Vinicius Junior's f*cking post was never about Koke! - Atletico Madrid star Cunha

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  • Vinicius Junior vowed to keep dancing despite abuse
  • Cunha supported him before derby
  • Cunha said Koke remarks weren't what upset Vinicius Junior

WHAT HAPPENED? Cunha was spotted dancing with Vinicius Junior before kick-off at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, a gesture of support for the Real Madrid man after he was subjected to abuse outside the ground from a group of Atletico Madrid fans and vile comments from agent Pedro Bravo on live TV. Some Atletico Madrid fans apparently felt that was disrespectful to captain Koke, who had said before the game Vinicius Junior could expect "trouble" if he decided to dance during the derby.

WHAT THEY SAID: "Vini's f*cking post was never about Koke, it was about a racist who had a microphone on a TV show," Cunha wrote on Twitter in reference to Bravo. "Anyone who has seen the interview knows that what our captain said was right, everyone does what they want when they score."

Indeed, Koke also said that Vinicius Junior was free to celebrate however he wished: "If in the end he scores and decides to dance, well, it's what he wants to do. Would I understand it or not? Everyone has their own way of being and of celebrating goals as they please."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Vinicius Junior was targeted by racist chants ahead of the game against Atletico Madrid on Sunday. Real Madrid went on to win the match 2-1, with Vinicius Junior celebrating his team's opening goal by dancing with scorer Rodrygo. La Liga has since responded to the events at the Wanda Metropolitano by releasing a statement condemning the chants aimed at Vinicius Junior.


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WHAT NEXT FOR VINICIUS JUNIOR? The attacker is currently with the Brazil squad for friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia.