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'Chasing greatness is scary as hell!' - USMNT and Everton legend Tim Howard on his legacy, Sir Alex Ferguson and his upcoming U.S. Hall of Fame induction

Throughout his career, Tim Howard must have always felt the weight of expectations. At home, he was next up in a long line of legends, placed into shoes that were almost impossible to fill. Abroad, he was playing in environments that don't care where you're from or what you've done, just how you play.

Somehow, though, the American defied each and every expectation thrust upon him. He achieved things that none could have imagined. And, now, he'll have a title to prove it: Hall of Famer.

Not that he needed it, really. Howard's impact remains unquestionable. He has the years, the moments, the statistics, the memories.... Howard's legacy is secure.

So, when he gets his big Hall of Fame moment on May 4, it'll be another accolade for a superstar who earned plenty of them. This one, though, will be special. It solidifies what everyone already knew: that Howard is right there with any American who has ever played this sport.

"Chasing greatness, having a Hall of Fame career, it's scary as hell," Howard told reporters. "There are a lot of lows. There's a lot of low moments. If someone were to ask me if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't want to do it over! I know how hard it was and I wouldn't really want to have to make those sacrifices over again.

"I think I'd tell my younger self that if you work hard enough, and I truly mean work hard enough, and you're willing to sacrifice nearly everything in your life to be great, then things will turn out okay."

Ahead of his Hall of Fame induction, Howard spoke to reporters about his experiences, his legacy and his upcoming big moment...

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