Tusker Moment of the Week: Japan leaves spotless locker room despite exit

Japan fans
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The Samurai Blue were eliminated in a heart breaker played on Monday, but their actions after the final whistle scored a win

The biggest sports tournament in the world comes with some of the most heartbreaking moments for fans and players alike.

After Japan blew a 2-0 lead with 25 minutes left, the players and fans could have thrown a huge fit - but instead, they respectfully said thank you to their hosts.

The shocking 3-2 loss meant Japan was out of the competition and headed home. Before they left, though, the heartbroken team showed an impressive display of good sportsmanship and even better manners.


After the final whistle blew, the team fought tears as they knew the run was over. On the pitch, they respectfully bowed to their opponents and then filed into the locker room to change.

When they left the room, it was completely spotless and even left a thank you note in Russian for the country hosting this year's tournament.

It wasn’t just the team, either. As they left the stadium, the devastated football fans took the time to clean up all trash in the Rostov Arena, leaving virtually no trace of their time there.


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