Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Live Commentary, 31/08/2019

1 - 0
J. Ayew (73)
Selhurst Park


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So, Palace have their first home win of the season and go into the international break in fourth place with back-to-back wins. Villa will be disappointed with the result today, especially after the last decision went against them, but Smith will want to put this behind them for when they face West Ham in two weeks time. 
Ayew's second-half goal secures a 1-0 victory for Crystal Palace over Aston Villa. The away side went down to 10 men after half-time when Trezeguet received his second yellow card of the game and Palace capitalised on their man advantage. A quick break set up the goal and Ayew, with help from a deflection off Grealish, curled his effort past Heaton and into the back of the net. In the last minutes of stoppage time, Lansbury thought he'd equalised for Villa, only to find out the referee had already blown his whistle when he judged Grealish had dived. 
J. Grealish
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
90' + 6' Grealish is shown a yellow card for diving. The Villa captain is not happy with the referee's decision to disallow the goal though and he is making his feelings known. 
90' + 6' LANSBURY HAS THE BALL IN THE BACK OF THE NET! Grealish goes down under a challenge from Cahill on the edge of the box but plays in Lansbury on his way down. The substitute fires his shot first time into the goal but the referee's whistle had already blown. 
90' + 5' BENTEKE COMES CLOSE! Zaha wins the ball back for Palace and quickly breaks down the field and passes it onto Benteke. He takes a touch to set himself before trying to curl the effort in at the far post, but it's just wide. 
90' + 4' Villa are starting to look desperate now in their haste to get into Palace's box. Their passing is getting sloppy but they're not ready to give up the chance to draw the game yet.
90' + 2' Villa are pushing as many players forward as they can now as they look for a late equaliser to earn a point. They're keeping the ball well but just can't seem to find a way past Palace.
90' Milivojevic is able to carry on and he's just got the signal from the referee to say he can come back onto the pitch to rejoin play. 
88' Milivojevic is currently down for Palace after being caught on his foot accidentally by Davis. He's receiving some treatment at the minute, and it's unclear if he'll be able to carry on for the final few minutes or not yet. 
C. Benteke
J. Ayew
Crystal Palace
86' Hodgson makes his final change of the game as well and it's Benteke that's coming on in place of the goal scorer, Ayew. 
H. Lansbury
Aston Villa
85' Final roll of the dice for Villa now as Smith brings on Lansbury in place of Wesley. 
A. Townsend
J. Schlupp
Crystal Palace
84' Second change for Palace now and it's Townsend that's coming on to replace Schlupp. 
83' Schlupp is causing Villa a lot of problems down the left at the minute as he weaves his way into the box. Just before he can get his cross in though, Taylor gets across to block it. 
81' Villa are passing the ball around with more pace than before as they start to push higher up the field. McGinn puts a really deep cross into the box from the right, but Sakho does enough to stop Wesley from reaching it. 
M. Sakho
M. Kelly
Crystal Palace
79' That is the end of Kelly's game and he goes straight down the tunnel after going off. Sakho comes on to replace him and gets a warm reception from the fans. 
78' Kelly has now gone down in the middle of the field and is receiving treatment on the muscle injury. It doesn't look good for the defender though as Hodgson starts getting a substitution ready. 
77' Kelly has just pulled up very abruptly and it looks like he pulled a muscle in his attempt to reach the ball. He looks like he's going to carry on for now though as Villa have their first corner of the game. 
75' Villa were starting to look more dangerous as they pressed forward in search of a goal but are now sitting very deep in their own half at the minute as they try to close down the space ahead of Palace. 
J. Ayew
Crystal Palace
73' AYEW PUTS PALACE AHEAD! It's a very quick break for Palace and Schlupp picks out Ayew's run into the box. The forward looks like he was going to cross it, but a deflection off Grealish takes it back into his path and he curls his effort past Heaton and into the bottom right corner. 1-0 Palace!
C. Kouyaté
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
71' Kouyate receives a yellow card for a late challenge on Grealish. 
C. Hourihane
Douglas Luiz
Aston Villa
71' Smith makes another change now as he brings on Hourihane in place of Luiz. 
70' GREAT CHANCE FOR AYEW! He gets the ball on the left wing and makes a good run back infield before curling a fast shot towards the top corner of the goal. Heaton was beaten on the stretch, but it's just too high. 
69' Villa have a rare chance to get in on goal. Wesley holds up the ball brilliantly before picking out Grealish on the right wing. The captain puts his cross into a good area in the box, but Guaita reaches out a hand to stop Davis from reaching it. 
67' Zaha does brilliantly to weave his way through Villa's defence as he tries to make some space for himself. He hits his shot against McArthur, who chips the ball up before attempting the bicycle kick but he can only send it wide. 
65' Once again, Villa don't clear their lines properly from a corner and the ball falls to Van Aanholt on the edge of the box again. He lets it bounce before firing his shot on goal, but Grealish recovers well to block it. 
63' Van Aanholt finds himself in some space on the edge of the box and takes the shot first time when McArthur plays it into him. He curls his effort around the defender but it's a comfortable save for Heaton. 
61' Davis is trying to close down Palace high up the field, but he can't get close to them at the minute. Even if he could, there's nobody up with him in support. 
K. Davis
Jota Peleteiro
Aston Villa
59' The first change of the game is made by Smith as he brings on Davis, who scored on Tuesday against Crewe, to replace Jota. 
L. Milivojević
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
58' Milivojevic is the first Palace player to be booked after catching Grealish with a late challenge. 
58' BRILLIANT SAVE BY HEATON! Milivojevic is left unmarked on the edge of the box and he curls a wonderful shot towards the top corner. Heaton is quickly across his line to get a hand to the shot and palm it away. 
56' Palace are getting a lot of joy down that right side and McArthur once again fizzes a brilliant cross into the six-yard box. Mings reaches it first and fires the ball out of play for a corner. 
Yellow 2nd/RC
Aston Villa
54' TREZEGUET IS OFF! It's a very late challenge from the forward as he blocks off Zaha's run down the right wing. It's a bad decision from someone on a booking and the referee is quickly across to show him his second yellow and then the red. Villa down to 10!
52' GOOD CHANCE FOR KOUYATE! He's left one-on-one with Mings when he's played in by Ayew and he takes the shot first time from the right of the box. There's a lot of power on the shot, but he can't keep it down. 
50' Zaha touches the ball into Ayew's path and the forward then fires a cross back into the middle of the box on the turn. None of his team-mates have made a supporting run though and the chance goes to waste. 
48' Palace break quickly upfield and Ward is in a good position high on the right. He whips a good cross into the box to pick out Kouyate, who can only direct his header wide of the far post. 
47' Villa have a free-kick in a good position at the start of the second half and Trezeguet is standing over it. He curls his effort over the wall, but can't get it back down again and it sails over the crossbar.
46' Palace get the game back underway for the second half!
It's a familiar situation for Palace to be in at half-time, having failed to score in three of their last four games. Hodgson will be pleased with the number of good chances his side created in the first half, but they need to improve their finishing if they want to win this game. As for Villa, if they can start the second half how they did the first and keep up that intensity, then they could cause Palace some real problems in the final third. 
Palace looked threatening in the first half, but go into half-time level with Villa at 0-0. It was the away side that started the quickest, with Wesley having a chance saved in the first minute. After that though, Palace dominated. McArthur sent his close-range shot over the crossbar before Heaton made two great saves from Milivojevic's free-kick and Kouyate's header from a corner to keep the sides level. 
45' Villa have looked very shaky when they've had to defend set-pieces against Palace. Milivojevic swings yet another free-kick into the box and the away side just don't clear their lines quick enough.
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
44' The yellow card is out again and this time it's shown to Trezeguet who catches McArthur with a late, high challenge. 
42' ANOTHER GREAT SAVE! The corner for Palace is fired into the far post where Kouyate rises highest to get on the end of it. He bounces his header down and Heaton stays on his line to push the effort over his crossbar.
41' GOOD SAVE BY HEATON! Milivojevic takes a free-kick for Palace on the edge of the box and opts to go low with his shot. Heaton goes down early to make the save but sticks out a hand to push the shot out for a corner.
F. Guilbert
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
40' Guilbert is the latest Villa player to be shown a yellow card after clipping Schlupp from behind.
38' Trezeguet is the furthest player forward for Villa and he decides to have a go from the edge of the box. His shot is a wild one though and it loops up into the air and wide of the target. 
37' Zaha and McArthur are linking up brilliantly down the right side and this time it's Zaha that whips a cross into the box. He's looking for Schlupp at the far post, but Engels gets there first to put it out of play. 
N. Taylor
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
35' Taylor receives a yellow card after taking out Zaha from behind with a late tackle.
33' Schlupp spots Milivojevic's run into a lot of space ahead of him on the left and tries to pick him out with a throughball. As soon as the captain takes his first touch though, the offside flag goes up. 
31' Villa are trying to find a foothold in the game again after all their early pressure at the start of the game. They're trying to move upfield with pace but just can't find a way past Palace at the minute. 
29' McArthur pulls away from his defender on the right wing once again and he fizzes a brilliant ball across the face of goal. None of his team-mates have made a run into the six-yard box to get on the end of it though.
27' Milivojevic once again swings a good cross into the box from a free-kick on the left and Villa fail to clear their lines. It lands to Schlupp on the edge of the box and hits it well, but a deflection off Luiz takes the power off it and Heaton saves it. 
25' KOUYATE COMES CLOSE! Palace have a free-kick on the left wing and it's a good cross into the box from Milivojevic. He picks out Kouyate, who rises highest at the far post, but he can only direct his header over the crossbar.
24' Palace seem to have found their rhythm now and are passing the ball around with a bit more confidence that before. All of their possession is in midfield at the minute though as they try to break through Villa's defence. 
22' GREAT CHANCE FOR MCARTHUR! Schlupp gets the better of his defender and fires a low cross into the box to pick out McArthur. He's being closed down quickly so takes the shot first time, but can only fire it over the crossbar.
21' Jota has drifted infield to get onto the ball and has the chance to run at Kelly. He lines up a shot but is closed down by the defender and dispossessed before he can hit it. 
19' Zaha's frustration is already starting to show with his lack of time on the ball since the start of the game. He's just dispossessed Luiz and thought he was in on goal, only to have play pulled back for a Villa free-kick. 
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
17' Luiz picks up the first yellow card of the game after catching Kouyate with a late challenge. 
16' Luiz gets his head up and switches play with a brilliant ball to the right wing. McGinn brings it down but there are a lot of shouts from the crowd that he used his hand, but the referee doesn't give anything. 
14' Palace are starting to close down Villa higher up the field than before but are still leaving a lot of gaps in their midfield which their opponents are getting into to cause problems. 
12' Van Aanholt pulls away from his defender and puts a good cross into the box from the byline. McArthur reaches it and taps it onto Schlupp, who fires the shot towards goal from the edge of the box, but Engels makes a good block to deny him. 
10' Palace have a free-kick on the left wing and Milivojevic swings the ball into a good area in the box. He can't find a team-mate but they almost get another chance due to Mings' poor clearance but Taylor reaches it first.
8' Palace have struggled to get on the ball so far in the game. Whenever they do win possession back, they have been giving it back to Villa with sloppy passes.
6' It's Luiz that's standing over the free-kick for Villa just outside the box. He curls his effort high over the wall but can't get it back down again and it sails high over the crossbar.
5' Villa have made a bright start to the game and have caught Palace out a few times with their long passes up the field. This time it's Trezeguet that brings it down before he's caught by McArthur to win a free-kick. 
3' Wesley gets on the end of another long ball into the box and nods it out to McGinn who is coming inside from the right. The midfielder fires a cross in and a deflection sends it straight into Guaita's gloves.
1' A long ball upfield for Villa gives Wesley his first chance of the game. He knocks it down to Jota and when it's passed back to him, he has a shot. There's no pace on it though and it's an easy save for Guaita.
1' Wesley gets the game underway for Villa!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away. 
Palace lost against Sheffield United on matchday two - only once in their previous 10 Premier League campaigns have they lost their first two fixtures against newly-promoted sides in a season (2017-18).
Dean Smith has also named the same side that won last time out in the league, with Wesley leading the line once again. Despite scoring the second goal in that victory, El Ghazi has to settle for a place on the bench from the start. 
Roy Hodgson was clearly impressed with his team's performance last weekend as he names an unchanged side to the one that beat Manchester United. They have the added boost of Sakho back on the bench. 
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Jed Steer, Conor Hourihane, Henri Lansbury, Anwar El Ghazi, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Ahmed El Mohamady, Keinan Davis. 
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Tom Heaton; Frederic Guilbert, Bjorn Engels, Tyrone Mings, Neil Taylor; John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Jack Grealish; Jota, Wesley, Trezeguet.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Wayne Hennessey, Andros Townsend, Christian Benteke, James McCarthy, Max Meyer, Victor Camarasa, Mamadou Sakho.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-4-2): Vicente Guaita; Joel Ward, Martin Kelly, Gary Cahill, Patrick van Aanholt; James McArthur, Cheikhou Kouyate, Luka Milivojevic, Jeffrey Schlupp; Jordan Ayew, Wilfried Zaha.
Palace picked up their first league win of the campaign last weekend, beating Manchester United 2-1 away from home, but were then knocked out of the EFL Cup on penalties after drawing 0-0 with Colchester in normal time on Tuesday. Villa also got their first victory since their promotion to the Premier League when they beat Everton 2-0 before following it up with a thumping 6-1 win over Crewe Alexandra in the EFL Cup.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Crystal Palace and Aston Villa at Selhurst Park!