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İ. Gündoğan
Yellow Card
Rúben Dias
Yellow Card
Yellow Card
R. Sterling
Yellow Card
P. Foden
R. Sterling
0 - 1

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40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 0 11
Total Passes 465 679
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Manchester City MCI Manchester City 6 5 1 0 13 1 +12 16 W D W W W
2 Porto POR Porto 6 4 1 1 10 3 +7 13 W D W W W
3 Olympiakos Piraeus OLY Olympiakos Piraeus 6 1 0 5 2 10 -8 3 L L L L L
4 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 6 1 0 5 2 13 -11 3 L W L L L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


For Olympiacos now, their return to domestic action this weekend isn't an easy task; they'll have a table-topping trip to fellow joint-league leaders Aris. City meanwhile welcome Burnley in the Premier League as they look to get back to winning ways. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a good week!
It was far from flashy - indeed, it could be argued that the Sterling-Foden combination for that lone score was the only truly brilliant moment up front from City - but it gave them the room to simply hold for much of the game. They will have no complaints with that performance.
It's Phil Foden's fine first-half finish that proves the difference on the scoreboard - and it is mission accomplished for Manchester City who secure their place in the knockout stages of the Champions League in robust fashion against Olympiacos! Pep Guardiola makes it eight consecutive seasons for the Blues in the latter stages of Europe's top tournament. At full-time, it finishes Olympiacos 0-1 Manchester City.
90' + 3' It looks like that remarkable unbeaten record when Phil Foden is on the scoresheet will continue for City here at the very least. A minute stands between them and the last 16.
90' + 2' Again, Cisse is up but is flagged for a foul as he tries to bring a deep cross to ground. City will take as long as they want with this free-kick.
90' + 1' Cisse nudges a header over the crossbar now as Olympiacos push up the right wing and spear a cross in. Where has this version of Pedro Martins' side been today?!
90' There's going to be four added minutes here.
88' Fortounis! At last a shot for Olympiacos and a close one too, as the striker rattles an effort just wide of the right post from outside the box. It's the most alive the Greek outfit have looked.
T. Doyle
İ. Gündoğan
86' As if to prevent any further issues, Gundogan makes way for Tommy Doyle, on for his Champions League debut.
İ. Gündoğan
Yellow Card
86' Gündogan makes a lazy pull on a Olympiacos shirt in midfield and is given a booking for his foul.
84' Indeed, City are looking a little bit nervous. They feel in control - they are in control on the scoreboard - but this, even with only a handful of minutes left - feels oddly tighter than it has at any other point. They'd love a second to steady the ship.
82' There's actually a bit of a frisson of tension that is rippling though this one right now. Soudani is flagged for offside after a break that takes him into the City box. One mistake could see this win slip from the visitors, as unlikely as it seems.
80' If I was Ederson, I'd be tempted to have a nap. The goalkeeper has come under fire in fits and starts over the past year, but there can be no doubting his performance today - if only because there hasn't really been a performance to mention.
H. Soudani
G. Masouras
78' Olympiacos too make a swap, with Soudani on for Masouras.
S. Agüero
Gabriel Jesus
78' And, in perhaps the biggest swap of the night, Sergio Aguero is on, as he continues his return from injury, replacing Jesus.
O. Zinchenko
B. Mendy
78' There's more City changes now too, with Mendy replaced by Zinchenko.
76' Fernandinho is meanwhile introduced by the visitors for Rodri.
R. Mahrez
R. Sterling
76' City make a double change now as Mahrez replaces Sterling.
75' Jesus ghosts pass a wonderful cross tipped past an empty net as Sa misreads a City attack. That should have been 2-0.
73' When was the last time a side registered no shots at all in a Champions League group match? City have nearly two-dozen, and Olympiacos have none. It's been a very odd performance.
A. Bouchalakis
Pêpê Rodrigues
71' The hosts have made a second change now, with Bouchalakis on for Pepe.
71' Now Foden heads another Cancelo cross wide of the left post, this one closer to the mark.
70' Cancelo spears a deep cross seeking Foden out wide on the left flank but the youngster can't find a smart route back into the box on this occasion and is forced to play it back.
68' Olympiacos have reverted to first-half type here and are simply content to sit on the lip of their box. They don't really seem to have the sharp quality to cut through the midfield too, so this may be playing to their strengths.
66' I'm not too sure what Silva was trying there, but whatever it was - off a Sterling touch - it's not gone into the net. The City man could have been more clinical, close to the six-yard box as he was there.
M. Vrousai
M. Dräger
66' Olympiacos have blinked first now in terms of substitutes, with Drager making way for Vrousai.
64' VAR is belatedly checking a possible call against Semedo on Jesus for a penalty, but none is forthcoming. Cancelo meanwhile rifles another effort in, straight to Sa's boots despite the considerable power behind it.
63' Some may be idly wondering if we will see Sergio Aguero come off the bench ahead of this weekend's clash with Burnley, but the Argentine remains tightly bundled up in his seat. He has been a phenomenal servant for this club.
61' Cancelo! A shot skitters off the right-back's boot, snaking its way through a crowded box. Sa reads the bounce and seizes it neatly.
59' This City high-press has been relentless, and Mendy catches an attempted counter out again to turn the tables on Olympiacos' defence. His cutback finds Sterling, who makes a poor connection, sparing the hosts a second concession.
57' I wonder how many Manchester City fans truly think their side will be in Istanbul next year for the final? Their domestic difficulties across the first few weeks of the season have suggested that they are not in the best shape right now, but they're stacked with such talent that expectation surely has them among the frontrunners.
55' Jesus accidentally pulls a golden Cancelo chance off-target after wandering in-front of it, and duly sees himself flagged for offside.
Rúben Dias
Yellow Card
54' Dias gets a yellow card to his name after, rather stupidly, running into the Olympiacos man trying to take a throw-in. There might be more to it than that - the contact didn't look too heavy - but the referee is unmoved by the City player's pleas.
52' Foden pushes a teasing cross into the 18-yard area now and Ba makes a hasty clearance. After than initial flush, Olympiacos are firmly back on the rear foot, trapped in their final third as Mendy skews a follow-up wide.
50' Gundogan! The City man blazes wide following some terrible defensive play from Olympiacos, smashing a free ball around the wrong side of the right post. He should have done better there.
50' Jesus misses Sterling in support following a tidy break and smacks a shot straight to Sa from a two-on-one situation, to the England man's frustration.
48' Better work from the hosts off the bat here, with Pepe and Rafinha looking to carve out an opportunity before Cancelo cuts the ball away from them. Olympiacos look to have decided that attack will be the best form of defence for now.
46' We're back underway for the second half at Karaiskakis Stadium. Can Olympiacos find a response here or will it be plain sailing into the knockout stages for City from here?
Pedro Martins needs to work out how he can pierce this City side without stretching his own fragility out into a potentially gaping defensive wound. He has a bit on his plate.
A superbly executed Phil Foden finish is the difference on the scoreboard - but this has been a game led, controlled and dominated by Manchester City from start to break so far. The visitors are well ahead in mind and matter in this Champions League tie - and as it stands, are booking their group stage place as we speak. Olympiacos have their work cut out; at the break, it's Olympiacos 0-1 Manchester City.
45' + 2' The corner is turned away by Olympiacos and Foden can't wrestle a subsequent throughball back before it runs dead.
45' + 1' Sa makes another cracking stop to slap Sterling's eventual free-kick over the top-left corner of the crossbar. We're into the first of two added minutes here.
45' Ba chops down Mendy with a lazy tackle on the very lip of the 18-yard area now, but there appears to be some disgruntlement between players once more. Tempers are fraying between Camara and Stones, and the referee tells them to knock it off.
43' Olympiacos have sat deep but now it seems like City are finding their way into the box with a well-oiled ease. Sa makes a grandstanding dive to block a shot whistled in off the left flank once again by Sterling. The goalkeeper has had his work cut out.
41' City slap a free-kick in from out deep on the right wing now and Sa rises to snap it up in a crowded box.
Yellow Card
39' Rafinha is very unhappy with that but he can have no complaints. Sterling perhaps should have been booked for the messy, ragged challenge in the first place so nor can he.
R. Sterling
Yellow Card
39' A tackle from Sterling on Cisse looks to have gone down like a lead balloon with Rafinha and the two are busy chelping at each other. The referee won't stand for it and duly books both players for it.
38' That is just the ticket that Manchester City have been looking for! They've taken their time and found the goal that puts them firmly on the driving seat. Olympiacos will surely have to switch things up from this defence-minded approach now.
R. Sterling
36' Superb vision from Sterling there and a lovely touch to drift it back for Foden. Pep Guardiola is chuffed with that on the sidelines.
P. Foden
36' GOAL! PHIL FODEN FINDS THE BREAKTHROUGH FOR MANCHESTER CITY! 1-0! Finally the pressure tells and the visitors get themselves in front. It's a lovely piece of play, with Jesus feeding Sterling into the left edge of the box, whereupon the England man clips a backheel to his teammate who fires straight past Sa from close-range. City lead with less than 10 to the break.
34' Here's an idea of this game on the numbers so far. City have had nine shots, with four on target and 70 per cent of the ball. Olympiacos are yet to have a crack at goal.
32' Cancelo is released with a lovely one-two into the Olympiacos box and Sa makes a clean take as his square cross arcs towards a lurking Foden. The keeper hasn't been outrageously tested yet but is holding steady so far.
30' Play is good to continue with no changes and Olympiacos complete the impressive feat of spawning a swift counter-attack and then promptly run the ball all the way back to the box.
28' The ball is tipped in and Foden gets nearest - but Rafinha manages to help outmuscle the attacker and sees it out for a goal-kick. Play comes to a halt a moment later after Silva goes down following an accidental collision, holding his face following a shoulder impact.
26' This could be a promising set-piece chance for City now. Jesus is brought down from a Ba touch and the attacker makes a ballet-esque leap to hit the turf. It's about 25 yards or so out, centre of the field.
24' Talk about City's small haul domestically doesn't tell the full story about the fact they've been more comfortable in Europe to date this term. They have nine goals to their name and have conceded just one.
22' Having been relentless in terms of field possession so far, City have allowed this game to drift back to midfield. It's easy to see what they're trying to do; tempt that Olympiacos back-line away from the box and allow the wings to exploit them again.
20' As this game settles into a midfield rut, are Pep Guardiola's achievements at City - the 100-point season, the domestic clean sweep - diluted by his perpetual failure in Europe? You could argue that his new contact suggests he thinks so. He desperately wants this crown again.
18' Remember when I said this could be tantalising? It's only going to be on the merit of when Olympiacos concede their first. Their formation is just inviting Mendy, Foden, Cancelo and more to ping rapid-fire balls into their box like an overzealous squad of table-tennis players.
16' When Phil Foden has scored, City have never lost a competitive game, on nearly a dozen-and-a-half such occasions. That could bode well. Ba concedes a corner after tripping over air, weirdly enough now, and Semedo clears Gundogan's set-piece delivery.
15' City play it short, catching Drager out, and then loop it in. Jesus makes a soft connection and Olympiacos are able to clear their lines - before Foden returns fire and skews a low finish past the right post.
13' The pitfalls of such however are still readily apparent - that City can be exposed on their high line by a long-ball counter. Olympiacos are flagged for offside as they attempt such now and then Ba has to backpedal to put a Sterling touch out for a corner.
12' This could be a very beneficial gameplan for the Blues. They have built a reputation for patient, pass-heavy buildups and a deep-lying opposition could allow them to work a few moves out.
10' It's quick play all the way from City and Jesus nudges a Silva cross to Sa now, slipping his two defensive markers. Traffic has been one-way for the visitors, but Olympiacos are seemingly content to sit deep and defend.
9' There's been a few challenges around the Olympiacos box that have left City's forwards, Sterling in particular, particularly disgruntled. Foden now carves a strong path in, wrestling possession from Pepe, and loosening a low finish to Sa.
7' Mendy is helping to give City some early width here that has the air of something more potent about it. The visitors are winning the individual duels with a touch of ease so far.
5' As these two sides feel each other out early on, some quick food for thought; City have been struggling for goals in the Premier League this term, while Olympiacos have notched up some impressive domestic clean sheets of their own. This could be tantalising.
3' Rodri rifles the first effort of the game towards goal, lashing a low effort from a defensive header towards Sa, who handles the shot well.
1' Following the now-customary knee in support of Black Lives Matter, we are underway in this Champions League clash between Olympiacos and Manchester City!
The sides are set to emerge for the Champions League anthem, but there will also be a minute's silence ahead of kick-off following the devastating news of Diego Mardona's passing early today in his native Argentina.
City will take heart from Olympiacos' relatively poor record against English opposition today. The Greek outfit have only beaten such a side once in their last eight encounters, against Arsenal in February's Europa League encounter.
Subs: Sergio Aguero, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Zack Steffen, Aymeric Laporte, Ferran Torres, Fernandinho, Riyad Mahrez, Scott Carson, Eric Garcia, Felix Nmecha, Tommy Doyle, Cole Palmer.
MANCHESTER CITY (4-3-3): Ederson; Joao Cancelo, John Stones, Ruben Dias, Benjamin Mendy; Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Ilkay Gundogan; Phil Foden, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling.
Subs: Hillal Soudani, Andreas Bouchalakis, Ruben Vinagre, Thanasis Androutsos, Marios Vrousai, Avraam Papadopoulos, Ilias Karargyris, Nikitas Nikolis, Fotios Kitsos, Angelos Tsavos, Konstantinos Tzolakis, Vasilis Sourlis.
OLYMPIACOS (3-4-1-2): Jose Sa; Ruben Semedo, Ousseynou Ba, Pape Abou Cisse; Mohamed Drager, Mady Camara, Yann M'Vila, Rafinha; Pepe; Kostas Fortounis, Giorgos Masouras.
There's a double blow for Guardiola today though, with arguably his most devastating playmaker Kevin De Bruyne missing in action, with stalwart defender Kyle Walker also absent too. Joao Cancelo gets the nod at the back, in a defensive line-up also without Nathan Ake.
Pedro Martins led his hosts to a domestic double last term, but they have struggled to translate such success onto the continental stage this time around. Though they won their first group stage game against Marseille, defeats to Porto and City since have left them lying third - and knowing that a win will be essential to keeping their prospects looking moderately rosy.
It's been three wins from three games so far for Pep Guardiola's visitors today, and with the club joint-favourites with holders Bayern Munich to take Europe's top crown this season, their form suggests they are well on their way towards that goal. The Spaniard has never tasted that success with his current club before, and he is desperate to correct that outlier in his record book.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League as Premier League heavyweights Manchester City look to seal their spot in the knockout stages against Greek outfit Olympiacos at Karaiskakis Stadium in Group C.