'Two players in hospital, I was vomiting & they were forcing us to play!' - Tevez rips into CONMEBOL after bus attack

Gonzalo Lamardo Carlos Tevez Boca Juniors 2018
The forward slammed officials after the Copa Libertadores final was postponed, claiming his side would have been out under similar circumstances

Boca Juniors forward Carlos Tevez was furious with CONMEBOL officials over their reaction to the bus attack that eventually led to the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final against River Plate being postponed.

The match was pushed back to Sunday after Boca's bus came under attack outside El Monumental, with players having been hospitalised after suffering visible wounds from the chaos.

But officials needed time to make the decision over the postponement of the game, with CONMEBOL seemingly wanting the fixture to go ahead as they delayed kick-off on more than one occasion.

And Tevez was angry with the governing body's approach, claiming they were "forcing" Boca to play the match despite players being in hospital and the shock of the incident resulting in the former Manchester City striker, and some of his team-mates, vomiting.

"I think this is a shame - what CONMEBOL is doing is a shame," Tevez said.

"I say this personally. If someone wants to take action against me for it, do it, I accept it. Pablo Perez was in the hospital and they were forcing us to play. It is a shame.

"There were two Boca players in the hospital, another one vomiting, I was vomiting too, everyone sneezing."

Tevez claimed if there had been similar scenes at a Boca home game, the trophy would have been awarded to River, who he believes are given favourable treatment. 

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Boca Juniors River Plate Bus Attack


"Of course this game was almost doomed and River was close to getting the cup, because they do what they want," the 34-year-old added. "At this time, River did whatever they wanted to, so let's talk about anything else.

"If this was Boca, we would be out already and River would get the cup."

Perez, meanwhile, confirmed that he was injured in the attack, saying that glass splinters were pulled out of his eye after he was pictured with a patch over the affected area of his face/

"I've got an irked eye. They told me I have some injured spots in my eye," he said.

"That could be caused by the glass splinters they got out from there."

The Boca captain was also disappointed to see what should have been a party atmosphere devolve into something much darker. 

"I'm feeling hurt," he said. "This was supposed to be a party and it seemed more like a war."