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90' + 4'
M. Batshuayi
Marcos Alonso
1 - 2
E. Hazard
1 - 1
A. Griezmann
Yellow Card
T. Partey
Yellow Card
A. Griezmann
Penalty Goal
1 - 0

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 499 500
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Roma ROM Roma 6 3 2 1 9 6 +3 11 W L W D W
2 Chelsea CHE Chelsea 6 3 2 1 16 8 +8 11 D W L D W
3 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 6 1 4 1 5 4 +1 7 D W D D L
4 Qarabağ QAR Qarabağ 6 0 2 4 2 14 -12 2 L L D D L


8th Finals
UEFA Europa League


Well, well, well... The game was winding down and it looked as if the two sides were content to leave with a point apiece, but Chelsea clearly had other ideas. With the final attack of the evening, they were able to find the back of the net one last time to propel themselves right to top of Group C, putting them in pole position ahead of their clash against Roma next time out.
Marcos Alonso
90' + 4' That was really well done by Alonso, who played a clever one-two with Willian before putting the ball on a plate for Batshuayi. Atletico looked as if they were going to leave with a point, but they've been torn apart at the final possible moment!
M. Batshuayi
90' + 4' GOAL! Yes, they can! Chelsea win with the final kick of the game! The free-kick is sent short and worked over to Alonso on the right-hand side of the hosts' box. The Spaniard then fizzes a great pass across the face of goal and towards Batshuayi, who easily manages to beat Oblak with a first-time strike from close range. Antonio Conte is going absolutely wild on the sideline, and it's no wonder why!
90' + 3' Luiz is bundled over by Koke, resulting in one final free-kick for Chelsea. This should be the last chance of the game, but will they be able to make it count?
90' + 1' Gimenez manages to carve out a pocket of space for himself just outside of the Chelsea penalty area and does well to get a shot away, but it's slightly overhit by the defender and sails a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
89' Great defending by Cahill! Griezmann looks set to penentrate the Chelsea penalty area after doing well to pick up the ball just outside of the box, but Cahill is there to dispossess the Frenchman with a well-timed tackle at the vital moment.
88' Gimenez gets himself into a good position deep down the right flank and whips a corss into the penalty area. It manages to pick out Torres at the near post, but the striker can't make decent contact with the ball and sends his scuffed volleyed effort well wide of the goal.
A. Christensen
86' Chelsea have made a defensive substitution, with Fabregas making way for Andreas Christensen. It looks as if Luiz is going to move into midfield, allowing the Dane to slot into the back line.
85' Torres goes down inside the box, but nothing is given! Torres manages to find a pocket of space just inside the penalty area as he tries to get a shot away. He seems to get clipped from behind by Bakayoko, but the referee isn't interested in the striker's half-hearted pleas for a penalty and waves play on.
84' Chelsea are sitting slightly deeper now, and it looks as if they'd be relatively happy leaving with a draw. Atletico are pushing hard as they try to find a way back in front, but they're struggling to find a way through the sea of black shirts camped in front of them.
E. Hazard
82' Meanwhile, Willian has come on to take the place of Hazard.
M. Batshuayi
82' Jeers and boos ring around the stadium as former Real Madrid striker Morata is replaced by Michy Batshuayi.
80' Cahill barges Griezmann to the ground, leaving the referee with no choice but to award Atletico a free-kick in a dangerous position over on the right flank. Griezmann steps up and curls a cross into the middle of the box, but Kante is there to latch onto the ball.
79' Koke picks up the ball midway inside the Chelsea half of the pitch and immediately lifts a chipped pass into the visitors' penalty area. Griezmann rushes towards the ball, but he can't get the better of Luiz and the Brazilian defender comes out on top.
J. Giménez
T. Partey
77' Atletico have made their third and final substitution, with Jose Gimenez coming on to take the place of Thomas.
76' Bakayoko loses the ball in the middle of the pitch, and this time it's Atletico who are able to counter-attack quickly. Torres darts deep into the Chelsea half and then shoots from 25 yards out, but his strike is underhit and easily dealt with by Courtois.
74' Huge opportunity for Morata! An attempted cross from Koke fails to find its way past Alonso, allowing Chelsea to counter-attack quickly. Hazard immediately sets up Morata to burst into the Atletico box and shoot, but he ends up poking his effort agonisingly wide of the far post.
72' Kante goes close! Another dangerous cross in from Hazard over on the left wing isn't dealt with by the Atletico defenders and allows Kante to get a shot away from the edge of the box, but, under pressure, the Frenchman can't quite hit the target with his low strike.
N. Gaitán
Á. Correa
71' Atletico have made another switch, with Correa making way for Nicolas Gaitan.
70' A chipped pass is launched up towards the edge of the Chelsea box and manages to pick out Griezmann. The Frenchman rises high and quickly nods the ball down to Correa, who tries to latch onto the ball but can't do so ahead of Cahill.
Fernando Torres
Y. Carrasco
69' Atletico have made their first substitution of the evening, with Carrasco making way for former Chelsea player Fernando Torres.
68' A Chelsea attacking move breaks down and allows Atletico to counter quickly. They initially manage to do so thanks to good play by Correa, but the Argentine is eventually bullied off the ball by Bakayoko and loses out to the French midfielder.
66' Chance for Godin! The cross in from the resulting corner is a wonderful one and picks out Godin in front of goal, but the centre-back is immediately penalised from climbing all over Cahill as he tried to reach the ball.
65' Correa darts into space deep down the right flank before firing a low cross towards the near post, where Griezmann tries to latch onto the ball but is beaten to it at the vital moment by Luiz.
63' Hazard embarks on an excellent run as he weaves his way towards the edge of the Atletico box, where he's clumsily fouled by Saul and wins a free-kick for Chelsea in a very dangerous position. Fabregas steps up and curls a cross into the middle of the box, but it's easily dealt with by Godin.
61' What a chance for Fabregas to make it 2-1! Atletico aren't able to clear the danger from inside their own penalty area, allowing Hazard to poke a pass across the face of goal. It manages to find Fabregas a few yards out, but, somehow, he can't sort his feet out in time and sends a scuffed shot wide of the far post.
E. Hazard
59' That was a perfectly placed cross from Hazard, who wasn't closed down quickly enough out wide. Atletico have defended really well tonight but they were slightly static then.
59' GOAL! Chelsea have equalised! The visitors move the ball around patiently as they try to find a way through the stubborn Atletico defence. Hazard eventually cuts in from the left wing and whips a brilliant cross into the middle of the penalty area, where Morata beats Oblak with an excellent glancing header.
57' A lofted pass is fired up towards the Atletico penalty area and manages to find Morata on the edge of the box. The striker does well to meet it in the air, but he can't guide his header towards goal and sends the ball bouncing behind for a goal-kick that, unsurprisingly, Oblak takes his time with.
56' Chelsea come back once again after Atletico aren't able to fully clear the danger. Moses manages to carve out a pocket of space for himself and shoots from 20 yards out, but he ends up dragging his low strike slightly wide of the far post.
55' The resulting Chelsea free-kick is chipped into the heart of the Atletico box, where it finds Cahil. The defender's downward header bounces around dangerously before eventually falling to Hazard, who quickly shoots from the edge of the penalty area but can't guide his quick shot through the sea of red and white shirts camped in front of him.
A. Griezmann
Yellow Card
54' Griezmann becomes the latest player to receive a yellow card after catching Hazard with a cynical sliding challenge from behind, leaving the referee with no choice but to book the Frenchman.
52' Chelsea have started the second half well and are managing to cause problems for the Atletico defence. This time it's Azpilicueta who charges forward before firing an excellent cross over to the far post, where Morata tries to latch onto the ball but can't quite get a head on it.
50' Cahill muscles his way through a sea of red and white shirts before poking a hopeful pass through to Morata, who rushes towards the ball but can't quite get the better of Lucas and loses out to the defender inside the penalty area.
49' A clumsy challenge from Cahill over on the right flank gifts Atletico with an opportunity to launch the ball into the Chelsea box. Koke does so and manages to pick out Saul, who rises high but can't hit the target with his headed effort.
48' No, they can't. Fabregas' cross into the heart of the Atletico penalty area is a good one but, not for the first time this evening, Saul is there to comfortably head the ball away from danger.
T. Partey
Yellow Card
47' Thomas tangles with Morata as he smashes into the Spaniard from behind, resulting in a yellow card for the midfielder and a free-kick for Chelsea 30 yards away from goal. Can they make it count?
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Chelsea have dominated possession and did well to cause problems for the Atletico back line on several occasions, but it's the home side who head into the half-time break with a one-goal lead thanks to a moment of madness from Luiz. The Brazilian was all over Lucas as he battled with the defender inside the box, leaving the referee with no choice but to point to the spot. The Blues are going to have to up the tempo if they're to find a way back into the game after the break.
45' + 1' What a miss by Saul! Atletico move the ball around brilliantly as they embark on one final attack before the half-time break. Koke manages to get a shot away from 25 yards out that Courtois can only push out to Saul, who quickly shoots but drags his first-time strike just wide of the near post. He really should have buried that!
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
44' Space opens up for Griezmann, who uses it well as he bombs down the right wing. He then tries to pick out Carrasco with a deep cross over to the far post, but it's slightly overhit by the Frenchman and fails to find his team-mate inside the box.
43' Once again, Atletico aren't able to fully deal with a Chelsea corner. The ball bounces around dangerously before Gary Cahill manages to get a shot away, but it deflects off Thomas Partey's outstretched leg and loops over the top of the crossbar.
42' Alonso goes close! Chelsea win themselves a free-kick over on the right wing that's curled into a dangerous position by Fabregas. The Atletico defence can only clear the ball as far as Alonso, who quickly shoots but can only win his side a corner after his thumping strike is deflected wide of the goal.
A. Griezmann
Penalty Goal
40' GOAL! Griezmann steps up and coolly slots an excellent strike past Courtois and into the back of the net to give Atletico the lead.
David Luiz
Yellow Card
39' PENALTY! Carrasco twists and turns as he weaves his way towards the Chelsea box, and he's eventually able to unleash a thumping shot that deflects behind for a corner. Koke steps up and curls a cross towards the near post, where Luiz pushes Lucas to the floor and gives away a penalty.
38' Griezmann wins the ball back for Atletico in the middle of the pitch and sets up Correa to tee up Carrasco over on the left flank. It looks as if the Belgian is going to be able to meet the pass, but Azpilicueta dives in front of the winger to stop him from doing so.
37' Huge chance for Griezmann to open the scoring! Juanfran cuts inside from the right wing and fizzes a great pass towards the near post. Griezmann launches his body towards the ball, but under pressure from both Luiz and Courtois he can't quite get a shot away from close range.
35' The visitors keep pushing forward and are able to win themselves a corner over on the left wing. It's sent short but fails to result in a chance to cross, as Atletico continue to defend impressively to frustrate their opponents.
33' Chelsea patiently work the ball around as they try to find an opening deep inside the Atletico half of the pitch. Luiz eventually launches a lofted pass into the home side's box, but Juanfran is there to get a head on the ball ahead of Morata.
31' Hazard is clipped over on the left flank, resulting in a free-kick for Chelsea in a dangerous area. It's curled in by Fabregas and heads towards Luiz, but Saul is able to clear the danger before the Brazilian defender can get a head on the ball.
29' Correa does well to get himself into a good position deep down the right wing before playing a quick one-two with Juanfran, but Alonso manages to track the run of the Argentine and is able to dispossess him before he can swing a cross into the box.
27' Fabregas storms through the middle of the pitch before setting up Hazard to get a shot away from the edge of the Atletico penalty area, but the Belgian's strike is slightly underhit and easily stopped by Oblak in the middle of the goal.
25' Excellent opportunity for Morata! A beautiful lofted pass from Luiz is fired over the top of the Atletico back line and straight onto the head of Morata, who pulls off a bullet header that Oblak does well to tip over the top of the crossbar with a smart save.
23' Morata puts Godin under pressure over on the left flank after a determined Atletico attack fails to come to anything, but the centre-back is just about able to get the better of the striker before blasting the ball all the way back to Oblak.
21' Sloppy defending from Godin and Lucas Hernandez almost results in Kante managing to poke a pass over to Morata inside the hosts' penalty area, but the Atletico defence are just about able to reorganise and deal with the danger before Luis is fouled by a high boot from Kante as they battle for the ball.
19' Marcos Alonso catches Correa with a mistimed challenge deep down the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Atletico in a very promising position. Griezmann steps up and unleashes a cross-cum-shot, but it's poorly hit by the Frenchman and sails well wide of the far post.
17' Tiemoue Bakayoko does well to win back possession for Chelsea before kick-starting a quick counter-attack through Hazard. The Belgian manages to reach the Atletico box and then tees up Morata, who, with his back to goal, is brought down by Godin but doesn't win a free-kick for the visitors.
15' Angel Correa cuts inside from the left flank after good play from Koke and Antoine Griezmann in the middle of the pitch, but the Argentine is quickly closed down by a group of black shirts and fails to find a way into the Chelsea penalty area.
13' Hazard hits the post! The Belgian twists and turns as he weaves his way towards the Atletico box. He then unleashes an absolutely excellent strike, and it's one that curls onto the near post after leaving Jan Oblak completely rooted to the spot.
12' Moses is given a few things to think about as he's pressed just outside of the Chelsea penalty area, but he does well to keep Koke at bay before working the ball back to Thibaut Courtois without too many problems.
10' Koke makes a clever run down the left flank as he tries to latch onto a pass forward from Yannick Carrasco, but he can't get the better of Cesar Azpilicueta and it's the Chelsea defender who comfortably comes out on top.
8' Another opportunity for Morata! Once again, Hazard links up brilliantly with the former Real Madrid striker and sets him up to shoot. He shrugs off Godin and manages to get a shot away, but it fails to find the target and rolls wide of the goal.
7' Space opens up for Cesc Fabregas over on the left wing, allowing him to burst forward and towards the box. He then cuts inside and works the ball over to Hazard, who dances his way into the penalty area and fires a thumping shot into the side-netting.
5' Early chance for Alvaro Morata! Eden Hazard picks up the ball in the middle of the pitch and immediately breaks forward on a determined run. He heads towards the home side's penalty area before setting up Morata, who quickly shoots but sends his low strike several yards wide of the far post.
4' A poor pass from David Luiz can only find a red and white shirt and allows Atletico to counter-attack quickly. Filipe Luis and Yannick Carrasco link up well deep down the left flank before the latter tries to beat Victor Moses, but he can't get the better of the Nigerian and loses out just outside of the penalty area.
2' The home side immediately burst forward on a quick attack through Saul Niguez, who wins them a corner over on the right wing. It's swung into the box and towards Diego Godin, who rises high but can't quite get a head on the ball in front of goal.
1' We're off! Atletico get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has made five alterations to the team that featured in their last Champions League outing, with Andreas Christensen, Davide Zappacosta, Willian, Pedro and Michy Batshuayi making way for David Luiz, Victor Moses, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Eden Hazard and Alvaro Morata.
Diego Simeone has decided to make three changes to the Atletico side that started the draw against Roma two weeks ago, with Lucas Hernandez, Yannick Carrasco and Angel Correa coming into the starting line-up to replace Stefan Savic, Gabi and Luciano Vietto, respectively.
Chelsea substitutes: Caballero, Rudiger, Christensen, Zappacosta, Willian, Pedro, Batshuayi.
Chelsea XI (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill; Moses, Kante, Bakayoko, Alonso; Fabregas, Hazard; Morata.
Atletico Madrid substitutes: Moya, Gimenez, Savic, Gabi, Gaitan, Vietto, Torres.
Atletico Madrid XI (4-4-2): Oblak; Juanfran, Godin, Lucas, Luis; Koke, Thomas, Saul, Carrasco; Griezmann, Correa.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this this evening…
This is the first time the two sides have met since 2014, when Atletico got the better of Chelsea over two legs on their way to the Champions League final. So far, all of Atletico’s wins have come away from home, with the English side managing to hold off their opponents on each of their two trips to Madrid. They’ve only managed to beat Los Rojiblancos on one previous occasion, however, and not since October 2009.
This evening’s game is a totally different proposition, however, and it’s one that could cause Chelsea plenty of problems if they’re not careful. The contest could be won or lost out wide, where Atletico will be looking to take advantage of the attack-minded nature of the Blues’ wing-backs as they try to hit their opponents on the counter-attack. It’s certainly going to be a fascinating battle between two great managers.
Chelsea also find themselves heading into the game in impressive form, as they managed to bounce back from a defeat against Burnley on the opening weekend of the Premier League with four victories from their last five outings. They were easily able to get the better of Qarabag in their first Champions League outing, with the Azerbaijani minnows leaving Stamford Bridge badly bruised after shipping six goals.
Tonight’s clash brings together the two favourites to advance from Group C come December, and it’s a contest that both will be desperate to win. Atletico were held to a goalless draw by Roma at the Stadio Olimpico two weeks ago but are in great form domestically, with each of the last three league games ending in victories for the in-form Rojiblancos, who haven’t tasted defeat since the start of May.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Champions League group stage game between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano.