatment, but he'll be okay to carry on.
52' SAVE! Messi slides it through to Mbappe and his first-time shot is smothered by Caillard at his near post. The ball comes back to him, so he squares it to Neymar, who sees his low effort blocked by Bronn on the line.
K. Mbappé
50' HAT-TRICK! Mbappe actually gives the ball away to Sarr when he cuts inside from the left, but puts the pressure on Kouyate, which forces him into a mistake inside his own box. The Frenchman makes him pay, as he takes it around Caillard and slots in his third of the game. 4-0 PSG!
49' PSG have picked up where they left off in the first half, and Metz just can't get on the ball. Hakimi makes a good run down the right this time, but there's no one in the middle for him to pick out with a cross.
47' CHANCE! Di Maria goes for the big switch out to Neymar down the left, and he unselfishly tees up Mbappe. His first-time shot is blocked by Bronn and the rebound loops up to Messi. He goes for a bicycle kick, but it bounces well wide.
46' Metz get us back underway for the second half!
PSG are on course to become the only team in Ligue 1 to finish their season unbeaten at home and Pochettino will be hoping for more of the same after the break. As for Metz, they remain in the play-off place due to St-Etienne also losing their game. They had some bright moments, but it looks unlikely that they'll be able to turn this one around.
PSG are cruising with a 3-0 lead over Metz at half-time. The visitors were actually the brighter side at the start of the half, with Cande seeing a shot well saved by Navas early on. Two goals in four minutes from Mbappe stunned them though as he slotted into an empty net before squeezing in an effort at the near post. Neymar then made it 3-0 when he lifted a lovely chip over Caillard just three minutes later.
45' Metz are making a push for a late goal at the end of the first half. Boulaya is bundled over by Ramos before he can cross it into the box, and Traore cannot do anything with the rebound.
43' CHANCE! Neymar is being closed down by Bronn, but he manages to lift it over the defender just in time to pick out Mbappe. He takes the shot first time, but fires it wide of the far post.
41' PSG are still dominating possession here and Metz just cannot get close to them. Neymar finds some space down the left, but there is no-one in the middle to get on the end of his cross.
39' SAVE! Boulaya plays Lamkel Ze in down the left of the box and after wrong-footing Ramos, he tries to catch out Navas at his near post. The keeper makes a good save with his legs, though, just before a belated offside flag goes up.
37' Mbappe peels off the back of Kana-Biyik and Di Maria tries to pick him out again. Cande reads the danger well, though, and slides in to intercept the pass.
35' Neymar plays a brilliant long ball over the top and Kimpembe does well to keep it in play at the byline. He tries to lift it into Mbappe in the middle, but he is blocked off by Mikelbrencis.
33' Metz are trying to find a way back into this game, but Lamkel Ze has no support up with him. He tries to hold it up against Kimpembe, but before long, PSG are back in possession.
31' NEYMAR SCORES! It's another good throughball by Messi into the box and Di Maria is one-on-one with the keeper until Kouyate makes a great sliding challenge to stop him. However, the ball rolls straight to Neymar, who lifts a lovely chip over Caillard and into the far bottom corner. 3-0 PSG!
30' Metz just cannot get a touch of the ball at the moment as PSG continue to keep them under pressure. Messi slides it through to Neymar this time, but he cannot sort his feet out quickly enough to get a shot away.
L. Messi
28' Messi spins away from Pajot in midfield before cutting open Metz's defence with his throughball.
K. Mbappé
28' MBAPPE SCORES AGAIN! And just like that, it's 2-0! This time, it is Messi that slides the ball into the box as Mbappe peels off the back of Bronn down the left of the box. The angle is tight, but he manages to squeeze his shot past Caillard and in at the near post.
27' There is some good news for Metz despite just conceding that goal. St-Etienne have gone behind against Nantes, which means that they are still in the relegation play-off place as things stand.
Á. Di María
25' None of the Metz players are closing Di Maria down and he has the chance to get his head up to spot the space in front of Mbappe.
K. Mbappé
25' MBAPPE SCORES! Di Maria slides a wonderful throughball into him, and he times his run perfectly to stay onside. Caillard rushes off his line as Mbappe brings it into the box, but the France international coolly takes it around him before slotting into the empty net. 1-0 PSG!
23' GOOD SAVE! Di Maria plays a one-two with Verratti on the right of the box before curling a low shot across goal, which is pushed away by Caillard. Mbappe latches onto the rebound, but his effort is blocked on the line by Kouyate.
B. Traoré
Yellow Card
23' Di Maria was away from Traore, but the midfielder chased him down to tug him back, which earns him the first booking of the game.
21' Mbappe cuts inside from the left, but his shot from a tight angle is blocked by Bronn. It bounces back out to Neymar on the edge of the area, but he sends his curling shot wide of the far post.
19' CLOSE! Di Maria's shot is blocked by Kana-Biyik on the edge of the box, but Messi reacts quicker than Traore to latch onto the loose ball. He skips away from two Metz defenders before placing a low shot just wide of the near post.
17' All of the pressure is coming from Metz at the moment, and Traore slides it through to Pajot. The space opens up for him through the middle, so he has a go from range, but he sends it high over the bar.
15' GOOD SAVE! Again, Lamkel Ze surges down the right and this time, he lifts a great cross to the far post. It is just out of Marquinhos' reach on the stretch, but Cande turns it towards goal and Navas helps it onto the post.
14' Boulaya wrongfoots Marquinhos with a couple of stepovers before fizzing a dangerous cross into the middle of the box. Sarr hits it first time, but ends up blazing it over the crossbar.
12' Lamkel Ze makes another darting run into the box, but he has got Ramos for company this time. The defender forces him wide, and a heavy touch takes the ball out of play before his team-mates can get up in support.
10' Mikelbrencis' clever flick to Sarr takes Kimpembe out of the game, and he sprints down the right asking for the return pass. It is played instead to Payot, who then sloppily puts the ball out of play.
8' PSG are keeping Metz penned back deep in their own half here as they patiently work it out from the back. Kimpembe spots Neymar in space on the edge of the area, but sells him short and the visitors come away with it.
6' Metz's good spell of possession is cut out well by Pereira and he sets Di Maria off down the right. He tries to thread it through for Mbappe on the edge of the box, but Kouyate slides in to intercept it.
4' Di Maria skips away from Cande down the right and the space opens up for him on the edge of the box. He cannot get any power behind the shot, though, and it is straight down the middle at Caillard.
2' Mikelbrencis goes long to Lamkel Ze down the right and he does well to keep it in play before looping a high cross to the edge of the box. Pajotswings a leg at it, but completely misses the ball and ends up kicking Hakimi instead.
1' Mbappe gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch, with kick-off just moments away!
PSG have won their last 11 Ligue 1 games against Metz, since a 0-0 draw away from home in August 2007. Indeed, at home, PSG haven't lost any of their last 14 league matches against them (W11 D3).
Frederic Antonetti makes just two changes from the win over Angers last Saturday, bringing in Kana-Biyik and Pajot. Niakate starts on the bench, while Nicolas de Preville is suspended.
Mauricio Pochettino makes five changes to the side that beat Montpellier last time out. Kimpembe and Neymar both return from suspensions, with Navas, Hakimi and Pereira also coming in. Mbappe also starts after it was announced that he will be staying at PSG next season. Bernat, Kehrer, Wijnaldum and Herrera all drop to the bench.
METZ SUBS: Amadou Salif Mbengue, Lenny Joseph, Sikou Niakate, Ibrahima Niane, Opa Nguette, Louis Mafouta, Lenny Lacroix, Alexandre Oukidja, Danley Jean Jacques.
METZ STARTING XI (5-3-2): Marc-Aurele Caillard; William Mikelbrencis, Dylan Bronn, Boubakar Kouyate, Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik; Fali Cande; Vincent Pajot, Boubacar Traore, Pape Sarr; Farid Boulaya, Didier Lamkel Ze.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Xavi Simons, Georginio Wijnaldum, Idrissa Gueye, Juan Bernat, Nuno Mendes, Alexandre Letellier, Ander Herrera, Thilo Kehrer, Edouard Michut.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Keylor Navas; Presnel Kimpembe, Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos; Achraf Hakimi, Marco Verratti, Danilo Pereira, Angel Di Maria; Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe; Neymar.
PSG will pick up their league title at the end of this game, and they're looking to finish their season on a high. They're unbeaten in their last eight outings (W5 D3), ending a run of three draws with a comfortable 4-0 win over Montpellier last time out. Metz's fate is in their own hands as they look to avoid automatic relegation. They're level on points with St-Etienne, with a superior goal difference, so matching their result will see them enter the play-off. They're unbeaten in their last three (W2 D1) but are winless in their last seven away games in Ligue 1 (D3 L4).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and Metz at the Parc des Princes!