WATCH: England fan sings anthem at 300km/h in Porsche to prepare for Wales showdown

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Roy Hodgson's men are set to put their fans through the mill again on Tuesday so what better way to prepare than being driven around in a Porsche?

UEFA Euro 2016 hosts France had to wait until very late again on Wednesday as UEFA Euro 2016 shows no signs of slowing.

And after a draw with Russia in their opening game, England fans are bracing themselves for 90 minutes of tension as they are once again asked to climb aboard the rollercoaster of emotions.

Gareth Bale is in town and Wales have no intention of taking their foot off the gas after opening the tournament with a win over Slovakia.

So what better way to prepare yourself than being driven around in a Porsche at 300 km/h while singing your national anthem?

Well that is exactly what one fan did ahead of England’s biggest game in years.

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So strap yourself in, England fans – Porsche and Euro 2016 are about to take you on another wild ride.

To find out more information about Porsche’s unique Euro campaign, search for the #FanForce hashtag.