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J. Matip
Roberto Firmino
Ayoze Pérez
J. Murphy
J. Milner
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
S. Mané
Roberto Firmino
2 - 0
Mohamed Salah
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
1 - 0

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70% 29%
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Shots On Target 3 2
Total Passes 772 315
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It's another three well-deserved, and much-needed, points for Liverpool, who never really looked like leaving with anything but a win today. They were quite comfortably the better of the two sides throughout, and despite some decent defending from Newcastle, the Magpies really struggled to create anything inside the final third of the pitch. It's something Benitez really needs to sort out, and quickly.
90' + 3' Huge decision by the referee! Once again, Salah sprints through the Newcastle defence and looks set to go one-on-one with Dubravka. He gets onto the end of a lofted pass and heads towards the box, where he seems to be bundled over by Lascelles. The Liverpool players and fans all scream for a free-kick and a red card, but the referee isn't entirely convinced and allows play to go on.
90' + 2' A lofted pass is fired over the top of the Newcastle back line and towards the onrushing Salah, who charges towards the penalty area but can't quite latch onto the ball ahead of Dubravka, who sprints out to deal with the danger.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
89' Salah showcases lovely skill over on the right channel before poking a pass into the path of Lallana, but the attacking midfielder can't quite get onto the ball inside the box and has it blasted away at the last possible moment.
J. Matip
Roberto Firmino
88' Matip has come on to replace Firmino in Liverpool's third and final alteration.
86' Salah is presented with a really good opportunity to burst towards the Newcastle box after latching onto a loose ball in the middle of the pitch, but he can't quite guide it through to Firmino and loses out to great interception by Atsu.
Ayoze Pérez
J. Murphy
84' Newcastle have made their final substitution, with Murphy making way for Perez.
83' Hayden is brought down by Henderson, resulting in a free-kick for Newcastle in a decent position over on the right wing. The ball is blasted into the box and deflects out to Joselu, who quickly shoots but has his thumping strike blocked. Some of the Newcastle players scream for a penalty, but the referee isn't convinced and waves play on.
81' A lofted pass is fired deep into the Newcastle half of the pitch and deflects down to Firmino. The Brazilian can't guide his strike past Lascelles but knocks it back to Henderson, whose shot is sent a few yards wide of the near post and behind for a corner.
J. Milner
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
79' Milner has come on to take the place of Oxlade-Chamberlain in Liverpool's second switch.
78' Chance for Hayden! Kenedy storms towards the Liverpool penalty area and fires a deflected shot behind for a corner. The set-piece is swung into the middle of the box and picks out Hayden, who does well to latch onto the ball but sends a headed effort a few yards wide of the far post.
76' Lallana quickly gets involved in the action as he bursts into the left-hand side of the Newcastle box. He then fizzes a dangerous pass across the face of goal, which Salah darts towards but can't quite reach before the linesman's flag is raised.
A. Lallana
S. Mané
74' Meanwhile, Lallana has come on to take the place of Mane, who receives a rousing round of applause as he makes way.
I. Hayden
Mikel Merino
73' Newcastle have made another alteration, with Merino making way for Hayden in midfield.
72' Kenedy, who has struggled to find much joy in forward areas, gets himself into a good position over on the left wing and swings a deep cross over to the far post. He manages to pick out Yedlin, who nods the ball down to Joselu but can't quite guide it into the feet of the Spaniard.
71' Salah makes a quick run through the Newcastle back line as he tries to latch onto a curling pass from Mane, but Dummett is just about able to get a foot on the ball ahead of the Egyptian to stop him going one-on-one with Dubravka.
69' Joselu picks up possession midway inside the Liverpool half of the pitch and tries to burst into the box, but his first touch is a poor one and the ball immediately gets away from him.
67' Alexander-Arnold links up well with Oxlade-Chamberlain before crossing, but Kenedy is there to knock the ball behind for a corner. Salah's corner is a good one and causes problems for Newcastle, who are just about able to clear the danger after a few nervy moments.
D. Gayle
66' Newcastle have made a much-needed attacking substitution, with Joselu coming on to replace Gayle.
65' Diame bursts forward and tries to get himself into a good position inside the home side's half of the pitch, but he's bullied off the ball and, despite his pleas, fails to win his side a free-kick.
63' Alexander-Arnold, who has impressed over on the right wing, gets himself into a good position out wide and swings a cross into the heart of the penalty area, where Salah tries to latch onto it ahead of Dubravka but can't quite get the better of the big goalkeeper.
61' Newcastle are trying their best to push forward, but they're struggling to find much joy inside the Liverpool half of the pitch. It's been a difficult evening for the Magpies, who are on course to suffer another potentially costly defeat.
59' Murphy accelerates down the left wing and gets himself into a good position after beating Lovren for pace, but his low cross into the penalty area is a poor one and can only find the hands of Karius.
57' Newcastle, who are going to have to be a bit more daring now if they're to get back into the game, try to push forward through Yedlin over on the right flank, but a lofted pass can't quite find the American and the home side are easily able to hold on.
Roberto Firmino
55' Liverpool had started the second half in slightly sloppy fashion, but they were at their fluid best there. Firmino linked up really nicely with Mane and put the ball on a plate for the Senegal international.
S. Mané
55' GOAL! It's 2-0! Liverpool string together a lovely series of passes in the middle of the pitch as they finally burst into life. Mane sprints into the box and latches onto a clever ball from Firmino, setting him up to beat Dubravka with a side-footed finish.
53' A rare Newcastle attacking move over on the left wing results in a free-kick for the visitors. They fail to make it count, though, as the looping cross is easily collected by Karius before it can pick out Lascelles.
52' Liverpool scream for a penalty, but nothing is given! A loose ball falls to Salah and sets up the Egyptian to shoot from just inside the box. His strike is closed down and blocked by what appears to be the arm of Lascelles, but the referee waves away the Liverpool players' pleas and allows play to go on.
50' Salah is dispossessed out wide and Newcastle are presented with an opportunity to break forward, but Kenedy can't make it count and instead sends a heavy touch into the feet of Henderson.
48' An attempteed Newcastle attacking move fails to come to anything and allows Liverpool to counter-attack, but Salah can't quite get the better of Dummett and the defender pokes the ball behind for a corner that's dealt with by Gayle.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Liverpool were far from their best for most of the first half, but they arguably deserve to lead thanks to a well-worked goal finished off by in-form Salah. Newcastle sat deep and defended impressively, but they were carved apart by a marauding Oxlade-Chamberlain run and let Salah slip into the box. It'll be interesting to see how their tactical approach changes now that they need to find the back of the net themselves.
45' + 2' The first corner quickly results in a second, which is whipped into the heart of the penalty area and easily cleared by Lovren before a Newcastle player can get a head on the ball.
45' + 1' What a save by Karius! Gayle picks up the ball inside the Liverpool box and knocks it back to Merino. The Spaniard then sets up Diame to shoot, and the midfielder's looping effort is brilliantly stopped by Karius, who palms it behind for a corner.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
44' Mane and Robertson link up nicely over on the left wing after good play by Salah just outside of the Newcastle penalty area. The full-back then swings a cross into the box, but it's completely overhit and fails to find a team-mate.
42' Liverpool quickly win the ball back from the restart and push forward through Firmino, who heads down the left flank and pokes a pass back to Mane. The Senegal international quickly shoots, but his first-time effort is slightly mishit and sails behind for a goal-kick.
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
40' That was a really impressive run from Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has largely performed well in the centre of the pitch so far. Liverpool have struggled to find space today but the midfielder did well to carve out some of his own.
Mohamed Salah
40' GOAL! Liverpool have taken the lead! It's taken them 40 minutes, but the Reds have finally found a way in front. Oxlade-Chamberlain bursts forward and heads towards the box on an excellent run before setting up Salah, who sends a lovely shot through the legs of Dubravka and into the back of the net.
38' Henderson and Salah link up well before the latter is barged into by Lejeune, who gives away a free-kick 30 yards away from goal. Oxlade-Chamberlain's cross is a good one and the ball pinballs around dangerously, but nobody is able to unleash a shot before Kenedy eventually clears the danger.
36' A lovely lofted pass is fired deep down the left flank and manages to pick out Robertson in a decent position, but the full-back can't quite control the ball and a heavy header sends it bouncing behind for a goal-kick.
34' Nervy moments for Dubravka! The goalkeeper charges out and tries to punch another corner away from danger, but he completely misses the ball. Luckily for him, there are no red shirts there to meet it in front of goal.
33' Can picks up the ball in the middle of the pitch and quickly sends a clever pass over to Salah, who then forces Dummett into poking the ball behind for a corner. Once again the set-piece is a well-organised one, but Diame is there at the near post to deny Firmino a chance on goal.
32' Merino sends a clever lofted pass into the Liverpool box and over to Gayle. The striker brings it down well over on the left-hand side, spins round Alexander-Arnold and shoots, but the angle is far too tight and he can't hit the target.
30' Newcastle string together a decent series of quick passes deep inside the Liverpool half of the pitch and set up Gayle to shoot, but the striker fails to test Karius with his 20-yard effort and sends it over the top of the crossbar.
28' And now Salah goes close! Can skips away from his marker and quickly works the ball over to Firmino. The Brazilian then sets up Salah inside the box, but the Egyptian hesitates slightly and is dispossessed by Lejeune before he can get a shot away.
27' Two great chances for Lovren! Alexander-Arnold does well out wide on the right once again, and he wins his side a corner with a chipped cross. The set-piece is curled over to the far post and finds Lovren, who unleashes two bullet headers in quick succession but loses out to Merino on both occasions.
25' Liverpool are continuing to comfortably dominate possession but are struggling to do much with it. Bar a half-decent chance for Salah, it's been a relatively disappointing start to the game by the home side.
23' Merino is caught from behind by Firmino, and Newcastle are awarded a free-kick 35 yards away from goal. For some reason, Lejeune decides to shoot, and, unsurprisingly, his audacious strike is easily stopped by Karius.
22' Can is left in a pocket of space in the middle of the pitch and quickly curls a cross into the heart of the Newcastle penalty area, where Salah rushes towards the ball but is easily beaten to it by Dubravka.
20' Alexander-Arnold gets himself into a good position out wide, where he crosses but has to settle for a throw-in after it's blocked by Kenedy. Liverpool are then forced into working the ball over to the left flank, where Robertson is put under pressure and has to send a pass back to the halfway line.
18' Salah is brought down by Merino midway inside the Newcastle half of the pitch, resulting in a free-kick for the home side in a promising position. Alexander-Arnold steps up and whips a cross into the box, where Can gets his head on the ball but can't hit the target with his looping effort.
16' Great strike by Salah! The Egyptian beats the two Newcastle centre-backs and skips into the left-hand side of the visitors' penalty area. He then unleashes a rocket of a shot, but Dubravka is equal to it.
15' After spending the opening quarter of an hour on the back foot, Newcastle are able to push forward on their first attack of the afternoon. Yedlin gets himself into a good position and fires a cross into the box, but it's poorly hit and easily collected by Karius at the near post.
13' It just isn't quite working for Liverpool, who are yet to find any sort of rhythm inside the Newcastle half of the pitch. Once again they decide to go long after being frustrated, but Salah can't control the ball over on the right wing and knocks it out for a throw-in.
11' Vital block by Dummett! A bouncing cross is fired into the heart of the Newcastle penalty area and picks out Salah, who immediately unleashes a fierce half-volley that Dummett does well to close down and block.
9' After struggling to find a way through the visitors' back line, Liverpool try to catch their opponents out with a lofted pass forward. It's fired into the box by Henderson, but Dubravka is there to collect the ball ahead of the onrushing Mane.
7' Firmino cuts onto his right foot after linking up well with Salah. He then tries to back-heel a pass to Can, but he slightly mistimes it and Diame can pick up possession for Newcastle.
5' What a chance for Mane! A curling cross from Alexander-Arnold finds Mane completely unmarked inside the penalty area. He seems to be surprised by Lascelles' inability to get to the ball ahead of him, and the Senegalese is dispossessed before he can spin and shoot.
3' After a patient start to the game from the home side, Alexander-Arnold fires a pass down the right flank and into the path of Firmino. He can't quite find the forward, however, as his pass sails out for a throw-in.
1' We're off! Newcastle get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric, with both sets of fans in fine voice!
Meanwhile, Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez has made three alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Ritchie, Perez and the injured Jonjo Shelvey making way for Atsu, Merino and Murphy.
Jurgen Klopp has decided to make two changes to the Liverpool side that beat West Ham last weekend, with Lovren and Henderson coming into the starting line-up to replace Matip and Milner, respectively.
Newcastle United substitutes: Karl Darlow, Javi Manquillo, Ciaran Clark, Isaac Hayden, Matt Ritchie, Ayoze Perez, Joselu.
Newcastle United XI (4-4-1-1): Martin Dubravka; DeAndre Yedlin, Jamaal Lascelles, Florian Lejeune, Paul Dummett; Christian Atsu, Mikel Merino, Mohamed Diame, Kenedy; Jacob Murphy; Dwight Gayle.
Liverpool substitutes: Simon Mignolet, Alberto Moreno, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip, James Milner, Adam Lallana, Dominic Solanke.
Liverpool XI (4-3-3): Loris Karius; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Dejan Lovren, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, Emre Can; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up today…
Liverpool are undoubtedly the favourites to leave victorious, but they found it tough against Newcastle when the two sides met at St. James’ Park back in October. It was Philippe Coutinho, now at Barcelona, who scored for the Reds that day, but they had to settle for a point after Joselu quickly cancelled out the Brazilian’s opener. It means Liverpool are without a win against the Magpies since April 2015.
Despite finding themselves on a decent run, Newcastle desperately need to start turning draws into wins if they’re to have any hope of avoiding relegation. They really should have left with all three points against Bournemouth last weekend but collapsed late on, allowing the Cherries to overturn a 2-0 deficit. They thoroughly impressed in the win against Manchester United, though, and will be aiming for a similar performance here.
Newcastle remain in a precarious position inside the bottom half of the table, with just two points separating them and the dreaded relegation zone. They’ve started picking up points in recent weeks, however, and find themselves on their longest Premier League unbeaten run since May 2016. Rafa Benitez has never lost in five meetings against his former club, but it will require a mammoth effort from the Magpies if they’re to come away with anything today.
On just one occasion have Liverpool been beaten in front of their own fans since the end of last season, and in the league they remain unbeaten at Anfield this campaign. They’ve bagged themselves a whopping 17 goals from their last five Premier League outings, and it looks set to be another positive day for the Reds as they try to get the better of a club legend.
Things couldn’t be much better for Liverpool, who, after a slight stumble against Swansea in January, have four wins from their last five Premier League games. West Ham United were the latest team to be swept aside by Jurgen Klopp’s in-form men, who will be aiming to continue that good run of form as they attempt to temporarily move above Manchester United - who play on Monday - and into second place.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Premier League game between Liverpool and Newcastle United at Anfield.