WATCH: Manchester United fans inspired Champions League Camp Nou miracle - Giggs

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Mastercard have challenged fans to prove how far they would go for their clubs and the Man Utd legend said they helped score an iconic equaliser

How far would you go for your club?

Long-standing UEFA Champions League sponsor Mastercard have been challenging fans to prove their support for their teams this season.

And with over 60,000 fans packing into the National Stadium in Cardiff for the final on Saturday, one former UEFA Champions League-winner knows full well how big a role they can play in their teams’ chances.

Mastercard ambassador Ryan Giggs witnessed first-hand the power of passionate football fans when, in 1999, his Manchester United team found themselves a goal down to Bayern Munich as the UCL final ticked towards the final minute.

Giggs and his teammates had desperately fought against a barrage of Bayern pressure to ensure they stayed in the game.

Man Utd fans inspired Camp Nou miracle - Giggs

Ryan Giggs, talks about how far fans go for their teams. How far would you go? #MadnessOrPriceless

Posted by on Saturday, June 3, 2017

They refused to give up – as did their thousands of fans in Barcelona that night.

“In one of my most memorable games in 1999,” Giggs replied when asked when fan passion made a real difference to him.

“Two or three minutes to go, we get a corner in front of our own fans.

“One of them just rose and that gave us an extra push to score that goal. We managed to score from the corner and, after that, there was only going to be one winner.”

Man Utd scored a second moments later in a Camp Nou miracle, producing one of the most famous UEFA Champions League wins in finals history.

Just how far would you go for your team? MasterCard want all UEFA Champions League fans to join the debate on social using the #MadnessOrPriceless hashtag!